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Chapter 205.2 - Xiliang beauty

If this was spread, what would people say about them?

That another country sent over a gift but Dongyu country was so lacking that they couldn’t even open a lock.

That really … would make everyone lose face.

So to prevent that, the lock definitely would have to be opened.

“Emperor, please!” The ambassador continued to smile, as if he didn’t see how dark the emperor’s face was.

Lou Qingwu’s brows furrowed, what was this?

Xiliang country was here to create a marriage alliance, so if they were a country who was begging for something, was this really the way to go about it?

Or did Xiliang country have other ulterior motives?

Her eyes fell on Shu Yunyan and for some reason, she felt like this had something to do with him.

In her memories, she only had a vague impression of Shu Yunyan. She just knew that his body was unwell but he was also proud and aloof, a vicious and extreme character.

So at this crucial point, he still wanted to test Dongyu country’s power?

She silently sipped her tea, and decided to be a spectator.

The emperor’s expression was very bad looking but he didn’t say anything.

He just coldly looked at the other party, “So if Xiliang emperor’s country has said so, then do any beloved officials have any methods?”

“This subject is willing to try!” The person who spoke was an assistant general.

Lou Qingwu couldn’t put a name to him but the man’s face was filled with contempt for the Xiliang country’s ambassadors.

Lou Qingwu read what his face was saying: wasn’t it just a lock, what was so bad about it. He could kill an ox with his bare hands, so he’d easily be able to break it open.

The emperor looked at his bulging muscles and nodded, satisfied, “This emperor will allow it.”

That assistant general immediately jumped up, stretching and flexing his muscles before spreading his legs out in a wide stance.

His hands gripped the lock and yanked it, wanting to use brute strength to break it apart.

But it was a pity that after a few minutes, the assistant general’s forehead was filled with sweat but he still wasn’t to break the ordinary looking lock.

Everyone’s faces were strange, the emperor’s wooden face grew twisted.

“BANG!” The assistant general tried for one final burst of strength but he still couldn’t break off the lock.

Instead, he fell backwards, looking pitiful.

If this was any other banquet, everyone would’ve laughed.

But in front of the Xiliang ambassadors, no one was able to laugh.

The assistant general’s face was flushed red, climbing up as he wanted to try again.

The emperor waved, “Go back.”

“... Yes.” The assistant general could only lower his head defeatedly as he returned to his seat.

After that, a few more people volunteered to try but no one could open it.

The whole banquet grew silent, so cold that some people started to shiver.

Lou Qingwu looked at Shu Yunyan again, and when she saw that his mouth was curved in a mocking smile, her eyes held contempt.

Lou Qingwu sipped some more tea.

If she compared tonight’s banquet to a game of chess, this was clearly a deadlock.

Beside Lou Qingwu, Lou Qufeng was also visibly anxious.

Even though he was only a greedy profiteer, he was still anxious about today’s events.

After all, if they lost face in front of Xiliang country’s ambassadors, the emperor would be in a bad mood.

In the end, the flow on effect would be that his officials wouldn’t fare well.

“With even the strongest Nie assistant general unable to open it, what do we do? Exactly what type of lock is that, to be so strong?” Lou Qufeng was starting to sweat, mumbling to himself repeatedly.

Lou Qingwu’s ears were about to grow calluses.

Just as she was about to explode in anger, Lou Qingwu quickly decided to save her ears. “Thousand year old black iron.”

So how could you just use brute strength to open it.

“Ah?” Lou Qufeng looked astonished, and was completely dumbstruck by Lou Qingwu’s words.

After all, black iron chains were the strongest and hard to break apart chains.

Thousand year old black iron would be even harder to break, by a thousand times.

So even if all of the martial arts practitioners here tried to break it open, they wouldn’t be able to open it.


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