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Chapter 53
Chapter 53
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It’s a long way . The terrain was rugged and the weather was very cold .

Shen Qiao returned to Chang’an . At the moment, his mood was totally different .

Shen Qiao went into the city alone . Although he was carrying a sword and wearing a Taoist robe, he was not threatening at all . Instead, he looked sick and had poor eyesight . He walked very slowly . He was not so much a martial artist as a weak Taoist who took a sword to protect himself .

Chang’an City was still as prosperous and crowded as before, but this time it seemed to be more lively .

After careful inquiry, he knew that many of them were going to Tu Yu Hun city to participate in the Pan Long Ceremony on the ninth day of September . It’s known that the fragmented script of Zhu Yang Ce would appear in the Pan Long Ceremony, as well as the Tai E Sword dug out by the king of western chu state .

As we all know, the three volumes of Zhu Yang Ce were now owned by the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Tian Tai Sect and Xuan Du Mountain respectively, but there were still a lot of people who want to steal them . However, no one had ever been able to do it . It was so difficult that even masters like Yan Wushi and Ruyan Kehui would not able to steal it successfully .

The remaining two volumes were no where to be found . One volume owned by the Liu He Sect . Originally, they intended to transport it to the south, but it was destroyed by Yan Wushi in the way . From then on, there was no such volume in the world .

In this way, if there was a volume of Zhu Yang Ce in the Pan Long Ceremony, it was the only one that has no owner . It’s much less difficult to get it than to go to Tian Tai Sect and Xuan Du Mountain, or go to the inner palace of Zhou Dynasty to challenge the current experts . How could these martial artists not be attracted?

People love money, but for martial artists, money was not as attractive as martial arts . Shouldn’t a man be as skilled and respected as Qi Fengge?

As for Tai E Sword, which was once the treasure of Chu state and later owned by the Qin emperor, has always been regarded as the sword of the king . Although it was a powerful weapon, its symbolic significance was greater than its practical use . It was said that those who obtain this sword must have access to the world, which was the same as the famous jade seal of Chu state . The Southern Chen Dynasty and the Northern Zhou Dynasty all paid great attention to this Pan Long Ceremony, so both of them sent people to attend the Pan Long Ceremony .

It’s natural that there will be a lot of people participating in the Pan Long Ceremony .

Seeing that the inn in the city was full, Shen Qiao planned to go on his way and stay in the town outside the city .

It’s surprising that there were lots of heroes all over the world . People from all major sects could be seen everywhere, and people from those small sects that are not very famous also came here . Some of them want learn something from the ceremony, and some of them want to get something . In a word, the town outside Chang’an was also full when the night was coming .

He found several inns one after another, and was told that even the woodshed was occupied . He was helpless . His eyesight was poor . He can still rely on the light to see the things in the daytime, but he could hardly see it at night . It’s very inconvenient to stay in the wild at night . Unexpectedly, he made it all the way from Mount Tai to Chang’an, but he ran into trouble in a big city like Chang’an .

“Taoist, We are full, even the woodshed are occupied . We can’t make room for you any more!” The innkeeper said to him .

Shen Qiao wanted to ask again, but he was interrupted by a sweet voice coming from nearby: “I have ordered a room, which is spacious enough . If you don’t mind, it’s OK to stay with me . ”

The inn was full of people . Some people nearby saw that a beautiful woman was flirting with a sick Taoist, so they feel unbalanced .

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Someone teased and said: “If you are lonely, you should find a stronger person . The Taoist seemed to be weak . Can he cope with you?”

On hearing his words, people around them laughed .

The beauty said with a smile: “I like the handsome Taoist . I don’t like the man with dirty mind!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the man spoke just now made a sound . He had lost half of hairs . He was shocked and could not speak .

The beauty said with a smile: “I’m lucky to meet my old friend today, so I’m in a good mood . I don’t want to kill you . Be careful . If my friend gets angry with you, I’ll kill you . ”

While they were talking, Shen Qiao had left the inn .

“Who are you!” The man who had his hair cut off shouted .

But the beauty didn’t want to deal with them again . When she moved, there was only a gust of fragrance left .

“My name is peony, is that a good name?”

Everyone was shocked: “Bai Rong from He Huan Sect?! How can she come here!”

