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Chapter 234.2 - Dishevelled clothing

She put a few drops on the bed.

After that was all done, her hands shook as she started to undo Feng Yege’s clothes.

When her fingers fell on his belt, she didn’t even notice that she’d accidentally scraped his jade.

She only continued to stare at his black belt as she slowly undid it and pulled it away.

She then slowly removed his gown, layer by layer until she reached his inner garments.

When she pushed that away, it revealed his clean chest that shone like jade.

Her fingers couldn’t help but stroke his hard chest as Ye Ji’s eyes grew fixated on him, shining brightly like a hungry wolf.

But it was a pity she couldn’t do anything right now.

Ye Ji sucked in a deep breath before reluctantly calming herself down.

After all of these years, her unrequited love was finally coming to fruition, it was almost like she was still dreaming.

Right until everything was done, she looked at her own clothes before ripping them and pulling them loose.

Very quickly, her clothes were dishevelled.

She slowly crawled on the bed and pushed herself against Feng Yege’s back, her arms wrapping around him as she held him from behind.

Behind him, her mouth was split into a huge grin as she peacefully closed her eyes …

But just as she closed her eyes, she didn’t see the originally unconscious Feng Yege’s eyes slowly open.

His long eyes narrowed and were cold as he silently closed them again.

At the same time, Lou Qingwu and Xiahou Qing’s horse stopped.

But she didn’t know where they were.

There was only a small stream up ahead as the sunlight hit the water, making the water glitter.

Lou Qingwu jumped off the horse and looked around the unfamiliar surroundings, before looking back at Xiahou Qing, “Third prince, where is this?”

Xiahou Qing looked around, his face blank, “I don’t know.”

“Then should we head back?”

“Qingwu, don’t you think it’s beautiful out here?” Xiahou Qing walked over to her and held her hands tightly.

“It’s beautiful but …” Lou Qingwu wanted to continue speaking but Xiahou Qing put out a hand and stopped her.

He let go of her hands to wrap his arm around her shoulders, turning her to face the small stream.

The mountains and water were stunning.

His chin pressed down on her shoulder, his breath on her face, “Qingwu, don’t you think this was done by the heavens? At a time when we’re about to be joined until we die, to bring us to this place … it’s so beautiful, like my heart’s trying to prove to you that we won’t ever end.”

Lou Qingwu: “.....” can you get any more disgusting?

Her face didn’t change, as she asked worriedly, “What if it gets dark? Doesn’t that mean we’ll have to camp out?”

Xiahou Qing choked.

He originally had a lot more sweet words to say but seeing Lou Qingwu’s worried face, he could only cough, “It’s fine. We’ll just stay for a bit and the guards will come along soon.”

“Then that should be fine ..” Lou Qingwu’s eyes were lowered as she furrowed her brows, what was Xiahou Qing trying to do?

She didn’t believe he had so much time that he’d come to woo her for no reason.

But he also wasn’t making any moves?

Why was he trying to hold her back?


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LQW’s smart but not that smart.

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