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Chapter 28 – Thunderbolt Finger Translated by Monkillu


After she heard Zi Chen’s words, Lin Xue blinked her eyes playfully and said: “I suddenly don’t want to exchange my contribution points for a movement technique, but feel that a martial technique is more practical.”

Zi Chen was deeply moved, because he naturally knew what Lin Xue was up to. He shook his head and said: “I already have a rank one martial technique, so there is no need for another.”

Lin Xue chuckled: “I didn’t say that it was for you. I would like to practice this technique myself.”

Zi Chen felt that his eyes became somewhat fuzzy and said: “Then you should exchange it for a martial techniques that is more nimble, rather than this ‘Titan Fist’.”

Lin Xue stuck out her tongue, her mood instantly sank and she said in a low voice: “You have offended a lot of people that you shouldn’t have, and you don’t have any more contribution points, as well as any rank two martial technique. You will be at a disadvantage and suffer.

Zi Chen said confidently: “Rest assured, I have a rank one martial technique.”

“But everyone knows that it is a useless martial technique, and it is impossible to master it.” Lin Xue said loudly

“Since it is a martial technique, then there’s no way that it can’t be mastered. Believe me, I will be able to master the Thunderbolt Finger. Zi Chen’s eyes were brimming with confidence and determination.


Zi Chen nodded, then said: “Now, you should go and exchange your contribution points for a movement technique.”

Um, Lin Xue nodded cutely.

This time, Lin Xue viewed some of the movement techniques carefully, because she wanted to find one suitable for herself. After searching for half an hour, Lin Xue finally decided to get the Moving Cloud Step. This is a movement technique that is one rank higher than the Flowing Cloud Step, and is even more profound.

“Zi Chen, since we’re here, we might as well go to the third floor to have a look. Could that be the place where rank one martial techniques are kept?” Lin Xue looked at the third floor and her eyes shone.

“Good, let us have a look.” Regarding rank one martial techniques on the third floor, Zi Chen was also very curious.

Both of them went to the third floor

The area on the third floor wasn’t big, only a dozen square meters. There were only a dozen copies of martial techniques. But the first thing that caught their eyes wasn’t the martial techniques, but the contribution points needed.

And the highest one actually costed 200 contribution points.

The Thunderbolt Finger costed 200 contribution points.

Currently, the space which held the Thunderbolt Finger was empty, and beside it was the Ethereal Step, which costed 100 contribution points. In addition, the other rank one martial techniques needed at least 50 contribution points.

Those rank one martial techniques were prepared for the core disciples. They could obtain them for free, but the inner sect disciples needed to exchange them with contribution points. “We would need to hand in several 500-year herbs to obtain 50 contribution points.” Lin Xue’s words were somewhat sour.

“200 contribution points.” Zi Chen was completely shocked as he looked at the eye catching amount of contribution points on the Thunderbolt Fingers tag.

He didn’t expect that the Thunderbolt Finger actually costed 200 contribution points, it was equivalent to 100 Zhen Qi Pills. Who would trade for this widely acknowledged useless martial technique. Only the core disciples would try to learn it. If Zi Chen wanted to earn that amount of contribution points, then he would need dozens of years.

This time, Zi Chen knew that he really had hit the jackpot. He gained a martial technique worth 200 contribution points for no reason.

The amount of rank one martial techniques were not many, but it still made both of them dazed. Moreover, they could only look at them. The Ethereal Step had attracted Zi Chen and Lin Xue. It was a pity that they didn’t have enough contribution points. They could only leave in the end.

The Moving Cloud Step needed ten contribution points. After she obtained it, the old man warned her that this could only be use for one month, one month later the martial technique must be returned, and it wasn’t allowed to be taken out of the Ling Wu sect.

The time limit for a rank one martial technique was three months, a rank two martial technique was one month, and a rank three martial technique was one week.


