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Chapter 114: Hirata’s World (9)

"Apparently, there’s something Shuichi wasn’t able to do. For example, leaving Fukui’s body there," Feng Bujue said, "but you, Hirata-kun, your existence explains everything. To me, the moment you’ve appeared, this case became as easy as a piece of cake.

"You couldn't submit yourself since doing that would affect the level of the punishment. You then brought Haruko Sato home and scared her until she didn’t dare to report anything. In her eyes, her tender husband had suddenly changed to a murderer. Moreover, she bore the responsibility regarding the death of Fukui, so it wasn’t too difficult to threaten her. Next, what you have done with the gun was you hid it anywhere that the police could find later.

"The next day, you just pretended that nothing had happened and went to work at Shuichi’s company. You are stronger than him. He doesn't know about your existence, but you have all of his memories. You came to his office on purpose and waited for the police to come and interrogate you. When the police came, you would be arrested to support the investigation of the case. It turned out the body had only been found on the afternoon of November 27, so no one had come for you until you finished your working time.

"On your way back home, perhaps something had popped up in your mind, and you returned the ability to control the body to Shuichi—because you wanted to see the drama of how he would react when he comes home and meets Haruko. At that time, Shuichi’s mentality was on the edge and about to collapse. He was so panicked to the point that he didn't even remember his way home. This was when the third part of the memory began.

"When he returned to his room and saw his wife hanging herself there, his nerves completely collapsed. He screamed, and the old lady next door heard that so she paid him a visit. You moved the body again and went to meet the old lady, purposely letting her see something strange in the room and then shooing her away, waiting for her to call the police. In short, you didn’t want to report the case yourself because it would create the pleadings.

"Finally, as you wished, the police had come and arrested you. They also found Yamada’s pistol. This explains why you were still calm enough to drink tea.

"After being arrested, your great revenge has been successful. You then returned to your world of consciousness and stayed there until today.

"And about Shuichi, he got crazy and imprisoned. The three distorted fragments of his memory had become terrible images, torturing him day and night. He had experienced this for 15 years. If nothing unexpected happened, this would continue until he dies."

"Ha, ha... Ha, ha, ha, ha..." Hirata opened his eyes wider, revealing an odd grin as he pressed his face onto the mirror. "That idiot deserves that."

"No. Actually, we can’t say that Shuichi’s choice is right or wrong. We can only say that good turns don’t return to good guys," Feng Bujue said, "but if it’s not because of you, he wouldn't be backed into this corner."

"So what do you want, Mr. F?" Hirata coldly sneered, "would you be able to change it?"

"No, I can’t. I can only give you and him an escape," answered Feng Bujue.

"Escape? Humph… Funny. He’s the one who bears the torture, I don’t need to—"

"There are three levels of memory here. Those days that Shuichi had been through was the deepest and most terrible level." Feng Bujue intervened him, "I don’t know how many levels you have, but from your mental status, it should be only one. Yes, 15 years. Ah, no, 21 years, you still have been undergoing some terrible memory, which is the same as the ones in the deepest memory level Shuichi has. Am I right?"

"I don’t know what you are talking about." Hirata’s eyes flickered. His tone showed that he was lying.

"My consciousness isn’t created by this body. I can freely move between the prisons of thoughts. The more I know, the deeper I can acce

ss. Currently, I can always take over Hirata’s body. At the same time, I can come to your world and then throw you, yeah, to somewhere, who knows," Feng Bujue lowered his tone.

"It’s impossible!" Hirata shouted, "You—"

The mirror cracked into pieces before he could even finish his sentence.

Feng Bujue stood up. All the cuffs which were confining him had disappeared and the costume on his body had returned to the purple coat. He poked his hand into his pocket. The three keys were still there, and there was only one key he hadn’t used.

He walked towards the door of the patient room—the door that represented the prison of his thoughts—and unlocked it. 

Beside the door, a white light flashed and swallowed Feng Bujue. One second later, he had experienced the scene transition again. But this time, it was under his control since he was entering an unknown world… Hirata’s world.

"Hirata-Kun... Is it true?"

A young and tender woman appeared in front of him. She looked over 20 years old, wearing a puffer jacket. 

Feng Bujue was wearing his Joker costume, standing in front of her. This looked odd. Anyway, in that NPC’s eyes, she might only be seeing Shuichi Hirata.