Bai Rong left the inn and could only see the back of Shen Qiao . She caught up with her lightness skill and said: “Shen Qiao, Stop!”

Maybe hearing her words, Shen Qiao finally stopped .

Shen Qiao turned around and sighed softly: “What can I do for you?”

Bai Rong grew up in He Huan Sect . She saw the most dangerous people in the world and the most filthy face . She felt that she had a iron heart and would not be moved by everything . However, at this moment, seeing the unwillingness on Shen Qiao’s face, she felt upset .

“You are so merciless . When you hide in Bai Long Temple . We were ordered to look up for you . If I didn’t delay for you, how can you still stand here alive? Is that how you treat a women who saved you?”

Shen Qiao didn’t speak . She sneered: “Can’t it be that you blamed me for the death of those two Taoists? At that time, the elders of our sect were on the side . They wanted to find my mistakes . Do you want me to sacrifice for two people who have never met before?”

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Shen Qiao shook his head: “I really want to thank you for the thing before, but Shixiong Zhu and Chu Yi were dead . This is the fault of He Huan Sect . Sooner or later, I will make them pay for it . The things are irreparable . It’s meaningless to tangle who is right and who is wrong . ”

Bai Rong bit her lower lip and kept silent for a moment and said: “I heard that you are going to die together with my master with all your skills, but you was badly hurt by my master and almost died . You… how are you?”

Shen Qiao: “I’m fine, thank you . ”

Bai Rong: “My master was hurt badly . He was afraid that Yuan Xiuxiu would take the chance to kill him, so he found a secret place to practice . Nobody could find him . ”

Shen Qiao: “Even you?”

Bai Rong laughed miserably: “Do you think he will trust me?”

Although Shen Qiao knew that she wanted him to sympathize with her, he couldn’t say anything cruel .

Bai Rong said with a low voice: “I know you want to get revenge . Now I don’t know where he is . Even if I know, I don’t want you to lose your life . Now you are far from his opponent . ”

Shen Qiao nodded and said, “Thank you very much, but I have no plan to find him now . ”

Bai Rong: “who are you looking for? Do you want to go to Tu Yu Hun City for the Pan Long Ceremony? Do you want to save Yan Wushi?”

She was so smart that she could quickly guess the intention of Shen Qiao .

Shen Qiao didn’t answer . Bai Rong sighed: “Mr . Shen, Do you know what are you doing? Although Yan Wushi has excellent martial arts and few people in the world can defeat him, but under the siege of the five masters in the world, even if he is an immortal, he may be not able to survive . What’s more, why can he treat you in that way? Even a little cat or a dog will remember the one who hurts them, and won’t dare to approach them next time . Do you really care him so much?”

Shen Qiao frowned: “Why do we save people for sentiment?”

Bai Rong: “Since you don’t care him, why do you save him with your life? No matter how powerful you are now, you can’t defeat five enemies by yourself . Neither Yan Wushi nor my master and Qi Fengge could . The Pan Long Ceremony will be held on the ninth day of September, but the date of encirclement is the eighth day of September . Today is the fifth day of September . It’s too late!”

Shen Qiao still said nothing . She became a little angry and said: “Don’t you understand that I don’t want you to lose your life!”

Bai Rong liked him, and Shen Qiao knew that .

Bai Rong was selfish that she couldn’t die or betray her school for Shen Qiao . She won’t even disobey her master for Shen Qiao . She was willing to provide a little convenience to Shen Qiao without hurting her own interests . This was a rare thing for her .

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But she didn’t understand Shen Qiao, and Shen Qiao didn’t intend to explain more . He didn’t want Bai Rong to misunderstood that he liked her . If they had no relationship in the beginning, it would be a good thing for her .

“Thank you for your advice, but I still have to go . ” He stared at Bai Rong . “In the eyes of outsiders, He Huan Sect is a dangerous place full of cruel people . But it’s suitable for you . ”

Bai Rong: “After all, you still can’t accept me . ”

Shen Qiao shook his head and said: “No . I mean I know you are not willing to be an ordinary disciple of the He Huan Sect . I have no right to command you . I only hope you take care of yourself . Don’t be like Huo Xijing or Sang Jingxing . You are different from them . ”

The words “You are different from them” made Bai Rong sad, but she didn’t show it, and just said with smile: “Then you can always be by my side and urge me not to be such a person!”

