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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Discussing Together in Regards to the Marriage

Long Er was unable to believe his own ears . He was really being proposed “to”?

Long Er admitted that he had met countless girls . Various appearances, personalities, backgrounds and ages .

And amongst them, the ones that had expressed their feelings towards him were not less at all . There are those that expressed through gifts, poetries, indicating through the eyes; there are also the bold ones that expressed using their body, giving indications, having another person to transmit their feelings……

But, in regards to marriage, no one was so bold to the point they outright say it into his face: I want second master to marry me .

The boldest that he had ever seen was merely beating around the bushes and asked him indirectly why he had yet to have a wive . Hmph, it was really, really boring .

But the one this time, it is not boring, but surprisingly shocking . It was on a scale that is totally out of the expectation and imagination of Long Er . Which type of women will say directly, towards a man that they barely even know: Marry me .

Alright . Actually, Long Er thought that it can be considered that he did know her .

It’s one thing that she had said that, but she even looked exhausted, she looked so worn out that she is basically camparable to a ghost . With a bloodied bandage wrapped with herbs around her head, an oversized clothing that for sure was borrowed from others, no make up, no hair-do, and hugging the tattered bamboo cane…… Said all of that with such an appearance .

Really, seriously . He has lost even the heart to tell her off about it .

With such an unkempt appearance, it can be perceived that she had not even wanted to show any respect towards him .

Long Er glared at the blind girl that had a anxious expression and is biting her lips after proposing to him and snorted inside his heart . So, you will still feel anxious? I thought your courage was as tough as steel armor and rock shield .

He stared at her, and after a while he coughed twice, asking:”Why?”


Ju Mu Er was confused .

Long Er felt unhappy, was she acting stupid right after proposing? He lightly “hmph” and asked again:”Why should I marry you?”


Ju Mu Er hesitated for a moment, and as if she had came to a decision, she then followed up her sentence:”Second master mentioned that the money Shopkeeper Lu helped to earn in a year allows second master to purchase more than twenty shops, and even if given ten years, I will not even be able to use up the money for half a shop . As second master is good at calculating, I’m sure it can be calculated clearly . Taking me in is far more beneficial than losing Shopkeeper Lu . ”

This reason was really……

This excuse had felt familiar to Long Er . This is the reasoning that he always used, but he can’t show that he’s at an disadvantage . It will be a wonder if he even married her . And so, he asked again:”How much dowry do you have?”

This time around, Ju Mu Er was calm and answered it smoothly:”If I were to be married over, second master Long will be able to earn money equivalent to at least twenty tea shops, and in ten years it will be two hundred shops, in twenty years, it will be two hundred shops . I’m sure second master must know how much does a tea shop cost more than I do . I believe that this dowry for sure will not be any lesser than any other large household . ”

Long Er choked at that . She had already hold onto the initiative in this conversation but she still kept on reminding him how much lesser he will earn without Shopkeeper Lu .

Hmph, is he someone that place importance on money?

Fine, he indeed really placed importance on them, but was he the type of person that will randomly marry someone because of money? If it was for the fortune, he would have married the lady that owned a city who had willingly offered him half the fortune of the whole city . At that time, will it ever be the turn for the skinny, poor and blind woman such as her?

And so, Long Er changed the question once again:”Can you read account books? Do you know how to use an abascus? Do you have the ability to manage the household affairs in the residence?”

Ju Mu Er pouted, she was beginning to feel unhappy, she’s blind, so was he purposefully humiliating her?

“Second master had not married anyone all these time . So is it because second master had his eyes set on the sire in charge of accounts and the housekeeper?”

Oh my, now she’s refuting? [1]

Long Er did not get angry, but instead, he began to smile and said:”You’re the one that came running to me and pleaded me to marry you out of the blue . So, shouldn’t you think up of at least a few reasons to persuade me?”

Ju Mu Er answered him modestly:”Second master had my words confused . I’m not here to plead you . In fact, I do think that the terms that I offered to exchange with you will allow second master to prosper . ”

“Are you saying, that the one that’s supposed to plead is me?” Long Er stared straight at her . The words from this blind lady really know how to anger others .

“Second master don’t need to plead . At this moment, if second master proposed to me, I, for sure, will not reject it . Not only will I not reject, I will also help second master to prove the innocence of Shopkeeper Lu . ”

Long Er choked . For him who had been in business negotiations for a lot of times, he had seen some that are difficult to deal with, but he had never met someone as shameless as she was, wanting to refute without any sound arguements but will still be able to stop you from further refutations .

Long Er was now really unhappy, and so he answered:”Miss Ju, you’re too idealistic . I don’t want to marry you, and neither do I need you help . What does the power the Long Family means? Is the court only there as decorations? The truth of that case will be uncovered soon . So, Miss Ju, all the plannings that you had in mind are still leaps away from being considered as successful . ”

The tone Long Er used when he said those words were not good . He then saw Ju Mu Er’s face begin to stiffened gradually, saw her fingers becoming more and more pale as she tightly clutched onto the bamboo cane . She pursed her lips tightly and blinked her eyes several times with efforts . Long Er was not sure if she was about to cry .

