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Chapter 49.1
Chapter 49 (part 1)
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Shen Qiao frowned slightly, not because he had not been granted the title: “So, Yu Ai also came to Bi Xia Sect with Kun Xie this time?”

Pu Anmi said with a smile: “Immortal Yu didn’t come . Only my Master . If Taoist priest Shen is interested, you may as well wait for our master to come and follow us to meet Erfu Khan . Khan will be very happy if he meets Taoist priest Shen . ”

Shen Qiao: “Although I’m in dire straits now, I don’t want to cling to a robber who can only plunder and kill people . ”

The smile on Pu Anmi’s face disappeared: “What you’re talking about? Do you think that with the support of Yan Wushi, you can ignore everyone?”

Shen Qiao said: “I never thought that . ”

Pu Anmi suddenly smiled again: “I just want Taoist priest Shen to know that Yan Wushi can’t even be sure of his own safety . It’s better to join the powerful Tujue than rely on him . It seems that Taoist priest Shen’s internal energy must have recovered by more than half . If you are willing to serve under the leadership of Erfu Khan . With Khan’s appreciation for talents, he must be willing to provide Taoist priest Shen with an honorable position . Then you can’t sit on the same level with your younger brother? “

Shen Qiao: “Thank you for your kindness . ”

Seeing that Shen Qiao couldn’t be persuaded, Pu Anmi was annoyed . He was about to say something, but he was interrupted by Lu Feng who was a little impatient: “Pu, you can talk about the problems between you some other day . At present, we should solve the problems of Bi Xia Sect first, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles! “

Pu Anmi nodded and then looked at Ruan Hailou: “Of course, this matter is mainly based on the opinions of leader Ruan . What does leader Ruan think?”

Ruan Hailou was now a member of the Dongzhou sect . He has a high position in the sect and he married the daughter of King Goguryeo . He was special . The eastern Tujue planned that when the Northern Zhou Dynasty attacked Qi State, they would occupy the territory of the eastern part of Qi, which coincided with Goguryeo’s idea . The two sides had reached a consensus secretly . They had already divided the territory . They were only waiting for the army of Zhou . When Qi was busy dealing with the army in the west, they could take the opportunity to attack in the east .

The thing happened in Bi Xia Sect today was just an inconspicuous part of these plans, and it had nothing to do with the overall situation . Ruan Hailou was a son-in-law of King Goguryeo . Naturally, the people of Tujue should show their respect to him, and came to support him when he needed to solve the problems in Bi Xia Sect .

Ruan Hailou looked at Yue Kunchi: “I will give you one last chance . If you descend, you don’t have to die . ”

Yue Kunchi covered his chest and breathed: “Although Bi Xia Sect is not a famous school, it is also the work of ancestors . Since I am a disciple of Bi Xia Sect, I won’t let the ancestors down . I would rather die than surrender!”

Ruan Hailou laughed: “Okay! Although Hui Leshan is a sly traitor, he has a guileless apprentice! I’ll kill you as you wish!”

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He thought of what Shen Qiao did just now, so he turned and prepared to speak . Pu Anmi seemed to know what he was worrying about . Next moment, he came to the place between Shen Qiao and Yue Kunchi and said: “Let me see how much Taoist priest Shen’s martial arts have recovered!

Kun Xie was a disciple of Hu Lugu, and also the king of Tujue . Pu Anmi was the eldest disciple of Kun Xie . He was also a aristocrat of Tujue and he was arrogant . Even if he saw Shen Qiao’s sword spirit just now, he didn’t pay much attention to it . After all, it’s known to all that Shen Qiao was injured and the poison in his body was incurable . When he talked to him, he could still see that his eyesight was poor . He has already made a judgment in his heart . At this time, he was going to take the initiative to kill him with mortal move .

Pu Anmi used a broadsword . His broadsword skill was extremely hegemonic, just like a wolf on the prairie . When the shadow of the broadsword appears, people would be scared and can’t wait to escape .

His broadsword was so powerful that people couldn’t breathe .

