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Chapter 221

Little Orchid Town was a small border town, although it was called a town, it was still as large as a city but it was unable to compare to a huge city like the Seven Cities .

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The town was surrounded by high walls . The security and property were all managed by a few small powers in this town .

Sigh, have you heard? Zi Chen has escaped from the ruins?

I’ve heard about it for a long time, but he was soon chased by Imperial Sky Realm experts . It’s unclear whether he is still alive or not .

Latest news: Zi Chen was targeted by Imperial Sky Realm experts . After a fierce battle, it is unknown whether he is dead or alive .

There was still news about Zi Chen that spread through every nook and cranny .

The Ling Wu Sect is only a small sect and has always been unknown . I never would have thought that such a sect actually raised Zi Chen .

Yeah, according to the rumors, Zi Chen’s fighting strength is extremely terrifying, he is definitely a monstrous genius . Even after being chased by a group of Imperial Sky Realm experts, they were not able to kill him, which is enough to tell .

This was a small Tavern, with seven to eight tables . Today, however, it was filled with people, and all of them were cultivators .

From the moment Zi Chen was being hunted, an entire two months had passed, and everyone was focused on Zi Chen’s life and death .

Cang Family, Li Family, the Wu Zong Sect, and even the Heaven killing Pavilion had all sent out their Imperial Sky Realm experts, not caring about any rules at all . They all chased and attacked Zi Chen .

Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen became a rootless man and could be considered a rogue cultivator . No one will care about him .

That’s right, for matters concerning the younger generations, the older generation cannot interfere, but here with Zi Chen, the great powers have turned a blind eye to this rule .

He could have relied on the Wu Zong Sect, but Zi Chen offended Wu Zong Sect, killed Wu Xiong and stole the inheritance… Sigh, what a pity .  


A rogue cultivator who offends several great powers will never have a peaceful day again .

Some people shook their heads and sighed, no one thought highly of a powerless monstrous genius .


Zi Chen has precious treasures and an inheritance, all these are things that could even tempt Sovereign Realm experts . It is understandable for some of the large powers to attack him without care .

Yeah, it’s said that the Ling Wu Sect’s destruction was because of a precious treasure, and some people even said that the precious treasure was with Zi Chen .


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The reason why Zi Chen was being hunted was because he was greedy for the precious treasure . If he were to hand it over to Wu Zong, he would naturally receive protection .

That’s right . This child is truly greedy . It is only natural for him to be hunted down .


There were also some people who were opposed to this, thinking that all of this was caused by Zi Chen .

On a seat close to the window in the Tavern sat a small cultivator of the True Qi Realm with two dishes and a jug of wine .

He never spoke, only listened .

Ha ha!

The little cultivator let out a light laugh and suddenly drank the wine in his cup . A spicy feeling blossomed in his throat, causing him to be unable to stop himself from choking .

Haha, little fellow, don’t drink if you can’t .

Someone in the neighboring seat mocked him .

The little cultivator didn’t say anything as he looked out the window . It had been two months since he left the ruins, yet he had been hunted down for two months .

In these two months, the God of Death had always been by his side . If not for the help of the Old Mo and the mysterious heart, he probably would have died a long time ago .


They must have followed the trail up north .  The little cultivator was naturally Zi Chen who had changed his appearance . After leaving behind the clue to the north, he headed south .

In the blink of an eye, he had already traveled nearly a thousand miles to this faraway town . He changed his appearance, restrained his aura, and recovered his injuries to refine his body for a period of time, preparing to charge to the Zhen Yuan Realm .

After two months of chasing and killing, it was already a tragic sight . Even if he managed to successfully shake off the pursuers, Zi Chen’s heart was still filled with lingering fear .


Not only that, the hatred in his heart for these four powers grew even stronger, especially for the Wu Zong Sect .


An ear-piercing sound disturbed Zi Chen’s absent-mindedness as a huge monstrous genius appeared in the sky above .

A Roc!

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This was only a slightly bustling town and Rocs were rare here and it attracted a lot of attention .

Look, that’s a Roc .

This is a flying spirit beast, it’s priceless . Only a few big powers can own it .

The residents of the town raised their heads to look at the sky, exclaiming repeatedly .


In the sky, there was not only one Roc, but another bird cry followed . The sound was sharp and ear-piercing and its wing brought up gusts of wind .

The sky darkened and three Rocs appeared in the air . They flapped their wings and flew past each other .


Rocs, three of them appeared at once, how generous .

Looking at that direction, it should be towards the Zhao Family . Could it be that the Zhao Family went to Cangli City and bought three Rocs?

Envy was revealed in the eyes of many cultivators . Rocs were flying spirit beasts and they were the favorite of those below the Imperial Sky Realm .

The appearance of the Roc in this small and small town caused a huge commotion . Everyone was discussing and guessing where the Roc had come from .


As soon as the screeching in the sky faded away, the earth began to tremble once more and dark figures emerged from the streets .

These were some tall horses that were a head taller than normal horses . Their bodies were covered with dense scales, and they were extraordinary .


