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Chapter 160

The Linglong Pavilion was Cangli City's biggest trading market . It was several floors high and was very busy .

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There were a lot of cultivators coming and going and there were also a lot of experts . Standing outside the Linglong Pavilion for a short while, Zi Chen saw many Xiantian and many Zhen Yuan Realm experts .

If Zi Chen wanted to increase his strength, he could only go to the Linglong Pavilion .

The first floor of Linglong Pavilion was filled with many goods, including weapons, Pills, and martial techniques .

True Qi Pills and Qi Restoration Pills were common and their value was limited to a few broken Yuan Stones .

Seeing so many True Qi Pills, Zi Chen felt a moment of absent-mindedness . The old Zhao Can, for a True Qi Pill, he did not hesitate to harm him even if it was not even worth a single piece of the broken Yuan Stone .

Here, practically no one was interested in the True Qi Pills . When everyone arrived, they only took a quick glance before stepping onto the second floor .

It had only been more than two years but Chen Feng had already been stepped on beneath his feet . Two years ago, in Zi Chen's heart, he did not even dare to think about such a thing .

Thinking about the past, it felt like a dream for Zi Chen .

Withdrawing his emotions, Zi Chen walked up to the second floor .

This was the place for Xiantian Realm experts . There were Xiantian Pills, Xiantian weapons, Xiantian Qi Restoration Pills, and many other things .

In a place that specialized in selling spirit medicine, Zi Chen saw a Thousand Year old spirit medicine . Just by looking at the price here, even Zi Chen was stunned .

A hundred year old spirit medicine is only worth around ten or so pieces of broken Yuan Stones . To Zi Chen, the price of a hundred year old spirit medicine was probably only about one or two pieces of Yuan Stones at the most but seeing the price of a thousand year old spirit medicine, Zi Chen was shocked .

The cheapest one actually cost ten Yuan Stones .

Furthermore, it was only a spirit medicine that had just reached a thousand years of age .

Why is the price of thousand year old spirit medicine so much higher than that of a hundred year old spirit medicine? Zi Chen asked suspiciously .

Linglong Pavilion was a big shop, and it was said that they had many shops within the Seven Cities, which made them one of the special forces . Hearing Zi Chen's question, a nearby receptionist concealed her disdain and said with a smile, This is just like the difference between a True Qi Realm expert and a Xiantian Realm expert; there is an insurmountable gap between the two .

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Under normal circumstances, an existence at the Xiantian Realm could easily defeat a cultivator at the True Qi Realm .

The receptionist smiled and explained, Spirit medicines are the same . The Spiritual Energy is more pure, it can be used to refine some Xiantian Pills and it can even be used as materials by Zhen Yuan Realm Experts .  

Zi Chen was embarrassed and finally understood .

However, the receptionist's explanation had no effect in front of him . When Zi Chen was at the True Qi Realm, he had killed many Zhen Yuan Realm Experts and just now, he even killed a Zhen Yuan Realm expert .

The thousand year old spirit medicine here were all well-preserved and every one of them was placed in the middle of a jade box to prevent the release of spirit energy .

Alright then, give me five stalks .  After looking for a while, Zi Chen finally said .

His physique was special and the Cultivation Methods he cultivated in was even more unique . Most of his energy was absorbed by his body so for this time's breakthrough to the mid Xiantian Realm, he would probably need a lot of energy .

Moreover, Zi Chen had several hundred Yuan Stones . He could be said to be extremely rich, a mere fifty or so was nothing .

The Yuan Stones was something used by the Zhen Yuan Realm Experts and it was very precious . It was also the general currency of the Sky Martial Continent and only the existence of Zhen Yuan Realm could truly make use of it .

Once Zi Chen opened his mouth, he bought out fifty Yuan Stones, causing the receptionist to look at him in a different light .

It had to be known that Chen Feng was from the Chen Family but back then, when they saw Zi Chen's thousand year old spirit medicine, they did not use Yuan Stones to buy it, but rather, they tried to steal it .

Are you an alchemist? The receptionist asked curiously, her eyes flashing . An alchemist is a high-end occupation and an alchemist being poor is very rare .

No .  Zi Chen shook his head .

Then Mister, you want to refine so many thousand year old spirit medicine? The receptionist asked with a smile .

Zi Chen nodded, there was nothing to hide .

Then Mister, let me remind you . Although these thousand year old spirit medicine contain a lot of energy, they are far from being comparable to these Qi Condensation Pill . They are refined using thousand year old spirit medicines and they are very easy to absorb so you won't be wasting any energy . Moreover, it's easier to break through your bottleneck with .  The receptionist kindly explained .

No, that's alright .  Zi Chen shook his head .

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The price of the Qi Condensation Pill was simply too expensive, Zi Chen could not afford to spend on it .

Alright then .  She had seen many of these people before .

In the end, Zi Chen paid a total of sixty Yuan Stones . There was nothing he could do about it . 1000 year old spirit medicines cost 10 Yuan Stones but if it was a 1100 years old spirit medicine, it would cost 11 Yuan Stone, and so on .

1500 year old spirit medicine is expensive . It costs a whole 30 Yuan Stones because 1500 year old spirit medicines would also experience a qualitative change .

Zi Chen had only bought a few stalks of spirit medicines under 1500 years of age .