The light of the broadsword was as fast as lightning, but when it was cut down, Shen Qiao was no longer in the original place . He retreated three steps quickly to avoid his broadsword .

His concession didn’t make Pu Anmi proud, because he saw Shen Qiao’s sword didn’t go out of its sheath .

What does it mean that the sword is unsheathed?

It means that Shen felt that the situation was not critical enough to draw a sword, and it also means that Shen felt unnecessary to draw a sword when dealing with him .

Pu Anmi was annoyed, and he felt ashamed .

He thought Shen Qiao was arrogant!

You were defeated by my Master, how dare you to look down on me?

Why do you look down on me?

He didn’t hit Shen in the first time, so he had to hit him again . For an instant, Pu Anmi flew forward and raised his broadsword . Then he pressed his broadsword on Shen Qiao with 60 percent of strength .

At his age, an ordinary master could only make use of 40 to 50 percent of strength, which was considered to be extremely talented . However, Pu Anmi could make use of 60 percent of strength . No wonder he was so confident .

Shen Qiao finally pulled out his sword .

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Shan He Tong Bei sword hummed when it was pulled out . Being affected by the broadsword spirit or Shen Qiao, the sword couldn’t wait to fight with enemy .

Shi Wu opened his eyes and saw that this was one of the Canglang Sword Techniques that Shen Qiao had practiced to himself by the Yellow River .

Qing Feng Xu Lai!

The four words described a picture that under the bright moon in the pine forest, there is wind in the forest . In the pine forest, a man sits straightly as a pine and plucks the strings of the zither . All of this bring the gentle breeze, which was cool as rain .

The sword was swift and violent, but the name of it was full of beauty and peace . Shi Wu didn’t understand it before . Now, seeing that Shen Qiao seemed to wave the sword at random, he suddenly knew the reason of it .

In one sword, he made use of 60 percent of strength!

Pu Anmi was shocked and stunned for a moment . Shen Qiao’s sword had been passed to in front of him .

He had no choice but to draw back his broadsword and retreat . To his surprise, Shen Qiao followed him tightly . The two passed through the inner gate of Bi Xia Sect . When Pu Anmi’s back was about to hit the wall, he chose to leap on the beam, then dangle from the beam, and used the broadsword to cut Shen Qiao .

Yuekunchi was not the opponent of Ruan Hailou at all . Ruan Hailou was one generation higher than him . What’s more, Yue Kunchi was not good at Kong Fu . Only because Zhao Chiying couldn’t get out of the gate, he was entrusted to take charge of the affairs of the sect . As he was busy dealing with these affairs, his Kong Fu skills were worse than before . In a flash, he was badly injured and fell to the ground .

Ruan Hailou didn’t mean to leave any room this time . He raised his palm and was about to kill him .

Seeing that only Fan Yuanbai and Zhou Yexue who were able to against with him were dragged by Lu Feng, and the others were busy too . Shi Wu had to come to help .

Ruan Hailou didn’t want to pay attention to him, and he just pushed Shi Wu away .

Shi Wu fell back, and the sword in his hand fell to the ground .

Shen Qiao heard the sound over there, and he could know without seeing . He signed that Bi Xia Sect had been so poor like this . After pushing back the Pu Anmi’s sword, he turned back to rescue . His sword spirit offset the move of Ruan Hailou . For a while, Shen Qiao had to fight with Pu Anmi and Ruan Hailou at the same time .

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Pu Anmi sneered: “Taoist priest Shen was so busy!”

As Shen Qiao refused to work for him, he had planned to kill him . At this time, with the help of Ruan Hailou . He was much relaxed, so he no longer hesitated . Every move of him was mortal .

In the view of others, even though Shen Qiao was wonderful, it was difficult for him to cope with the intensive attack of Pu Anmi and the fierce palm wind of Ruan Hailou at the same time .

Shi Wu was nervous too, but he didn’t want to affect his hearing judgment . He clenched his hands tightly, without even feeling the sweat on the hands .

