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Sixteen minutes before the poison would burst out, Feng Bujue got the Contra Medal made by Billy, Alden, and Rabbit as he wished. The effect of this item didn't change but the option 'Being able to be brought out of the scenario' had been changed to 'Yes.' And, he got just one piece.

As he got a practical advantage, Feng Bujue expressed his satisfaction, grabbed the Kill In One Shot Pistol on the table. "I have one more thing I want to confirm. What if… I said what if… when I just step out of the door and Faster kills me instantly, this medal will work immediately to resurrect me, right?"

"Yes, as long as you bring this medal, no matter whether it's inside or outside the gate, in the prison or out there, even if you are in the territory of the other members of the Four Divine Pillars, when you die, you can be resurrected on the spot with a full state," answered Rabbit.

Billy added, "Don't worry. When you open the gate, we'll go with you. We'll shield you from Faster's attacks. You just need to aim for him and pull the trigger. I'll grant this pistol the greatest destructive power, which will help you solve him in just one shot."

"After you kill him, you'll take the chemical bottle and teleport away. We will escape the reincarnation and get rid of this prison," added Alden.

"Then we will separate here. Everyone minds their own business. We don't owe each other anything," said Billy.

"Yeah, suits me well." Feng Bujue smiled then said as if he was making the conclusion, "Although you guys have fooled me right at the beginning with the false settings and guidance, I think it came from the fact that we didn't know or trust each other at that time… But now, we are clear about our own purposes, and we have made a good win-win deal. From your words and deeds, I think you guys are sincere, noble and decent people, so you won't do that kind of thing I've assumed, right?"

"We got the deal, and you're being wordy again!" Rabbit couldn't help but say, "Are you suffering from illusory illness? We don't have much time now. You got the payment, hurry up and do what you need to do!"

"No problem. We'll depart now." Feng Bujue turned around and astoundingly found that the four doors leading to the four corridors had disappeared. A wall now stood there with a big door installed in the middle.

"No need to be surprised. The appearance and size of the space are just a form," Billy's voice came along with the squeak of the iron door.

Feng Bujue turned around to see the puppet pedaling a tricycle towards him. Rabbit also walked out from the second cell. He and Alden were looking at Feng Bujue, waiting for this traveler from another world to open the door.

Feng Bujue studied the three of them, shrugged then walked straight forward.

The door was opened. One human and three monsters took turns to enter a monotonous gray space.

Faster was standing around ten meters away from the door. He appeared as a man wearing ancient Roman armor. His armor, skin, pupils and even his hair were all cement-gray. If he didn't turn his head to look at their general direction, he wouldn't be much different from a sculpture.

"Sure enough…" Faster said, "Traveler from another world, you've picked the prisoners' side?"

"Huh?" When Feng Bujue heard that, he immediately made a lot of guesses. "Well, you're like them. Before I've entered the prison, you got the chemical bottle and the information of my conditions?"

"True," Faster answered. "I could also guess that you'd be on their side. With only your strength, it's impossible for you to force them to give you the chemical bottles and find the way out." He paused then continued, "Thus… No matter what you've undergone in the prison, when you come to my place, you must be on the opposite side to mine."

"It's good that you can understand it." Feng Bujue raised the pistol as murderous intention flared up in his eyes while his hands were holding the gun firmly with force.

BANG—— The gunshot resounded.

Rabbit got headshot once again.

Except for Feng Bujue, the others had their faces filled with fear. Even Faster had to wonder, What's going on?

After killing Rabbit within a short distance, Feng Bujue didn't stop there, aiming the gun's muzzle at Billy, shooting constantly. Even though Billy was shocked, his reflexes were still fast. He made the pistol Feng Bujue was holding disappear and deviated the trajectory of the bullets. However, since the distance between them was too short, and Billy's physical skills were almost nonexistent, not to mention Feng Bujue betrayed them without any prior indications all of a sudden, Billy got shot right at his tummy.

"You..." Billy fiercely said, "Alden! Kill him—"

He couldn't finish his words because a superior monstrous force was being emitted around Feng Bujue. This was enough to shut up the monsters at Billy's level.

