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In light of some kinda awful reviews and how everyone wants to get to the wedding faster, I’ll be doing summaries from now on unless it’s an important scene. This means we can get a chapter a day instead of half a chapter yay.


Chapter 166 - Engrossed with women

These rumours were spread at an incredible rate, until in the end, nearly everyone knew that there was an aggrieved ghost in the Li residence.

That aggrieved ghost was from those who were suddenly killed at the Jade Rouge store, over ten people who just disappeared for no reason.

The leader of the murderers was the Li residence’s third gentleman, and the ghosts were there to demand his life.

When Li Miao received news, it was already too late to try and stop the rumours.

He was called into the palace.

-- Imperial study

“Li Miao, beloved subject, I heard that there’s something happening in your residence, lately?” The emperor flipped through folded memorandums, his face expressionless.

But when he glanced at Li Miao through the corner of his eye, his eyes were slightly cold.

Li Miao stood there with his heart pumping fast before dropping to his knees, carefully speaking, “There has been some trouble but it’s already been dealt with.”

“Oh? But why did I hear that your third gentleman has gone missing?”

Li Miao stutters

How much does the emperor know?

The emperor asks, “What do you want me to do?”

Li Miao’s sweating and doesn’t understand what the emperor was, but he’s still a bit hopeful?

The emperor won’t punish him but he still has to do something.

The emperor wants Su Gelao to retire.

Li Miao’s heart skips a bit, instantly recalling that the old general and Su Gelao were campaigning for the second prince to be crowned crown prince.

Li Miao understands, and will try to find a way to get him to retire.

The emperor is satisfied.

Li Miao’s thinking about how he used to think the emperor was only good for screwing around with women but it seems like he’s underestimated the emperor.

After all, he did become the emperor in the end, which means he isn’t simple.

The emperor’s eunuch asks why he didn’t break off Li Miao’s wings.

The emperor says he still has use for Li Miao.

The emperor knows what Li Miao did, even though he might be colluding with the third prince.

The emperor wants someone to be able to fight evenly with the second prince because he still wants to be emperor.

-- Leaning Wind Pavilion

Thousand Face bursts in, there’s a problem.

The rumours spreading around the Li residence have disappeared.

En? Lou Qingwu asks if he knows who did it.

Thousand Face isn’t sure but it can’t be Li Miao because he’s not that powerful. The capital’s too big.

Lou Qingwu calms down.

Thousand Face asks what happened.

Lou Qingwu says she probably knows who it is.


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Summary = lazy with formatting and dealing away with the flowery language

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