The wariness and frustrations that she built up had made Long Er felt regret . Was his tone too severe? But the words spoke is basically like the waters that were spilt out of the bucket, it can’t be taken back .

The two of them turned silent .

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After a while, with a sob, she left a sentence:”Sorry for disturbing . ” And then she hurriedly stood up and walked outside .

This time, Long Er was the one that felt anxious . The upset that can heard from her words made him felt restless . She’s going to leave just like that, not refuting to him, nor counterattacking?

Looking at her walking out, her speed was faster than when she came . In the blink of an eye, she had already walked out of the house and was walking on the small passage . Long Er observed her through the window and saw that even with no one guiding her, she was still able to find the way .

Seeing her walking further and further away, Long Er can’t settle down anymore . He jumped up from his seat and strided over, and he caught up with her in no time .

“Miss Ju . ” He called her .

Ju Mu Er did not turn her head back, but instead, she lowered her head and replied softly:”Second master does not need to send me out, I can recognize the route . ”

He did not suspect the fact that she can recognize the route . He then suddenly realized . The reason she had walked slowly was because she was silently memorizing the route, and so, everytime when she was leaving, she will become more agile . But the main point now is not the fact if she recognized the route or not, since he was not thinking of sending her off .

“Miss Ju . ” Long Er walked two steps ahead and grabbed onto her bamboo cane . “Have a breakfast first before leaving . ”

Ju Mu Er shook her head, and her voice were still soft and low:”I appreciate second master’s offer, but it’s better if I’m not intruding . ” She exerted some force, but was still unable to pull her cane out . She frowned and used some strength while trying to pull her cane two more times .

Long Er hold onto the cane . Seeing her with an angry face, despite how much strength she exerted but the cane still remain unmoved, he felt like laughing . He then said:”It’s better to have a breakfast first . I want to observe for myself how much food you can eat . Is it really to the point where given ten years, you are still unable to eat up the money from half a shop . ”

Ju Mu Er blanked out for a moemnt, but her mood was not getting any better . She stood there unmovingly, while Long Er pulled on her bamboo cane wanting to guide her back . He then say:”This negotiation of exchanging terms is the same with business negotiations, it needs to be discussed . If one does not work then go for another one . By going round and round, for sure it will reach a mutual agreement . With that said, how can it end like how you ended it? Not even negotiating other terms and left the seat while throwing tantrum . If so, how can one even achieve anything?”

Ju Mu Er did not reply him . She did not understand if he wanted to continue teasing her or he was really going to continue to discuss with her . But at this moment where he was guiding her, she still willingly followed him . No matter how grating his words were, how bad his attitude was, he indeed did not have the intention to harm her . Good and bad, she thinks that she can still at least differentiate them .

The two of them then headed back to the room earlier . A servant began to serve the dishes . Plain porridge and a side dish, and also buns .

Long Er informed Ju Mu Er about the foods served and helped her by placing a bun in the plate in front of her . He poked the plates to create some sounds to let her know where the things were placed .

Ju Mu Er thanked and began to eat slowly . Long Er then placed some side dish into her porridge, and told her that he placed the spoon into the bowl . Ju Mu Er thanked him again and when she touched the spoon, she slowly consume the porridge .

The two of them enjoyed the breakfast together silently . When Ju Mu Er began to feel full, she sat there without saying a word after thanking him .

Seeing her behaving like that, Long Er felt like knocking her head . Behaving this way just because he said something that she can’t accept, was she even that pitiful? He cleared his throat and asked her:”You said that you have ways to prove the innocence of Shopkeeper Lu . Tell me what that way is, I would like to listen to it . ”

Ju Mu Er remained silent, and after Long Er finished his words he then realized . Just like last time at the tea shop, she for sure will say that she will lose all the cards on her hand if she talk about it . And so, Long Er changed his question:”Since you did not see how the culprit looked like, why are you convinced that Shopkeeper Lu was not the culprit?”

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This time Ju Mu Er answered:”In the court, I took the chance to touch the clothing on him when I was talking to him . What he wore were made of silk, while the culprit was wearing clothing made of normal cloth . And also, the smell of incense can be found on Shopkeeper Lu . Considering that, he might be reciting scriptures or playing the Guqin[2]… . . Hmm, all in all, what I wanted to say was that the fragrance on him is different from that of the culprit . ”

Long Er was shocked, even when she’s in such a dangerous situation, she was still able to recall all these details . Ju Mu Er then added on:”I also have some other hints, so I can find the true culprit . ”

Long Er stared at her for a while and asked her:”Since you know this much, why didn’t you report it to the judge when you were in the court?”