"Hmm... Seems I've successfully activated it…" Feng Bujue beamed a cold smile. When his pistol was gone, he had activated the only killing skill he got - [Dragon of the Darkness Flame].

Feng Bujue's Spiritual Technique was graded E, and the success rate of this skill was 40%. However, thanks to the assistance of [The Dedication of the Ice Warlock], the success rate of all of his skills could be increased by 10%... In simple words, success or failure, each took just half of the chance.

A dark flow of evil influence bloomed out from Feng Bujue's right arm, spreading rapidly to envelop his whole body. He was now surrounded by a rippling dark energy vortex. Waves of the Dark Dragon suddenly appeared.

This Demon King Flame Fist was his strongest attack. Even if the attack hadn't been struck out and the dragon hadn't moved yet, this place now looked like it had a storm coming. Not to mention the level of the user, the power of the skill itself was utterly invincible.

Feng Bujue's legs parted as if he was forming the horse stand position. His left hand pressed on his right arm as the right arm instantly stretched out with five fingers curled in a palm. They then heard a dragon's roar, and the peerless technique revealed a Dark Flame Dragon formed by energy bursting out. It opened its giant mouth, swallowing the puppet and his tricycle.

This strike was swift, powerful and close. Before it was struck out, Billy got locked by demonic force, unable escape. Even Alden standing next to him couldn't move an inch.

[Your item Contral Medal is consumed.]

This time, the medal was actually used. The Dragon of Darkness Flame had consumed '100% of Survival Value.' The cost to activate this skill was really astonishing. As Billy got hit before, under this strike, he had nothing remained, even a single bone.

After Feng Bujue had killed Billy and also had been devoured by the dark flame, he was resurrected on the spot with his best conditions. He then eyed Alden, the only one that remained, with a contented look. "Before you start to attack me with your impulsive indignance…" He slowly retreated until he could shamelessly stand next to Faster. "You'd better consider the current situation a little bit…" He smiled. "I remember Billy used to say that among the three of you, only him can defeat Faster when he's in his best condition… Thus, if I were you, I wouldn't seek for death in vain. And, I would get back to the prison with my current status and prepare to welcome the monster who will arrive soon."

Faster seemed to understand the situation in front of his eyes. He then turned to Feng Bujue standing next to him and sincerely told him, "You're really insidious…"

"You've fooled, deceived and used us…" Alden said while gritting his teeth.

"Well, it's you who tricked me first, right?" Feng Bujue said. "However, you're not good enough. You failed. What I've done is the correct way."

"You've used the pistol and the medal we gave you to deal with us…"

"Yeah… You guys are the sincere and noble people with dignity. During the negotiation, you've almost disclosed everything I wanted to know… For example, your strength, the principles of these items, and the comparison between your powers and Faster's…" Feng Bujue continued, "And, you gave me these things and let me have a good grasp of the plan."

"You dirty, despicable, evil…" Alden had paid attention to finding the accurate and civilized words to curse people. It seemed this monster hadn't been designed with swearing ability.

"Enough, Alden," Faster intervened. "The grudge between you guys and this traveler from another world isn't related to me. However, I have my duty. Now, I order you to get back to your cell. If not, I have to do it myself and bring you back there."

The shimmering blue eyes of Alden dimmed. His line of sight gazed for a long while at Feng Bujue just like he wanted to engrave the image of this guy into his eyes forever. More than ten seconds later, he bitterly withdrew into the prison's doorway, and the big door closed again…

"Phew..." Feng Bujue breathed a sigh of relief seeing Alden leave. When he took the second deep breath, he pragmatically spoke to Faster. "Excuse me, the unknown ingredient chemical bottle that you keep…"

"Understand… Understand…" Faster extended one arm, giving the bottle to Feng Bujue.

When Feng Bujue received the item, the system notified.

[Main Quest, updated]

[Find chemical bottles (4/4)]

[Current Quest, accomplished. Main Quest, updated.]

The new quest appeared in his menu was [Mix the unknown ingredient chemical bottles (A), (B), (C), (D) to make the antidote and remove the poison.]

