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Chapter 205.1 - Xiliang beauty

Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes, she didn’t think that it would be Shu Yunyan.

But there wouldn’t be any problems with letting him see.

Nearly everyone knew about their affair.

As Xiliang country’s most hardworking prime minister, how could he not have done his investigations?

Her eyes moved slightly to another girl wearing a facial veil.

Her beautiful eyes were like a glass jade, and when she turned around, her eyes were slightly wet as if she was looking at a lover.

She just saw her eyes and Lou Qingwu felt like her face must be extremely beautiful.

This was most likely Xiliang country’s third princess, Xiliang Feiyue, who was here for the marriage alliance.

A person like jade, so beautiful she can overturn cities.

Xiliang country’s number one beauty, Xiliang country’s ruler really was able to part with her.

When the emperor walked in, everyone stood up to greet him.

Lou Qingwu looked over and saw that this time, there were two people to the sides of the emperor.

On the right, the empress, but on the left, it was Consort Mei, Que Mei.

“All rise. Tonight, we’re here to welcome Xiliang country’s ambassadors. Do as you like, Xiliang country’s ambassadors don’t have to be too courteous.”

Shu Yunyan and the third princess stood up to greet him.

Afterwards, there was festivities.

Beautiful dancers floated in performed, the palace officials drank happily but the emperor didn’t mention anything about the marriage alliance.

But even though the emperor didn’t bring it up, it didn’t mean that Xiliang country’s aim hasn’t changed.

There’s no way they could let go of such a good opportunity.

Shu Yunyan lifted his eyes up and looked at an ambassador next to him.

The latter then stood up, “Emperor, our emperor has gifted your esteemed country three gifts, could we present them to you?”

The emperor lifted up a hand to stop the dancers, raising a brow, “Oh? What kind of gifts?”

“Come, present them!” The ambassador shouted towards the outside.

A Xiliang servant brought over an elaborately decorated box to the centre of the hall and lightly placed it down.

The box wasn’t big, it was about a third of how tall a person was, and a third of how wide a person was.

From the outside, you really couldn’t see what was inside.

The emperor saw the box and grew curious, “What’s inside?”

“This is the first gift from our emperor to you.”

“Oh?” The emperor’s eyes skimmed over the gem encrusted lid of the box, and then on the lock of the box, “Open it up, and let’s see.”

“Emperor, please wait, this ambassador still has something to say.”


“Before we came, our emperor heard that your country is filled with skilled people. So with this box, we used a little trick and we hope that you are able to satisfy our emperor’s curiosity.” The ambassador spoke sincerely, his words were appropriate, but there was a hidden layer of meaning in his words.

The emperor’s face froze, before loosening up. “Oh? What kind of trick?”

“This lock is secured with an extra strong lock. If the emperor wants to see what’s inside, all you have to do is open the lock.”


After his words fell, the whole hall went dead silent.

As long as you open the box, but what if … you can’t open the box?

Then wouldn’t that make the whole Dongyu country a laughingstock?

If this was spread, what would people say about them?

That another country sent over a gift but Dongyu country was so lacking that they couldn’t even open a lock.

That really … would make everyone lose face.


TL note:  

I’m reading this novel where one of the arcs has Shenjun (ML) grow a cat from seed. It’s a xianxia setting.

The poor FL is a small little sapling that a) gets withheld rain because the ML was scared that the storm would be too much, so he put an umbrella over her, b) then gets drowned in water because he’s a brute.

Too bad it has a bad ending, otherwise I would’ve translated it. The sapling abuse is super funny and later when she becomes a cat, because the ML likes rubbing her soft fur.

*edit: I've translated a small excerpt because it's cute

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