This time, Zi Chen did not go to the Lucky Records inn, but chose another inn . After eating and drinking to his heart's content, Zi Chen headed back to his room .

In order to break through, he had to first recover from his injuries .

The injury this time was relatively worse as his entire shoulder had been penetrated . Even though it was already scarred, the wound still needed a long time to recover .

Two days later, he used up half of the spirit medicine and completely recovered from his injuries . In the remaining time, Zi Chen stayed in his room and refined the spirit medicines .

The reason why he did not buy the Pills but instead directly bought the herb was because it is cheaper . Another reason is because Zi Chen had the mysterious heart, which is able to completely refine it is also the most important reason .

Zi Chen sat cross-legged and channeled his Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art . At the same time, with the help of the supreme technique, his entire body shone with golden light .

The spirit medicines energy flowed along his meridians once it entered his body . First, the energy started to nourish his body, and then flowed into his dantian .

His physique was nearing perfection and his own strength had reached the peak of the early Xiantian Realm . He could step into the mid Xiantian Realm at any time .

The stalks of spirit medicine dissipated in front of Zi Chen and the spiritual energy was perfectly refined by Zi Chen . When the five stalks of spirit medicine were completely refined, a strong aura emerged from Zi Chen's body .

The golden light shone, as though he was covered with a layer of golden armor .

At this moment, when he clenched his fists tightly, he felt that he could shatter anything . Although it was just an illusion brought about by his increase in strength, it had to be said that Zi Chen, who had raised his strength yet again, was strong and terrifying .

His physique had already neared perfection and it was constantly increasing . His battle prowess was even more unspeakable . With his breakthrough, his physique once again grew stronger .

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If he were to clash with Chen Feng this time; most likely, he would be able to kill him with a single punch .

If he was once again besieged, he should not be in such a sorry state . Zhen Yuan Realm, this kind of exalted existence, if met once again, Zi Chen would also have the strength to fight them .

After refining the five 1000 year old spirit medicine, Zi Chen made another breakthrough . However, the thing that had undergone the biggest transformation wasn't his Qi, but his physique .

It was a kind of perfect body . Among the five spirit medicine, the spiritual energy from four of them were absorbed by his body and after breaking through to the mid Xiantian Realm, hsi physiques is almost like that of demons . Among the five, Zi Chen was the strongest, with no one amongst the same rank .

Within his dantian, the silver Qi had already completely transformed into a golden color . Streams of golden light curled up around it as streaks of golden lightning flashed . At this moment, a large portion of the golden Qi had already transformed into golden lightning .

Compared to the silver lightning before, under his perfect body, the golden lightning would be even more powerful .

With his breakthrough in strength, Zi Chen's mood was elated . He walked out of his room to take a breather, he had been in closed door cultivation for a dozen days

At this moment, he turned into a black cloaked youth and walked out of the inn .

When he arrived on the main street, Zi Chen could clearly feel the difference in the atmosphere of Cangli City .

It seemed too lively .

Is this a Xiantian Realm expert?

Zi Chen was startled, and quickly scanned the few passersby . From the aura fluctuations on the other party's body, he could feel that they were at the Xiantian Realm .

Xiantian, and also an extremely strong Xiantian expert .

Zi Chen was startled, there were more than 10 people in front of him, more than half of them were at the Xiantian Realm .

Since when did Cangli City have so many Xiantian Realm experts?

Zi Chen was suspicious . He remembered that half a month ago, there were not that many Xiantian Realm experts around . In this short period of half a month, almost all of them were Xiantian Realm experts .

This trip to the ruins, we have to succeed .

I finally found a trial ground, ruins . It's a place filled with miracles and fortuitous encounters .

The group of Xiantian experts walked over together and said that they were going to the ruins . They were very excited .

Ruins? How did everyone know about the ruins? Half a month ago, there were only a few people who knew of the existence of the ruins . The rest of them only thought that it was a treasure hunt but after he had isolated himself for half a month, there were already so many people who knew of the ruins .

What happened in the past half month?

Zi Chen was puzzled .

What Zi Chen did not know was that in this half a month, many major events had occurred .

Chen Family's Chen Feng, Zhan Wu Sect's Ling Yun was almost beaten to death by a strange youth at the Xiantian Realm .

Moreover, the Chen Family refused to accept this lost and sent out a Zhen Yuan Realm expert to kill him but not only did they not kill him, they even lost a person of their own . This made the Chen Family a laughingstock and some of the clans were even waiting to see a joke .

One had to know that the young man had fighting strength comparable to that of a monstrous genius and that the young man's name was Chen Zi .

Because of this, the Chen Family dispatched almost all of their experts to search for the monstrous genius, Chen Zi . However, they did not find him, he seemed to have disappeared from the world

At the same time, the experts of the three forces were also looking for Chen Zi, trying to win him over . In an instant, Chen Zi's name had spread throughout Cangli City .

Compared to the previous Zi Chen, his reputation was even greater . Furthermore, Zi Chen was a genius who had fallen but Chen Zi was a living monstrous genius .

Other than that, the news about the ruins had been leaked . Many Xiantian Realm experts had gathered at Cangli City and there were a large number of them, which was very scary .



Suddenly, the ground started to tremble . Like ten thousand horses galloping, numerous pitch-black figures were approaching from the distance .

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