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Chapter 52
Chapter 52
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Although Shen Qiao had developed the Sword Heart in the experience of death and rebirth, it was not stable . After the battle with Kun Xie, he had already been exhausted and unable to continue . At this time, Kun Xie’s broadsword was splitting at him . He was pale, standing in place, as if he had been completely infatuated and unable to respond in time .

The others were far away, only to see that Shen Qiao could kill Kun Xie, but he stopped after Kun Xie shouted for surrendering . It’s too far for them to hear the words of the two . When Shen Qiao was distracted, Kun Xie took the chance to make a sudden move to kill him!

Shi Wu shouted: “Master, be careful!”

Kun Xie’s breath was heavy, and he could almost hear his heart beating . If the broadsword split on Shen Qiao, he would die at once!

He did not consider his behavior to be disgraceful, because he was not only a warrior, but also the second king of Tujue . Shen Qiao opposed the cooperation between Xuan Du Mountain and Tujue . If he made a huge progress in Sword Heart, he would be a huge potential threat to both Tujue and Xuan Du Mountain . Therefore, he must kill him at early time!

All of these changes happened in an instant .

The overwhelming broadsword spirit rushed to Shen Qiao, and he stood still without moving . Maybe it was too late . Maybe he didn’t return to his mind . Maybe he was frightened by the attack of Kun Xie . He didn’t even lift the sword in his hand, only stepped back three steps .

It seemed to be only three steps for others, but a wide gap for Kun Xie . Shen Qiao retreated three steps so that Kun Xie’s knife didn’t cut him .

Shen Qiao finally took out his sword .

The sword broke through the curtain of broadsword spirit and directly ran into Kun Xie’s arms!

Kun Xie’s body was stagnant . His expression seemed to be frozen too . He stared at Shen Qiao .

“Why? Why?” He said with all his strength .

The sword light disappeared . Shen Qiao stood so close to Kun Xie that they could even feel the breath of each other .

The tip of Shan He Tong Bei sword had been inserted into the heart of Kun Xie .

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Shen Qiao looked pale . He was not much better than Kun Xie . If it wasn’t for his sword inserted in Kun Xie’s body, he would look more like the defeated one .

“Because I’ve been watching out for you . ” He said coldly, “Will a person who poisons his opponent submit to the morals of martial arts?”

Shen Qiao said to him, “I am very disappointed . My Master said that Hu Lugu is a respectable opponent . But you, as a disciple of Hu Lugu, are not worthy of being his disciple!”

Kun Xie opened his mouth as if to speak something, but Shen Qiao drew out the sword, and finally the blood came out of his mouth .

Shen Qiao retreated for a few steps to avoid the blood gushing from Kun Xie when he pulled out the sword .

Kun Xie did not move . His breath was fading, and his eyes were still open, but his body refused to fall .

This indomitable spirit should not appear in such person .

Shen Qiao walked over with his sword and reached out to push him .

Kun Xie fell back and finally died completely .

Shen Qiao looked at him, but there was no joy in his face .

All the wars in Xuan Du Mountain began with this man . His misfortune also started with the battle of him .

Now that Kun Xie was dead, but the war was not over . Xuan Du Mountain could never return to the peace of the past . In the world, wars would never end .

Seeing Kun Xie fall, Shi Wu and other people all cheered up . But not for a while, they saw Shen Qiao fell on his knees with his sword and spat out a large mouthful of blood . They were all scared .

There was a gap between them, so it’s hard for Shi Wu to fly directly to Shen Qiao . At this time, Zhao Chiying had already landed next to Shen Qiao . She raised his arm and took him come back to them .

In a short distance, everyone observed that Shen Qiao’s face was colorless . Now his skill was only 50% of that of the past . Although he broke through his mind and understood the heart of the sword at the critical moment, he couldn’t bear the consequence of mobilizing his internal power to break through the limit . It’s natural for him to spit blood .

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What’s worse, he couldn’t stand up by himself, and he could only depend on Zhao Chiying .

“Master Zhao, thank you…” Shen Qiao frowned and said with a low voice .

Zhao Chiying said: “Taoist Shen, you work so hard for Bi Xia Sect . I should say thanks to you . ”

Then she carried Shen Qiao on her back and go back to the sect .

Yue Kunchi: “…”

He wanted to say whether to let himself carry him, but before he said it, Shimei took action . He was embarrassed to say that and had only to look at her back being able neither to cry nor to laugh .

