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Chapter 235.2 - He will take responsibility

But he passed a handkerchief to her and after half a moment, his deep voice sounded, “Even though this was unexpected, I … will take responsibility.”

“Brother Ye …” Ye Ji suddenly looked up, her eyes teary as she jumped onto Feng Yege, who then stepped to the side and avoided her.

She blinked uneasily as she began to cry silently in front of him.

Feng Yege turned around, his brows furrowing as he looked downhearted, “First put on clothes.”

After speaking, he took down a piece of hunter’s clothing and covered her before turning around with his back facing her.

“There’s only this here for you to wear. Put it on first and then I’ll send you back. A little later … I’ll make it up to you.”

Ye Ji then could finally breathe easily.

Her eyes were strangely shiny, she gambled and won!

She weakly took the clothes from him and put it on before stepping off the bed.

Then she purposely staggered a bit, as if she was completely powerless and made it so she was about to fall.

Feng Yege heard some noises and quickly moved to help her up, holding her arm, his brows furrowed, “Be careful.”

“Brother Ye …” Ye Ji looked at him pitifully, carefully pulling at his sleeve.

Feng Yege’s cold face was emotionless.

He looked at her once she finished putting on the clothes.

The hunter’s clothes were a bit too big so they hung on her but when his eyes fell on her hair, his eyes gentled, his fingers lightly brushing away the tears from her eyes.

“Seeing as this has already happened, when we get back, I’ll enter the palace and ask for an edict to marry you as my consort. But, for your reputation, I hope that you don’t spread this around. Can you do that?”

When Ye Ji heard that Feng Yege was going to marry her as his consort, she was nearly about to faint.

Even though she knew that she’d succeed, she didn’t know that success would come this quickly!

She covered her mouth and nodded her head hard, “I definitely won’t spread it around. Brother Ye, this is all for Ji’er!”

“En.” Feng Yege answered her.

His eyes fell on her hairpin, “Then I’ll have to ask that you pretend to be my servant as we go back, so that no one becomes suspicious.”

“Ok! I’ll do anything brother Ye wants!” Ye Ji was filled with happiness at the thought of finally marrying Feng Yege so no matter what he said, she’d go with it.

In a burst of happiness, she pounced into Feng Yege’s arms.

But this time, Feng Yege didn’t push her away.

Just in a place where she didn’t see, his handsome face grew cold, like the calm before the storm.

Lou Qingwu waited until it was dark and still didn’t see the guards, and she didn’t see anything suspicious.

Xiahou Qing seemed to really just be there to have fun with her.

He spoke sweet words as he pulled her towards the river.

When he saw that it was getting dark, his lips curved.

The guards finally came when it grew dark and when they reached Xiahou Qing and Lou Qingwu, they kneeled in front of them, “Your subordinate came late, please punish us!”

“Get up, it’s alright.” Xiahou Qing was very happy so he was still smiling when he turned around to face Lou Qingwu, “Qingwu, ah, it’s getting late, let’s get back.”

“Alright.” Lou Qingwu looked at him deeply, her heart suddenly felt a bit uneasy.”

Maybe … he wasn’t targeting her this time?

Right until she reached the Lou residence, Xiahou Qing didn’t say anything else.

Lou Qingwui’s suspicions grew deeper but she didn’t change her expression as she looked at Xiahou Qing.

When he left, she returned to the Leaning Wind Pavilion immediately and coincidentally met with a very hurried Lan Bai and Thousand Face.

“Master, are you okay? We heard that the third prince’s guards say that you and the third prince were missing, and that they looked for you for a long time, and still couldn’t find you. Afterwards, the guards said they found you and told us to wait, but it was just too strange! We nearly died from worry!”


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