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Chapter 50.1
Chapter 50 (part 1)
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When Ruan Hailou rushed to the ancestral building, others only thought that he had accumulated hatred for more than ten years and wanted to vent his anger at the tablet of Hui Leshan, but they never thought the ending like this before .

After Ruan Hailou jumped off the cliff, everyone were frozen . They didn’t know whether to sigh or swear at him . Thinking of those disciples of Bi Xia Sect who died miserably, they could only sigh for a long time .

For a long time, Yue Kunchi said with a frog, “Shimei, Master’s tablet has also been taken down by him . Should we prepare a new tablet for Master in the ancestor building?”

Zhao Chiying was silent for a moment and said: “No, Let’s talk about it later . ”

She turned around and saw Shen Qiao and Shi Wu: “Is Taoist priest Shen free now? I’d like to ask you some questions . ”

Shen Qiao: “Go ahead . ”

Seeing that Shi Wu was nervous, Zhao Chiying said with a smile: “Shi Wu, go with us . ”

Shi Wu was a little embarrassed . He was shy by nature . At this moment, he hid half of his face behind Shen Qiao . Thinking of being a bit rude, he hurried out and said, “Thank you, Master Zhao . ”

Even Yue Kunchi felt that Shi Wu was cute . He couldn’t help chuckling and forgot that he had internal injuries . After laughing, he gasped out of pain .

“You should have a rest . Now that you don’t want to, come with us . ” Zhao Chiying shook her head, and with his left hand directed forward: “Taoist priest Shen . This way, please . ”

She took the three people to the Zheng Yang Hall of Bi Xia Sect, which was used by the Master to entertain distinguished guest . Since Bi Xia Sect was declined, there have been no guests for a long time . It looked cold and lonely .

As soon as Shen Qiao and Shi Wu sat down, Zhao Chiying saluted to Shen Qiao by kneeling .

“Why do you do this?” Shen Qiao was surprised, and stood up to raise her up, but Zhao Chiying stopped him .

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“I have heard from Shixiong and Yuanbai that you sent Shi Wu from Ye Cheng to Bi Xia Sect for the promise with Shishu Zhu . You are so faithful that you deserve my worship . ”

Shen Qiao said with a sad smile: “At that time, it’s emergent and I had no time to explain it . I am afraid that Master Zhao and Elder Yue didn’t know that Shixiong Zhu died because of me . ”

Then he talked about the thing that he was severely injured in the battle with Sang Jingxing, so he hid in the mountain . After this, he was saved by Shi Wu and was helped by the Temple Master and his disciples . Unfortunately, the one who want to kill him killed them .

His words recalled the sad memory of Shi Wu, but he learned to be brave from Shen Qiao, and he was no longer a child who cried at random . He just held his hands tightly and said nothing .

After Shen Qiao finished his words, they kept silent for a while . Then Zhao Chiying said, ” This was not your fault, no one can expect the death of Shishu Zhu . You don’t want it to happen . He would be willing to die . No one can force him to do so . How can you say that it was because of you? The people of He Huan Sect knew that Shishu Zhu was one of Bi Xia Sect, but they still killed him . We should blame this thing on them . ”

She was so fair that Shen Qiao felt more and more guilty .

He was willing to be kind to others and didn’t care about how much he gained and how much he lost . But when others pay him for kindness and even die for him, he was more miserable than he didn’t get the payback .

Shi Wu seemed to know what he was thinking and suddenly took his hand .

His palm was warmed by Shi Wu, and Shen Qiao also held Shi Wu’s hand .

“Thank you for the understanding, Master Zhao . Since this matter was due to me, it should be solved by me . It has nothing to do with Bi Xia Sect . ”

It’s obviously that there was a deep relationship between them . Zhao Chiying thought they must be reluctant to separate from each other, so she asked, “Did Shishu Zhu said before he died that he wanted Shi Wu to come to Bi Xia Sect?”

Shen Qiao: “Yes, although Shixiong Zhu left for some reason and never returned, but in his heart, he had always regarded himself as a member of Bi Xia Sect . ”

Zhao Chiying received the wooden sign handed over from Shi Wu and rubbed the word “Zhu” on it . This calm woman now showed a sad look:” Once there were world top ten Masters in Bi Xia Sect before . Unfortunately, the internal conflicts destroyed them . The thing happened today made the situation even worse . Yuan Bai checked it just now, and found that only six disciples survived . ”

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Counting Zhao Chiying and Yue Kunchi, there were only eight people . What a sect with eight people can do? Even though it was not be attacked by enemies, it would disappear in no more than ten years if there was no talents in this generation .

Yue Kunchi was sad and said: “I have another disciple in Ye city …”

Shen Qiao said: “Shixiong Yue, you mean Han Erying?”

Yue Kunchi: “Yes, her father was Han Zhongfeng, a consultant of the Emperor . Her qualifications are good . Because of her special status, I didn’t accepted her formally . I only taught her a few times as outside disciple . Have you ever seen her before, Taoist priest Shen?”

“I’ve seen her once,” she answered .

He knew Han Erying because he was rescued by Yan Wushi . Yan Wushi sent him to Sang Jingxing, so that he appeared here .

Maybe all the things was connected to a name .

Suddenly Shen Qiao remembered what Pu Anmi said before . He said that Yan Wushi would soon be unable to protect himself, and Bai Rong once said similar things .