“Sorry . ” Shen Qiao only said this and turned .

Bai Rong: “Shen Qiao!”

However, Shen Qiao was several meters away . The broad sleeves of the Taoist robe were waving and moving away, and he never looked back .

In Tu Yu Hun City and Fu Yi City, September 8th .

In the western regions, there was more sand and less rain all year round . But in this year, it was a little strange . After autumn, it rained a lot, and the dusty buildings of the King City seem to have been cleaned .

Influenced by the culture of the Central Plains, the aristocratic princes of Tu Yu Hun spoke Chinese and used Chinese characters, and even wore Han clothes . Pan Long Ceremony was coming, so there were many people from the Central Plains in the city . At first glance,Tu Yu Hun City was the same as Chang’an .

There was a rain shelter outside the city, which was called Yin Yang Pavilion . No one knew when it was built . As it was just between the mountains and rivers, just like the boundary between Yin and Yang .

The pavilion was built in the style of the Central Plains . The exotic style could only be seen in the tiny corner of the cornice Pavilion . Because of the age, the three characters of the Yin Yang Pavilion have peeled off a lot . Under the black paint, the original color of wood was exposed .

Yan Wushi stood hand in hand in the pavilion .

He looked out of the pavilion with a leisurely posture, like watching the rain or waiting for someone .

Far away, between the moist grass and the wet wood, a man appeared .

The man was dressed up, with no hair on his head . He was very pretty, but there were some wrinkles on the corner of his eye . He was holding an umbrella in one hand and walking towards here slowly .

“Amitabha . How are you, Master Yan?”

His words was as common as gossip and was clear and loud, not weakened by distance .

Yan Wushi said lightly: “After we separated in the Chu Yun Temple, your hair doesn’t grow at all . You must be thinking all the day . Is it so difficult for you to be a quiet monk?”

Understanding the harsh sarcasm in the words, master Xue Ting smiled bitterly: “Master Yan, you are still so harsh!”

Yan Wushi: “It’s Duan Wenyuan who invited me . Why did it come to you? Could it not be that the former national teacher of Zhou State was also willing to colluded with the Tujue people?”

Master Xue Ting said: “When you showed up again, you’ve made a lot of trouble . I think it’s better for you to find a place and concentrate on your martial arts so as not to create more murders . ”

Yan Wushi laughed: “I’ve always hated you as you always said Buddhist doctrine . You’re smart now that you don’t talk nonsense . Great!”

Master Xue Ting lowered his eyebrows and said: “The Buddha has advised people to be kind, put down the butcher’s knife, and become a Buddha . But for those who have been indomitable, there is also some way to punish them . It’s useless to speak Buddhist doctrine to people like you . We can only bend them by force and stop them by killing . ”

Yan Wushi: “I guess that the reason why you and Duan Wenyuan plan to kill me is that Yu Wenyong refused to revitalize Buddhism, so you sent people to Tujue . Day by day, Tuo Bo Khan also believed in Buddhism . But the Tujue people is born violent, and the influence of Buddhism is limited . You have no way but to focus on the Northern Zhou Dynasty again . ”

“Yuwen Yong has a deep fear of Buddhism . Even if you destroyed the Huan Yue Sect, he will not revitalize Buddhism . So the best way is to kill me first, then kill Yuwen Yong, and help Prince Yuwen Yun to take the throne . Yuwen Yun is different from his father . He likes Buddhism very much, and you have been blowing around him all these years . As long as he takes power, Buddhism will be able to revitalize Buddhism in the Northern Zhou Dynasty soon . ”

Master Xueting said: “Yuwen Yong killed too much people and spent a lot . He was not a wise king . He started the war to state Qi, which made people tired . Sooner or later, the people would be overwhelmed . ”

Yan Wushi was very interested and said: “So, do you think Prince Yuwen Yun is the best one to be emperor?”

Master Xue Ting said: “the prince has a deep root of Buddhism and a predestined relationship with Buddhism . ”

Yan Wushi smiled: “It’s not easy for you to deceive yourself . Do you want to kill me? Go ahead! Where is Duan Wenyang? Get out!”

Then, a laugh sounded in the air and a man said: “Master Yan is so arrogant . Didn’t you think you might be killed today?”

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