Black Scaled Horse . They are also a type of Demonic Beast .

There’s more than ten of them! What’s going on? First there’s a Roc, then there’s a Black Scaled Horse?

A dozen or so Black Scaled Horses charged straight into the Little Orchid Town, causing the earth to tremble under their horses’ hooves, bringing about no small amount of shock .

They are also going to the Zhao Family, and each of the cultivators sitting on the horse are unfamiliar people . It is impossible that they are the Black Scaled Horse that the Zhao Family bought .

Since it’s not the Black Scaled horse that the Zhao Family bought, then why did these people come to the Little Orchid Town?

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Watching, Zi Chen was a little surprised .

That day, he also had a mount, and what he snatched from Wang Shan was also a Black Scaled Horseman .

In the next two days, the not very prosperous Little Orchid Town suddenly became lively . The cultivators gathered here, there were many Xiantian and True Qi experts .

On the streets, cultivators could be seen everywhere .

At the same time, a piece of news related to the Ice Lotus had also quietly spread out .

The Ice Lotus has attracted so many Zhen Yuan Realm Experts? Regarding this news, Zi Chen did not believe it at all .

In these few days, he visited various Tavern and indirectly asked for information regarding the Ice Lotus .

There used to be a mountain range, but somehow it melted and turned into a large ice lake with water type Demonic Beasts in it . Someone found a Ice Lotus at the bottom of the lake and it was five thousand years old .

This was the most complete piece of information that Zi Chen had heard in the past few days .

It gave him a fright .

A five thousand year old spirit medicine, this was something extraordinary . With the dense amount of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, even if it was swallowed directly, it would still increase a cultivator’s strength by a ton .

No wonder so many people at the Zhen Yuan Realm came as well . They are obviously here for the Ice Lotus .  Zi Chen exclaimed .

Five thousand year old Ice Lotus . It contains extremely dense spirit energy . Once you absorb and refine it, you will definitely be able to break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm .

In a flash of light, A Mo’s figure appeared . His originally solid figure was now very blurry, as if a gust of wind could blow him away . Previously when he was escaping, A Mo had also used his full strength, and had consumed a lot of energy .

Zi Chen spent a large amount of spirit medicine in order to save A Mo’s life .

A Zhen Yuan Pill is b*llshit, you can’t use it . The Zhen Yuan Realm is an extremely important realm, and back then, all the cultivators naturally broke through when their strength had reached an extreme point .

The Zhen Yuan Pill lets you easily break through but your foundation will be imperfect .

Escaping on the way, Zi Chen’s strength increased once again, becoming peak Xiantian of Xiantian Realm . If he consumed the Zhen Yuan Pill, he would have broken through long ago, but A Mo persisted, which was why Zi Chen didn’t consume the Zhen Yuan Pill .

Young Master Li, Young Master Cang, Young Master Wu, please come in . This is the Tavern I was talking about .

A voice came out from outside the Tavern, following that, a few people walked in .

The person in the lead was a young man wearing violet clothes . After sweeping a glance at the crowd of customers, he frowned slightly and shouted, Scram!

The Tavern was not big, only seven to eight tables were filled . The person who came was tyrannical, he did not say much, and just opened his mouth to order everyone to scram .

Everyone’s face changed, someone slapped the table and stood up, Who do you think you are . . . !

However, before he could finish speaking, his mouth was stuffed with a person beside him . He smiled apologetically at the young man and said, Young Master Zhao, I’m sorry . I’m sorry . We’ll leave now .

With that, he looked at his friend and said unhappily, Keep your eyes open, this is Young Master Zhao .

With that, he hurriedly left with his group of friends .

The Zhao Family is one of the hegemons of Little Orchid Town and it is also the biggest .

They had easily chased all the Xiantian experts away, and as for the others, they had left with their tails between their legs .

As Zi Chen sat next to the window, he was too lazy to bother with this kind of young master . However, when he saw the person next to the youth, he was startled .

Young Master Zhao was very domineering, but he lowered his head and bent over, smiling at the people behind him .

One of them was very young, but his eyes were on the top of his head . He didn’t even bother to look at the people around him .

There was another person dressed in a white robe, with a gentle smile hanging from the corner of his mouth .

There were six or seven people in the group, and Zi Chen could only recognize these two .

Li Huo, Cang He!

He had not killed these two prodigal playthings back then because he did not want to have a falling out with the two Cang and Li families . He did not expect the two of them to be so shameless .


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A broken Yuan Stone streaked across the sky in an arc and smashed onto the table Zi Chen was sitting on . The table shook and the wine in the cup spilled out .

Go, tie up our mounts .  A middle aged man spoke coldly, he was extremely arrogant and did not even look at Zi Chen .

Be careful, don’t be eaten by the Demonic Beast .  Someone let out a strange laugh, and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes .

It was just a small True Qi Realm .

As for Li Huo and the others, they did not even spare a glance at Zi Chen . Under the lead of the Young Master Zhao, they walked towards the side .

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