Shi Wu followed them, even if he can not help at all . It seemed that only by seeing Shen Qiao with his own eyes could he be reassured . However, Shen Qiao fell into a coma after being sent back by Zhao Chiying . He couldn’t wake up . Although Zhao Chiying told him that it was because Shen Qiao’s energy was consumed a lot that he couldn’t recover for a while, he stayed by Shen Qiao and refused to leave for a moment .

Shen Qiao had been sleeping for a long time . He met many people and things in his dream and he felt sad and lost after he woke up .

“Master?” Shi Wu reached out and shook hands before his eyes .

Shen Qiao pulled his hand down and said with a smile, “I’m fine . ”

Since he practiced Zhu Yang Ce again, he has always been sick in appearance, and his eyes were not cured . No one believes that he was a master who has broken through the sword heart realm . It was more credible to say that he was a sick person who has been lying in a hospital bed for a long time .

Shi Wu witnessed all his painful experience . He also had a deeper understanding of his injury . There was always a panic in his heart that Shen Qiao would probably fall at any time .

Shen Qiao seemed to know his thought . He touched his head and asked: “Is Kun Xie dead?”

Shi Wu nodded: “Yes, Master Zhao had confirmed it himself . ”

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Shen Qiao breathed slowly .

It hasn’t even been a year after the battle on Half-step Peak . Now he looked back, as if it happened yesterday .

“Shi Wu, if there is a person, he sent you to the hell that you lost everything, will you hate him?”

Shi Wu nodded: “Yes . ”

Shen Qiao: “Now he is in danger . If he was dead, many kind people will lose their lives and some will be displaced . Will you save him?”

Shi Wu frowned and thought for a long time, apparently this problem is too complicated for him . The most painful and complicated thing he has experienced in his life so far was the death of Zhu Lengquan and Chu Yi .

Shen Qiao laughed . In fact, he has the answer in mind, so why bother a child?

Shi Wu looked up and said: “Master, Are you going to save the person who almost kill you?”

Shen Qiao nodded: “Yes . ”

Shi Wu said with anger: “Why do you save such a bad person!”

Shen Qiao shook his head and said: “He is not bad, he just has no heart at all . To all the people in the world, he was the same ruthless, not particularly generous to anyone . But I didn’t understand this before . I thought that there would be a day of melting ice heart . I regarded him as a friend and I thought he should be the same to me . ”

Shi Wu: “You treat him as a friend, shouldn’t he also treat you as a friend?”

Shen Qiao said with a smile: “No . In this world, there are many things, even if you pay, it is likely that there will be no return at all . When you pay, you need to understand this first, otherwise you will be hurt . ”

Shi Wu felt that when Shen Qiao said this, it seemed that there was something else in his smile, but he didn’t even understand the words, let alone the content behind the words .

“So are you going down the mountain to rescue that person?”

Shen Qiao was silent for a long time and said: “Yes . ”

Shi Wu said without hesitation: “I will go with you!”

This was the last word he said to Shen Qiao when he was awake .

Zhao Chiying took Shi Wu who was spotted to sleep from his arms and sighed, “Why are you doing this?”

Shen Qiao said: “Sooner or later, we will separate . He is still young . I am in great danger . I will never let him go with me . He will understand when he wakes up . Please take care of him, thank you . ”

Then he arched his hand towards Zhao Chiying, and took a deep stun .

Zhao Chiying said: “Since you know that there are danger, why do you want to go? Yuwen Yong may not be a wise king . What does the changeable situation in the world has to do with us? If you can concentrate on your practice in Bi Xia Sect, will you soon break through the sword heart and reach the realm of the sword god . ”

Shen Qiao laughed at himself: “There are always some things in the world that you know you can’t do, but you have to do . The result may not be satisfactory . But if there is a glimmer of hope, I will never give up . Maybe I am such a naive person . ”

Zhao Chiying was silent for a moment, and sighed: “You are not naive . You know all the consequences, but you still do not give up . I’m not as good as you!”

Shen Qiao shook his head: “I’m not as great as you think . I just want to see that person again and see the disappointment on his face . I want him to know that I have not been planted with a magic heart, nor have I been controlled by a magic heart . I’m still myself . ”

Then he arched his hand and went down the mountain without looking back .

During the period of Bi Xia Sect, Shen Qiao had already taken off his ordinary clothes and put on the Taoist robe that he had always worn . At this time, his hair was tied with a jade hairpin, and his white Taoist robe fluttered in the wind . From afar, he looked like an immortal, which made people unable to move their eyes .

Zhao Chiying watched him go away in silence . She suddenly thought of two poems .

“I don’t regret dying nine times for what I want to do . ”

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