Ju Mu Er lowered her head and said nothing .

Long Er then continued:”Did you know, with you hiding all these, disregarding the fact how he was wrongly accused, with him being locked up in the prison, how much suffering he needs to go through for no reason?”

Ju Mu Er bit her lips and still refused to say anything, but her fingers that was clenching onto the bamboo cane had revealed her emotions .

Long Er sighed, and asked again:”If I refused to marry you, will you be able to let Shopkeeper Lu die while being accused jsut like that?”

Ju Mu Er’s body shook . She raised her head and with her eyes that can see nothing, it was leveled to be directed into Long Er’s eyes:”If second master refused to, I will still report all of these to Sir Judge . ”

“If you say it that way, then you’ve lost your terms to have me marry you . ”

“In the end of it all, second master won’t marry me no matter what . ” Ju Mu Erpursed her lips, showing her childish nature . “Even if second master is willing to let Shopkeeper Lu know that you would not marry anyone as a way to help him, I’m not willing to let him know that I would close my eyes towards his death just because I’m unable to reach my goal . ”

Long Er then smiled:”If we put it that way, then it would appear that I’m not as just and loyal as you are . ”

Ju Mu Er nodded . It felt funny when she thought back . She thought up of all sorts of ways in order to force him to marry her . And since he rejected it, she was supposed to feel grudge towards him . But how did the two of them came to feel comfortable when conversing now .

She can’t help but say something that had been hidden within her heart for a long time . ”Second master, actually, even a fragile woman will have a just and loyal heart . ”

Long Er was dumbfounded for a moment . Before he can digest her words, Ju Mu Er stood up and said:”Thank second master for the treat today . Excuse me for intruding . ”

“Wait . ” Long Er called her . Ju Mu Er was surprised and stood there .

Long Er said:”Sit down . ” Ju Mu Er then sat down .

But Long Er stopped talking . Feeling confused, Ju Mu Er can only sit there waiting for him to talk .

She did not know the struggle within Long Er’s heart now . He hesitated and hesitated . He really did not want to be married, but he also knew that with Ju Mu Er showing all her cards, she won’t ever come to plead him to marry her anymore . If she does not come to plead him anymore, does not banter with him anymore, he will lose quite a large portion of entertainment .

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And out of a sudden, why did she want to marry someone? Did she have any sort of difficulties? If he rejects to marry her, will she look for some other man to be married to? Then if she was to be married to other man, does that mean it will be difficult for him to meet her anymore, and can’t tease her anymore?

After thinking about it lots of times, he suddenly asked:”Miss Ju, last time at the tea house, you did mention that you had ways to help me earn back the money for the incident regarding the penthouse . What are the ways?”

Ju Mu Er was surprised that he asked about this, but she answered anyway:”I was thinking, in the capital, the number of families with a large amount of wealth is not less . The weaath they hold are to the point that it can never be exhausted . So what they would’ve preferred fame and power more . As the Main East Street is the most important trading street in capital . If there is an activity with the scale comparable to Xiu Street’s, as long as one knows how to utilize the name and how attractive it will be, there will be a lot of wealthy people that would willingly spend their money in order to leave their name . ”

Long Er can’t help but smile . He knew that this blind lady will be very interesting . To think that she will think what he had thought of, it will never be boring when talking to her .

“In regards to marrying you, I will need to reconsider and think about it . ” When Long Er said that, Ju Mu Er’s eyes widened as she raised her head out of surprise .

Her expression had made Long Er laughed, he then said:”But you still need a reason to persuade me . What benefit will I gain if I were to marry you?”

This question was very realistic, and at the same time, it was also to have her feel troubled . Ju Mu Er creased her brow as she tilted her head to think seriously, she knew that she needs to give an answer that second master will come to like .

After thinking for quite some time, she then answered:”I can help second master to not feel bored . ” An ambiguous but clear answer had let Long Er laughed out loudly . She indeed does know that she was able to ease him from feeling bored .

Long Er found his mood being lifted . He leaned on the back of the chair and stared at Ju Mu Er . He then found her face to be pleasing to his eyes when he looked at it now .

He then asked:”Then tell me, why did you want to marry me?”


Because second master is handsome, because second master is wealthy, because second master is humorous, because second master knows how to support the family financially, because second master’s martial talent is high……

Ju Mu Er found herself unable to state any of these disgusting words .

After holding it in for some time, she then uttered:”Because, I just want to be married to you!”

[1] Original text: 哎哟,顶嘴啊!- the tone is more to feeling so angry that instead of bursting they begin to smile . So, rather than putting Aiyo, I opt for one that has a close nuance and meaning to the phrase .
[2] Although for the previous tl, they translate it as zither, I find having it as Guqin will be much more precise as there’s too many types of zithers while Guqin is only that one

Akiha: Should I translate all the titles as Sir/Master, I You etc, or do I leave it as DaRen, BenWang, BenYe etc?

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