The two of them were standing on a bridge, a familiar place for proposals, breaking up, suicides, street arts or other legendary risky events. The urban background around the bridge had indicated that this was a huge city. Although it was late at night, in a city where skyscrapers jutted up to the sky like a dense jungle, the scene was still luxurious and exotic as usual.

"Uh… what did you say?" Feng Bujue probed.

"Hirata–Kun, you’ve just told me that after you’ve graduated, you have to return to your hometown and get married to Miss Sato." Tears lingered on her eyes while she was talking.

"Miss Sato… so this female character is Mikako. Shuichi had chosen Haruko and Hirata…" Feng Bujue thought, "These years, Hirata has undergone the breaking up scene with Mikako everyday… That’s Shuichi’s decision, but it’s also his memory. There are numerous times when he saw his lover crying and leaving, but he had no way to change it… The destiny he missed continuously happens in front of his eyes—this is one of the cruelest tortures."

He tried and found out that he could freely move. He could even take out the wrench or the gun. Anyway, it was not appropriate in the current situation. It seemed that this world and the previous black-and-white world were the same. The deeper the mental level was, the higher the level of freedom would be. At the levels closer to his rationality, his body would be restrained.

"Ah..." Feng Bujue smiled and flung back his head as he swaggered to Mikako. He then pulled her into his embrace with just one arm. Of course, his manners were still with him as he didn’t kiss the woman.

"I will never leave you for the rest of my life. I love you," he said as if he was making a vow, saying something he had never ever uttered in his real life, just like he could addictively do it over and over again. Since he was just saying something on behalf of Hirata-Kun, he could spit out these sort of words.

In fact, Feng Bujue’s former girlfriend used to request him to tell her those three words, and his answer to her was, "Such a thing like ‘I love you’, a man can only say it once. When you are about to die, I will tell you that."

Since then, no more blind girls wanted to be with him. Such bliss to this world!

[Current Quest, accomplished. Main Quest, accomplished.]

The system’s notification arose on time. Feng Bujue opened his menu and saw the three unfinished Main Quests—wait in the room until dawn, search the Yokan House, and work until end of working time—didn’t have the checkmarks next to them. However, all of them were crossed.
A new quest appeared. That spot was blank before, just like this quest had always been there, but he couldn't see it. It read [Repair Hirata’s mental world].

Right after the system’s voice resounded, the quest appeared and instantly had a checkmark next to it.

In papers, Feng Bujue should hear the recommendation of teleportation, but it was odd that he didn’t hear anything and suddenly returned to the first-person point of view and started to observe the computer graphics.

"Eh? So this scenario has an ending CG?" Feng Bujue thought, "Ah… yeah, true. More meaningful than just fighting."

After this ending CG, the system would prompt the teleportation option.

The image in front of his eyes started to change… This was a cloudy afternoon in a familiar street. The surroundings were colorful, which meant that this was the real world in this scenario.

Feng Bujue soon realized that this was the street that he had been when he had just entered the scenario.

The image changed again. Two shadows were coming from afar, a man and a woman. The man was a gentleman wearing a well-fit suit. The woman looked elegant with fine temperament, wearing a dark coat.

Feng Bujue recognized them. They were Shuichi Hirata, who looked just a little bit over 20 years old, and Mikako, whom he had just met.

The conversation between them echoed in his ears.

"Are we there yet? Hirata-Kun."

"Yeah… There’s a small part. We’re almost there."

"Traffic in your hometown is so inconvenient."

"Yeah, ha, ha… a very old-fashioned place." Hirata scratched his head. "Taking the train and following me to such a rural area. And now we have to walk, it’s hard for Mikako."

"Huh~" Mikako shook her head. "No, together with Hirata-Kun here… walking is alright…" She shyly bowed.

Feng Bujue spoke up in disdain, "Hey, what’s this? The revised plot after I’ve decoded the worldview? Your uncle had fought for this Good End just to see such a flashback?! Hirata, you should die!"

"Ah, yeah, you know, there’s a room ahead of us, not far from there, a very old one. When I was young, I heard old people say that there are ghosts dwelling there," said Hirata.

"Hey! Why do you need to mention that? Making a Death FLAG?" Feng Bujue immediately had a bad premonition.

"There are no ghosts in this world. It’s just human imagination," Mikako said.

Hirata smiled. "Haha, you're right…" 

At this moment, the screen zoomed to a far corner and turned into the general view of the whole small town. Lightning suddenly crossed through the dark gloomy sky, and one second after the lightning struck out, Feng Bujue saw a strange figure, wearing a white kimono, hiding on a pole not far behind Hirata and Mikako…

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