Such a person who was moody and careless would inevitably had countless enemies . But Shen Qiao couldn’t find anyone in the world can kill him . Even Yan Wushi’s martial arts had its own weakness, but his realm has already surpassed the first-class Masters . This could be seen from his battle with Ruyan Kehui . If it was not because of the instability of Yan Wushi, Ruyan Kehui would be dead .

There was no Qi Fengge and Cui Youwang in the world anymore, so Yan Wushi had no opponents anymore . Even if Qi Fengge and Cui Youwang reborn, they may not win .

Pu Anmi was confident, and Bai Rong’s words were not nonsense .

Shen Qiao frowned and pressed the details back to his mind for the time being .

The name of Yan Wushi recalled his memory in the woods at the foot of the Bailong Mountain . He could still feel a a sense of tense that he would die with Sang Jingxing .

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It seemed easy to restart, but for him, it was hard . He crossed the abyss of life and death, and hardly climbed up from the cliff .

Now he was relaxed, but he was heartbreaking at the time, and it was better to die .

“Master Shen?” Shi Wu said out of worry .

Shen Yu smiled at him, signaled that he was okay, and said to Zhao Chiying: “Now that Shi Wu has arrived at Bi Xia Sect safely, I don’t know what Master Zhao can do for him? If there is anything that I can do for you, please tell me . ”

Zhao Chiying said: “I do have a request, it’s about Shi Wu . ”

She said: “Shi Wu already had a Master in Bi Xia Sect . His Master is Shishu Zhu . This will never change . Other people, even me, are not qualified to be Shi Wu’s Master . I know that you must taught Shi Wu a lot along the way . If Shi Wu must have another master, you are the best one . ”

Shen Qiao was a little surprised: “In this case, I am afraid that it is against the wishes of Shixiong Zhu …”

Zhao Chiying shook his head and smiled: “Shishu Zhu wanted Shi Wu to back to the sect because he was afraid that Shi Wu would be helpless in the future . Now with your help, it’s no need to worry about it . Although Shishu Zhu was dead, Shi Wu would always be a disciple of Bi Xia Sect, and he is free to have another master . Shi Wu was talented, but Bi Xia Sect couldn’t provide a good teacher for him . Everything here should be restarted . I am not a good teacher, so I’m afraid that I would waste the good qualification of Shi Wu, and you are the best teacher for him . ”

Then she said to Shi Wu: “Shi Wu, Have you paid a formal visit to Taoist priest Shen? Why don’t you give your master a cup of tea while we are witnessing today?”

Shi Wu was very happy, and he looked at Shen Qiao: “Master Shen, is it OK?”

Shen Qiao didn’t want to let him down, so he nodded and said with a smile: “Yes . ”

Shi Wu couldn’t help cheering, and he immediately knelt down in front of Shen Qiao, and made three kowtows to him . Then he took the tea from Zhao Chiying, and raised the tea over his head, and said loudly: “Master Shen, from now on, Shi Wu will be faithful to you, to martial arts and to myself .

Shen Qiao smiled . After Shi Wu finished speaking, he took the cup and drank it up . He pulled up him, and reached out to pat the dust on his body .

Zhao Chiying smirked: “Shishu Zhu really found a good Master for Shi Wu . Taoist priest Shen treated him as his son!”

Shi Wu’s face flushed, and he seemed to be very happy .

After this, Yue Kunchi brought up the matter: “Pu Anmi said that his Master Kun Xie would come up the mountain to support him . If he saw that Ruan Hailou was dead and Pu Anmi was poisoned by us, I’m afraid that he would make a quarrel . I heard that Taoist priest Shen had dealt with Kun Xie in the past . What kind of man he is? Is it easy to deal with him?”

Shen Qiao said: “His Kong Fu skills was inferior to his Shixiong Duan Wenyuan, as well as his ability, but his martial arts can still be ranked first-class, and there may be a battle with him at that time . ”

Yue Kunchi was worried and said: “If he went up the mountain alone, we can still handle him . But if he comes here with Tujue Masters, we may be not able to fight with them . ”

Zhao Chiying said: “Nothing, Bi Xia Sect has lost everything until today . If we don’t fight with them, we will be removed from the world . Yuan Bai and Ye Xue are still young . I hope Shixiong Yue to take them down the mountain for the time being . Taoist priest Shen can also left with Shi Wu . I have been in retreat for a long time . Shixiong had took all the responsibilities of me . Thank you . Now, I will take all the responsibility . ”

Yue Kunchi’s eyes were red: “What are you talking about, I won’t go!”

Zhao Chiying showed a little impatience: “You are injured now, so you will not be helped if you stay . You will be a burden to me . It is better to go down the mountain with Taoist priest Shen . ”

Yue Kunchi laughed: “I know you said it because you don’t want me to be involved in danger . In any case, Bi Xia Sect has nothing to lose now . I will stay with you, and I will never evacuate early . ”

Shen Qiao also said, “Master Zhao, I and Shi Wu will stay . ”

Zhao Chiying frowned: “You …”

Shen Qiao: “In the past, I fought against Kun Xie and I was defeated . Although there were some unknown reason in it, losing is losing and winning is winning . If I have the opportunity to fight Kun Xie again, I will do my best . Please give this opportunity to me . ”

Zhao Chiying: “What if I refuse you?”

Shen Qiao said with a smile: “Then I had to stay here and wait for Kun Xie to come . ”

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