The system's voice paused for two seconds then continued, [Do you want to combine the special items related to the Quest?]

Feng Bujue confirmed in the menu popped up in front of him. The other three chemical bottles in his bag disappeared altogether while the one in his hand turned into white halo. After the data had finished reorganizing, it turned into a new item called [Antidote].

Feng Bujue didn't take medicine right away but turned to Faster. "Hey… Da-Ge. I've helped you solve the breakout this time, don't you have anything to say?" He looked at Faster while speaking.

To his surprise, the jailer in front of Feng Bujue was motionless. With an attentive look, Faster had actually turned into a sculpture.

"You didn't help me in anything. In fact, you did help yourself." Faster's voice came from another direction.

Feng Bujue turned to the general direction of the voice and saw another Faster, who had silver light radiating from his entire body, walking towards him.

"No matter which side you'd picked, the result would be the same. They couldn't escape," Faster said. "They had just come here and simply killed the clay sculpture I've made."

"You..." Feng Bujue's face slightly changed as he mused. "I understand… There's no spell of the Lord of Time here. From the beginning until now, all are your mischief."

"Harrumph... Of course," Faster sneered. "How could Master leave a jailer, who is weaker than the prisoners, to watch over the prison." He walked to Feng Bujue and continued, "This clay sculpture is fabricated with special magic ingredient…" Faster patted the gray statue that looked exactly like him. "Naturally, my power is not weaker than Billy's. If we single out, they are not my matches. However, if the three of them join in, it will be relatively annoying…"

"That's why you've set up the trap…" Feng Bujue took several steps and cocked his head just like he was eyeing the gray sculpture of Faster. "Why did their powers disappear after 'killing' this clay sculpture?"

Faster's eyes were fixed on Feng Bujue. As the latter was moving, Faster also moved his body. Now, he had his back on the gate of the prison.

"In fact… it doesn't matter who kills the clay sculpture. As long as it gets destroyed, who are present in the 'Space Door' will lose their power," Faster said. "Thus, I always stay in this place and remotely manipulate the clay sculpture to play with them. They're so naïve that they still think that this clay statue is me.

"Ha, ha... Every time they kill the clay sculpture, their powers will decline to the weakest point. Then I, the real me, hiding in a secret place near here, can bring them back to the prison effortlessly."

"After several times, of course, they will suspect this sort of phenomenon…" added Feng Bujue, following the other's flow.

"True. So, I've fabricated a theory called 'Reincarnation.' I told them that this is a spell from the Lord of Time. No matter how many times they've killed me, it's useless as they always fall into the reincarnation." He spread his arms. "I've used this method to deal with their breakout for many times. By the way, the other duties here are relatively easy. Sometimes, I just need to throw a monster in there to ensure that they have company," continued Faster.

"Yeah…" Feng Bujue licked his lips. "Seems… talking about insidious, you meet the standard, too."

"Are you mocking me?" Faster snorted coldly. "Harrumph… Talking about cheating, well, I'm a little bit not as good as you are."

"Ha ha…Ha ha ha ha..." Feng Bujue faced up the sky and laughed like crazy.

All of a sudden, the laughter silenced as a grin was held on his face. "No, not a little bit, buddy. It's way far behind."

In this blink of an eye, Faster looked stunned. He suddenly recognized that there was a chilling-to-the-bone coldness that appeared as many spots on his body. He lowered his head only to see many dark shadows wrapping around his neck, wrists, knees and other parts…

"You'd better not tamper with it. Your blood is moving inside my vessels." Alden's voice echoed in Faster's ears.

At the same time, the squeaky sounds from the tricycle also came from behind him…

Billy the Puppet was pedaling his tricycle, slowly approaching Faster. He lifted his dark face and asked the other, "Have you ever gotten kick by a fluffy animal's hind legs?"

"What the..." When Faster heard the question, he recognized something as he turned his face around…

At this time, the Rabbit was jumping over two meters in the air using its sturdy hind leg. It aimed for Faster's face, making a roundhouse kick while yelling, "F*CK YOU!"

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