“Zi Chen, if you encounter any problem, look for me. I can help you find a solution.” Lin Xue whispered before she left

“Okay.” Zi Chen nodded, he actually didn’t reject this time.

Zi Chen only left after he saw that Lin Xue returned to her residence. This time when he returns, he must refine the remainder of the Zhen Qi Pills, and strive to make another breakthrough. But there were only five Zhen Qi Pills left, and most of them would be used to refine his body. So the hope to make a breakthrough wasn’t big.

“Zi Chen.”

On his way back, a white clothed disciple suddenly stood in front of Zi Chen.

“What’s the matter?” Zi Chen looked at this stranger puzzledly.

“I will Introduce myself, my name is Luo Mu, you can call me senior brother Luo Mu.” Luo Mu smiled faintly and said.

“What’s the matter?” Zi Chen’s words were still the same.

“Hehehe, no big deal. I only wanted to borrow a few Zhen Qi Pills from junior brother, and hoped that junior brother could give me some face.” Luo Mu said.

“Are you retarded? Do I even know you?” Zi Chen looked at Luo Mu as if he was staring at an idiot. Later he turned around and left.

“You insulted me! I want a battle with you, otherwise you must lend me the Zhen Qi Pills.” Luo Mu said.

“Idiot.” Zi Chen left in big strides. The Zhen Qi Pills were not even sufficient for himself, how could he lend them to a stranger?

He said borrow, but he might as well have said snatch.

There were idiots every day, but there were a lot today.

Zi Chen met several ‘senior brothers’ on his way back, moreover all of them threatened to borrow Zhen Qi Pills.

Now that Zi Chen had tens of Zhen Qi Pills, there would naturally be many people who knew about this. Therefore, there would also be many people that wanted to gain some benefits from Zi Chen.


Zi Chen didn’t know the amount of times he had said the word ‘idiot’ before he arrived at his own place. When they left, those who wanted to gain some benefits from him looked at him with hatred.

“Hmph. No wonder you can’t enter the core sect, so stingy.” All of the ‘senior brothers’ said coldly.

This was only a small incident.

Zi Chen returned to his room, sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and calmed his mind. After calming down, he began to swallow the Zhen Qi Pills, and another transformation began.

As a Zhen Qi Pill disappeared in front of Zi Chen, his heart throbbed and transmitted a purer energy. Zi Chen’s body and Zhen Qi transformed under the nourishment of this energy…

After half a day, the five Zhen Qi Pills were refined completely. Zi Chen’s cultivation was at the late stage of the sixth Zhen Qi layer. There was quite some distance from the seventh Zhen Qi layer, and his formidable physique was also at the late stage of rank seven. The distance from rank eight wasn’t far.

In the evening, a servant came to deliver the meal. Zi Chen simply ate some of it and then closed the door, and prepared to learn the rank one martial technique.

In time, without any Zhen Qi Pills, it would be impossible for Zi Chen to make anymore breakthroughs. The only way to improve his battle power was to learn the rank one martial technique.

The Thunderbolt Finger.

In front of Zi Chen was the Thunderbolt Finger scroll. This was not a copy of the martial technique, but the original scroll of the technique. There were three large characters on the surface of the scroll, they looked like lighting snakes.

Zi Chen opened the martial technique, and a surge of lightning power burst forth. This was just a fragment which only recorded one move.

First Finger Of The Raging Thunder.

The move, the formula, was etched into Zi Chen’s mind. He repeated it in his mind many times, and the zhen qi within his body surged unceasingly, which stimulated the formula.

The formula of the technique was revolving, and a light flashed across his eyes. Zi Chen pointed his finger forward suddenly, the speed of his finger was very fast.


One finger pointed out in the blink of an eye, it had speed, but there wasn’t any trace of thunder.

The first time was a failure.

Zi Chen wasn’t depressed, because this was known as the most useless martial technique, and no matter how much of a genius he was. It was impossible for him to succeed and comprehend it on the first try.

