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From the memories of Mafa Merlin, he found out that this Mason comes from a business family like him. His father Manning** is the president of  Twin Moons, one of the seven chambers of commerce in thousand sails city. Twin moons actually has a more influence than Goldshire in thousand sails city. After all, the start of Goldshire rising was only 10 years ago, while Twin Moons has more than a thousand years of history. Their hidden strength can’t be underestimated.

(TN: **original text 蒙奇 with pinyin: méng qí --- if anyone have a better name please suggest it in the comments)

However, the rise of the Goldshire was so overbearing that ignorant people believed it to be the number one chamber of commerce in thousand sails city.

Coincidentally,  Mason also was a mage apprentice like Mafa,. So with the rivalry between the two chambers, people always compared the two apprentices. 

But this comparison stopped few months ago as Mason had already became a mage.

Later, at the meeting of the seven chambers of commerce, Mason found an excuse to teach Mafa a lesson and broke his nose. After this incident, the relations between Twin Moons and Goldshire got even worse. If Rogge Merlin hadn't perished in this sea accident, no one knows how the situation would have developed.

This was a humiliating experience for Mafa Merlin, but for Lin Yun who witnessed the end of the world, this was nothing. For him, the fight between a level 9 apprentice and a level 1 mage who advanced with the aid of potions, was just a child's play.

So without batting an eye, Lin Yun nodded his head and left his desk. He stood in front of bookshelf and began browsing it.

Soon enough, Lin Yun found what he was looking for. It was a thick book called [Northrend History]. Lin Yun took the book out of the shelf and began reading it.

He was so focused and absorbed in reading that he didn’t notice Mason coming next to him.

"Hey, let me see what is this, Northrend History?, it’s really Northrend history, Are you for real? hahahahaha, Say Merlin, the world of you, apprentices, is really hard to understand. "

“How much money did the Merlin Family spend to send you here? You really should cherish this opportunity. This the library of the tower of sage, even of you don’t understand the books, you can gain experience. Instead you're reading a children book. Tsk Tsk Tsk, Northrend history?, if I were you, I would be embarrassed to even show myself ”

“Right, I forgot to ask, didn’t they say that the Goldshire was going bankrupt? How could you afford the money to come here. My advice, if you have money, then it’s better to settle your debts. I heard that your uncle Farion came to your mansion few days ago to reclaim his money, If you want, I can ask my father to lend you some to money to pay off your debts.”

Initially, Lin Yun decided not to pay Mason any attention, however, Mason was like a chatterbox that has no intention to stop.As Lin Yun’s plan was ruined, he frowned for the third time.

“Librarian” Lin Yun’s voice wasn’t loud, but when it echoed in the quiet library, it alerted everyone. The mages that was reading in silence turned their heads to see what was going on. Some were curious, while the others were resentful for having their concentration interrupted. The librarian that came over was a level 9 mage on his 30s.

“What” From his tone, the librarian was clearly pissed. He chose to be a librarian because of the quiet and peaceful environment in the library. Now his peace was disturbed by two 20 years old boys, It would be strange if he wasn’t pissed.

“I want to complain about Mage Mason. His excessive chat has disturbed my reading, I hope that the library management moves him away from me ”

“Mage Mason, Disturbing the others, while they’re reading is a serious violation of the rules of the Tower.” The librarian glared at Mason.

“No...Nothing like that.” Mason was flustered. He spent a lot of money in order to enter the library, if he was thrown out because he wasn’t careful with what he said, that would be a big loss.

Now he must find a good excuse.

In that moment of urgency, Mason turned around and looked at Mafa then his eyes shone as he thought of an idea. His expressions was no longer flustered, but confident. He pointed at Lin Yun and said: “I had a suspicion that he entered the library through illegal means, so I wanted to question him.”


“He is Mafa Merlin, the son of Rogge Merlin, the president of Goldshire chamber of commerce. He is a level 9 apprentice, If I remember correctly, The library’s minimum requirement to issue a permit is a level 1 mage.”

The librarian and the bystanders were shocked. So the librarian looked at Lin Yun and said “Sir Mafa Merlin, please show me your permit.”

The honorific title that the librarian used was Sir instead of Mage. That shows that he was affected by Mason words.

Unfortunately, that effect vanished when Lin Yun passed him the permit.

When the librarian held the permit in his hand, he was stunned and a fearful expression appeared on his face, but it disappeared quickly. Then he said respectfully in a voice that could be heard by everyone: “I apologize, Mage Mafa Merlin. I will handle this matter properly. This was clearly our mistake.” then he passed the VIP permit back.

‘What sick joke is this? That was a highest level permit that was issued 2 days ago. Everyone in the tower knew that 2 days ago, the three hegemons gathered and decided to issue a highest level permit without any prior notice. If something happened to that mage in the library, I’ll be the one to bear the consequences.'

“No problem.” Lin Yun put the permit in his pocket. And picked the Northrend history book.

“Mage Mason, Please come with me.” the level 9 mage glared at Mason with a gloomy face. Even though he used polite words, his tone was so ominous that Mason shivered in fear as he listened to it. 

The level 9 mage really hated Mason’s guts. ‘That bastard turned my life into hell. Didn’t you come to read books, so why are you finding trouble with others? And it had to be the one that alerted the 3 hegemons. If you don’t care about your life, that’s your problem. Why drag me into this?’

“I..I really just doubted him.”

Mason who was escorted outside the library, wanted to explain himself, but no one was willing to listen.

After they left, Lin Yun began turning the pages of [Northrend history] book.

“I returned a bit over 30,000 years in the past.”

Lin Yun put the book down as he no longer needs to read it. If he hasn’t guessed wrong, then the third dynasty would fall soon. And the human race would soon enter the colonial era. There is about 30,000 years until the apocalypse.

‘This is a great era’

It was the era when the mages of Northrend began invading other planes. The colonized planes brought endless resources to the Northrend world. The mage’s civilization began expanding at a crazy rate. The mages’ might and ambition grew unchecked. The magic system was polished to perfection. The civilization reached a high that no one in the past could imagine.

In the end, Northrend’s mana was exhausted. The mages who proclaimed to be gods, fell from the sky. And the once brilliant civilization lost its luster to be buried in an endless fire and darkness.

Of course, all of this is yet to happen.

Lin Yun put back [Northrend History] book on the shelf and took [Kidd’s formula] that was next to it.

It’s obvious that the library of the tower of sages has a rich collection. For example the [Kidd’s formula] book, Lin Yun once saw it in the decaying library. Even though it was in a corner in the library. But to be placed in the last burning torch of mages, it must be a priceless book.

Of course, there was huge difference between the two versions.

The one that Lin Yun saw, had been polished to perfection by countless mages across the years.

For Lin Yun, the book in his hand right now is just a half finished product. But he didn’t care about it. He was just using it to measure the level of knowledge in this era and have a better understanding of the world.

Even though he knew that the third dynasty would fall soon and the the colonial era would begin, that was the extent of his knowledge.

There were a lot of useful knowledge he learnt from his live in the final era, but history wasn’t one of them. After all,who would be interested in recording history, if they didn’t know if they would be alive tomorrow or not. So after the mana began declining, history was no longer recorded, only the major events was passed on by the word of mouth.

“Conscientious historians have died.”

Lin Yun sighed and focused his attention on the kidd formula.

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