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Chapter 216.2 - Being disliked

Leng Yichen saw this, and how could he not understand?

He immediately waved his hands, “Drag him out and beat him up. After you finish beating him, Changle Lane will never accept this person on its premises ever again!”

As soon as Leng Yichen finished his orders, there were people already reaching out to drag the man outside.

It wasn’t known whether the man was stupid, or ridiculously stupid because at this point, he decided to reveal his identity, “You all wouldn’t dare! Do you know who this gentleman is? I am the assistant minister of revenue’s third gentleman! If you dare touch me, my dad won’t let you go!”

“It’s just an assistant minister, beat him up hard and cripple at least one leg, then throw him to the assistant minister’s residence!”


The man was quickly dragged out and not too long later, his piteous screams were heard.

Lou Qingwu silently looked up and thought about him, the assistant minister of revenue’s third gentleman, that sounded familiar.

Suddenly, she thought of something and froze.

Wasn’t this the man that the empress dowager wanted her to marry?

Thinking of his sharp mouth and ugly face, Lou Qingwu’s eyelid twitched hard.

How much did Li Miao hate her?

Last night, she’d sent people to investigate this third gentleman because after all, he was a bit infamous.

Even though the empress dowager didn’t like her, she wouldn’t truly dare to offend her because she had senior brother.

So she’d at least choose someone who was likable.

But instead, the person she chose had an awful reputation which meant that the scene was a bit strange.

She only had to slightly put out her feelers before finding out that it was Li Miao’s recommendation.

It seems like she’d given too much space for Li Miao to breathe, for him to be this carefree enough to start scheming against her.

Thinking of the dossiers on the Tang clan which had ‘right prime minister Li Miao’ emblazoned on them, Lou Qingwu’s eyes coldened.

Seeing as he dared to make the first move, then he couldn’t blame her for being a bit too ruthless.

There were some things that they had to calculate cleanly between them.

“Can you stand?” Lou Qingwu stretched out a hand towards Zi Li, wanting to help her up.

Zi Li’s eyes were red.

She’d embarrassed herself too much today and she even got drugged by some pervert.

If she didn’t have a bit of martial arts background, and had accidentally wandered into the wrong room, she really didn’t want to imagine what would’ve awaited her.

Thinking of how she had accused the wrong person, she looked towards Leng Yichen.

On his face, she saw his clearly mocking face and her heart went cold.

She thought of the mocking words he said to her, even accusing her of purposely trying to seduce him.

She instantly grew angry as she glared at him.

No matter whether or not she had accused Leng Yichen wrongly, this Changle Lane was his after all so getting into trouble here, was still his fault!

Taking another look at her hands, she gritted her teeth, “All of you are on the same side, I don’t need you to help me!”

She pushed Lou Qingwu’s hand away and instead, struggled to push herself up.

Thousand Face saw this and scowled, “Hey, what kind of person are you? My master’s helping you out of her own goodwill, and you’re like this? Actually taking revenge on someone who’s being benevolent to you?”

“I don’t need you to save me!”

Zi Li begrudged Leng Yichen’s mocking face and tightened her lips, feeling like she’d suffered too much today.

She angrily wiped her face before suddenly staggering.

Yue Ji and a few others wanted to help her but instead, Leng Yichen’s face was cold as he rebuked them, “Let her walk outside by herself! If she doesn’t need anyone’s goodwill, then she can just screw off.”


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Ungrateful brat.

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