Zi Chen pointed out his finger again and again, as he searched for the feeling of turning a finger into a thunderbolt, but he failed every time.

Once, twice, ten times, twenty times, a hundred times.

As night fell, the stars shone in the sky, the experiments which spanned over several hours, ended in failure.

Zi Chen sat cross-legged, took a deep breath, and got rid of the dejected feeling within his heart, and made himself enter an ethereal state of mind again.

A moment later, Zi Chen’s breath became steady, his mind was empty and in an ethereal state. His consciousness entered into a thunder and lightning space.

In front, a vortex that was formed from thunder and lightning surged once more. And the thunder boy appeared from it slowly. The moment he saw the opposite party, there was hint of joy in Zi Chen’s eye.

The lightning was the boy and the boy was the lightning. When Zi Chen saw the opposite party, he knew he could get to see the true essence of the Thunderbolt Finger. Later, the thunder boy indifferently pointed out one finger towards Zi Chen.

At that moment, when Zi Chen saw the thunder boy lift his hand, there was a streak of lightning between his fingertips. When the lightning flashed, with a speed that was as fast as lightning, it flew towards himself.

In Zi Chen’s eyes, there was only a streak of lightning that came his way.


The lightning exploded in front of him, and Zi Chen’s vision was filled with a silver light. His consciousness dissipated in the thunder and lightning space.

The rays of starlight passed through his window and fell upon Zi Chen’s tranquil face, they illuminated his facial features. Zi Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and lightning flashed across his eyes.

Thunderbolt Finger

Zi Chen’s eyes shone, he seemed to have gained some comprehension towards the Thunderbolt Finger, and when his zhen qi surged, a silver light appeared on his finger.

During the evening, Zi Chen didn’t rest, he was practicing the Thunderbolt Finger, but the harvest wasn’t big.

Early next morning, Zi Chen, who had trained throughout the night, finally stood up.

This Thunderbolt Finger was indeed very difficult to train, and even if I saw the true essence, I have yet to make a breakthrough. Zi Chen sighed in his heart.

Even he faced so many difficulties, what about the others who couldn’t see its true essence and the power of lightning. It must have been difficult for them, therefore it was reasonable to call the Thunderbolt Finger a useless martial technique.

After he washed up, the servant delivered the meal. Zi Chen ate a couple of mouthfuls in a hurry, before knocks resounded from outside.

Another ‘senior brother’ came again and ordered to borrow his Zhen Qi Pills. Regarding this, Zi Chen was very helpless.

The ‘senior brothers’ came and left, which made Zi Chen very frustrated. He thought that Wang Xiong and the others would come and look for trouble again today, but after half a day passed by, Wang Xiong had yet to appear. This made Zi Chen somewhat surprised, but he also felt at ease for a bit.

Compared To Wang Xiong, these ‘senior brothers’ that came to borrow things, were easier to settle.

Today, Wang Xiong didn’t appear because he was at senior brother Luo Men’s place.

Both sides were discussing on how to deal with Zi Chen.

“Just use the simplest method, send him out to complete a task and then finish him outside, once and for all.” Luo Men said it indifferently.

“Good, let us do it according to what senior brother said, this time I will personally go.” Wang Xiong said after hesitating for a moment.

In order to please Luo Men, Wang Xiong, that was at the peak of the eight Zhen Qi layer, would personally make a move.

It was already late when Wang Xiong returned. Wang Xiong was preparing for tomorrow morning. He will ask someone to tell Zi Chen to do some task outside the sect.

Early in the morning, a senior brother arrived outside Zi Chen’s room, shouted once more, saying: “There is a task.”
But after he shouted for quite a while, there was no response from the room.

Until noon, the servant that delivered the food came once more and told the senior brother that Zi Chen had not appeared in the morning.

The door was then opened forcefully, and the room was empty.

“Damn it, he actually ran away.” The senior brother was furious, and he went back to report to Wang Xiong.

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