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Chapter 151.2 - Served with a slap

He was concubine born so his grandmother looked down on him.

This time, Fan Yi’s affair was something that he provoked Fan Yi into doing.

Originally, he wanted to give Fan Yi a lesson but who knew that there’d be a mishap and because he’d been caught flirting with the second prince’s future consort, had even shaken the emperor.

This time, Fan Yi had even been thrown into the justice department’s jail.

So it seemed like his grandmother had purposely taken this time to give him some trouble.

Li Jingsheng had guessed correctly.

The old madam had come to take revenge for her other grandson.

But Li Jingsheng was someone that her son doted on so she couldn’t do it too obviously, so she could only give his new bride some trouble.

This Lou Lianxin was Li Jingsheng’s person so for making Lou Lianxin lose face would be the same as hitting Li Jingsheng in the face.

The old madam’s face darkened as she watched Li Jingshegn expressionlessly, not even looking at Lou Lianxin, “Sheng’er ah, I heard that you’re marrying the left prime minister’s concubine-born daughter? This status is a bit low.”

She bit down heavily on “concubine born”.

Li Jingsheng’s face heated up.

But he still looked downwards, his posture humble, “Yes, this is the Lou residence’s second miss Lou Lianxin.”

Normally, those noble girls all looked down on those who were concubine born and wouldn’t even say it out loud.

But today, the old madam had purposely said it out loud to hit them in the face.

But Li Jingsheng could only take it and swallow his broken teeth into his stomach.

But even if he could swallow it, it didn’t mean that Lou Lianxin could.

She’d been overbearing and aggressive all those years at the Lou residence, so how could she suffer any type of grievance here?

She couldn’t help but grumble, “If we’re talking about low statuses, why did I hear that before uncle’s death, aunty was only the Fan family’s concubine?”


Once Lou Lianxin’s words fell down, the whole courtyard went dead silent.

Originally, Mrs Fan-Li who was here to see a joke, had her whole face pale.

She and the Fan family’s main son were childhood sweethearts.

Normally, it would’ve been perfect for her to be his main wife but it was a pity that this Mr Fan had someone else that he liked.

Mrs Fan-Li couldn’t take it and forced her way into marrying into the Fan family, even if it was just as a concubine.

But who knew that this Mr Fan who just die like that.

She didn’t have anyone to rely on in the Fan family so she scurried back to the Li family.

Luckily, her mother doted on her so no one dared to say anything in front of her face.

This was the first time in many years that anyone had dared to say it to her face, it’d struck her right in her sore spot.

Mrs Fan-Li immediately flew into a humiliated rage, her body was shaking with anger.

She pointed at the veiled Lou Lianxin with a shaking hand as she stuttered.

“You … you …”

She forcibly then struck her chest, turning her head around as her tears fell down.

The old madam was famed for being protective of her own so when she saw this, how could she let Lou Lianxin off easily?

She immediately threw her cane hard at Lou Lianxin.

But she missed and didn’t end up hitting her.

Instead, it fell on the ground with a large sound, scaring the courtyard into dead silence again.

Once Lou Lianxin had said it out loud, she already regretted saying it.

In front of her eyes was still Li Jingsheng’s grandmother after all.

But once she heard that old woman’s mocking tone, she couldn’t help but shoot back.

That one phrase was enough to make the old madam grow humiliated and furious.

“A concubine-born is a concubine-born after all, or did the left prime minister not teach you how to respect your elders? So what if my daughter was a concubine? That’s still a thousand times better than a concubine-born girl losing her chastity before her wedding. At least my daughter was pure of body, unlike a certain someone. A stomach like a male thief and a female whore, making us all lose face!”

“....” When Lou Lianxin heard “female whore”, her whole face went bright red.

She suddenly lifted up her head, glaring at the old woman through her wedding veil.

She was just about to swear back at her before being pulled back by Dongxue and Dongshuang.

Lou Lianxin angrily bit down on her tongue to try to calm down the anger in her heart.

But even if she was willing to admit to her wrongs, the old madam definitely still wouldn’t let her go.

Furthermore, the actions amongst the three people very clearly fell into the eyes of the old madam.

Her dislike for Lou Lianxin grew.

She laughed coldly, her voice sharp as she spoke, “Disrespecting your elders, senior aide Cui, slap her face!”


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What could be better than Lou Lianxin being slapped in the face?

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