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Chapter 238.2 - Not sparing any expense

Thanks to Akil A. for the chapter 💖💘(1/2)

Thousand Face gritted his teeth and went on, “Inside the wooden hut, there were lots of shredded women’s clothing, and on the bed, there were …”

“What was there?” Lou Qingwu felt like she was going to go crazy, otherwise how could she be so calm?

“ … bloodstains.” As for what blood it was, Thousand Face really found it hard to say it out loud.

He felt incredibly furious.

He didn’t understand how Little Bell could’ve conspired with Ye Ji to scheme against the Night Prince to do something like this.

She clearly knew that the Night Prince liked master, and she belonged to master, so what if the Night Prince thought that master actually was working with Ye Ji to get him to marry Ye Ji?

Wouldn’t the Night Prince hate his master to death?

Furthermore, right now, the Night Prince actually wanted to marry Ye Ji, how could that woman ever be worthy of him?

Lou Qingwu’s face was so pale it was nearly translucent.

She didn’t speak for a long time.

The room was strangely quiet as Thousand Face scrubbed his face with his hand. “Master, I definitely will grab Little Bell to bring back to you to apologise! Bring her to the Night Prince and tell him that you definitely didn’t order her to do anything!”

After a long time Lou Qingwu looked coldly at him, “Don’t spare any expense, find Little Bell.”

“Yes!” Thousand Face had his orders, as he angrily ran out.

Little Bell, Little Bell! How could he have been so blind to miss that she was an ungrateful traitor!

After Thousand Face left, Lan Bai looked at the still Lou Qingwu uneasily, “Master, if you don’t feel well, you should speak about it. Night Prince, this affair, wasn’t your fault.”

“But this happened because of me.” If she hadn’t purposely used him, purposely gotten close to him, how could he have spent so much time on her?

Otherwise, at this time, he should’ve been far away from the capital.

He should’ve been free outside, not trapped and schemed by a girl, like he was now.

Lou Qingwu’s voice was too calm, but the tiredness between her eyebrows made Lan Bai’s heart hurt.

She kneeled in front of Lou Qingwu, burying her face between her knees, “Master, I was wrong too. If I watched her more carefully, I would’ve seen that there was something wrong with her from the beginning, and this wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m just thinking, why would she betray me?”

Little Bell was captured by Thousand Face two days later.

She really was good at hiding but it was a pity that she had snuck into the third prince’s residence’s backdoor.

She seemed to be desperately wanting to see Ye Ji.

But Ye Ji didn’t even want to look at her after the marriage edict came down. She’d already served her purpose.

Ye Ji was happily staying at the residence, letting the third prince’s servants prepare for her wedding.

Thousand Face had been lying in wait for a long time before finally getting his chance.

The moment Little Bell appeared, he instantly knocked her out before stealthily dragging her to the Leaning Wind Pavilion.

When Little Bell woke up, she still hadn’t realised she’d been captured back.

When her eyes finally readjusted and she saw them clearly, her face instantly changed.

She suddenly jerked up before seeing Lou Qingwu in front of her.

Little Bell’s face paled instantly, her voice was shaking, “Mmaster …”

Lou Qingwu shot her a look, “Master? I think you called out the wrong person? If you want to say master, Ye Ji’s your master.”

Little Bell’s face paled even more.

Lou Qingwu stayed cool.

But Thousand Face didn’t. He immediately kicked her before grabbing her chin, so angry he could’ve bitten her, “You, what did master do wrong for you to betray her, and scheme against the Night Prince like that?”

Little Bell was so scared, she immediately started struggling, shaking her head desperately.

Thousand Face kicked her a few more times.

Little Bell started shouting from the pain after being kicked, her eyes growing vicious, “Kick me again, I dare you!”

Thousand Face viciously kicked her again, “So what?”

Little Bell had been kicked too hard, her eyes were resentful, “I won’t let you go!”

Thousand Face coldly laughed, “You won’t let me go? Why don’t you first think about whether I’m going to let you go?”

He originally wasn’t a gentlemen and if it wasn’t for his master having something to ask, he would've already had a million ways to torture her to death!


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