Shen Qiao pull out his sword .

The sword was swift and violent .

After this, he immediately retreated and jumped up . The move “Tian Hong Kuo Ying” of Xuan Du mountain was used to the extreme by him . In a moment, he had disappeared . The neat moment, he was behind Ruan Hailou . Pu Anmi’s knife fell to the ground, and his wrist had been cut a bloodstain . But he did not even look at it, he couldn’t believe that he have lost .

Ruan Hailou was better than him . He retreated in time and did not continue to entangle with Shen Qiao . He still turned to kill Yue Kunchi .

To his surprise, Shen Qiao turned to stop him again . Ruan Hailou was annoyed and had to deal with him . He said angrily: “His Master Yue Kunchi was despicable and shameless . Why do you help him? Can’t you tell right from wrong?”

Shen Qiao said in a deep voice, “I don’t know the inner story of you . I didn’t have the right to ask about them . But why those disciples of Bi Xia sect who just died everywhere should pay for your grudges?”

Ruan Hailou said with animosity: “Bi Xia Sect owes me a lot, I forbear for ten years, Hui Leshan is dead, and his descendants will pay for him, what’s wrong!”

Shen Qiao said nothing .

If some people have been immersed in hatred, it’s useless to persuade him . What’s more, Ruan Hailou was cooperated with Tujue, and they plan to kill all the people of Bi Xia Sect .

The two men were fighting faster and faster . Although Ruan Hailou was not famous in the field of Kong Fu, he was not easy to cope with . In his early years, he was the most talented disciple of Bi Xia Sect . Later, he went to Goguryeo and became the elder of Dongzhou school . He had become one of the first-class masters .

Although Shen Qiao was recovered now, he couldn’t be powerful as before overnight . At present, his energy was almost half of that of his heyday . Without the interference of residual poisons and old wounds, he can move more easily without worries .

Seeing that the two were in a fierce fight, Pu Anmi changed his mind and looked at the situation for a while . While Shen Qiao turned back to deal with the move of Ruan Hailou, he suddenly drew his broadsword and cut to Shen Qiao’s back!

“Master Shen!”

“Taoist priest Shen, be careful!”

Yue Kunchi and Shi Wu shouted at the same time . They had been staring at the battle and naturally saw this scene .

But one of the two was seriously injured, one was not good at Kong Fu . Shi Wu even got up and ran to stop Pu Anmi, but he was not fast enough that he couldn’t stop him . The sword was going to cut Shen Qiao’s back!

A breeze was blowing from nowhere, with some fragrance . Shi Wu had not yet responded . He blinked and saw a blue belt drifting in front of himself .

Pu Anmi’s knife didn’t cut on Shen Qiao, but fell on a thin and plain hand . At first sight, the latter received the knife directly by hand . In fact, there was a layer of inborn vitality between them . Then the knife was bounced away . Pu Anmi was attacked too . His body flew back directly . The bricks and stones on the ground were broken and splashed along his steps until the door .

“Zhao Chiying?” Pu Anmi said .

“It’s me . ” The woman in blue responded . She flew forward and snatched the knife from Pu Anmi’s hand and attack him on a vital point .

Zhao Chiying stepped forward to support Yue Kunchi, and asked: “Shixiong, Are you OK?”

Yue Kunchi smiled bitterly: “I’m fine, it’s just that I’m useless, and I will let you lose all your previous achievements . ”

Zhao Chiying shook her head and said nothing . Seeing that Shen Qiao was good at the battle, she didn’t go to help him, but to the side of Lu Feng and Fan Yuanbai .

Lu Feng and Ruan Hailou secretly contacted each other for a long time . Thank to the help of Lu Feng, Ruan Hailou attacked Bi Xia Sect easily . He had been in Bi Xia Sect for many years . Naturally, he also has a group of disciples who were loyal to himself . However, at this time, he lost most of his disciples, now there are only a few people left . But with the help of Dong Zhou school and Pu Anmi, Lu Feng could still take the throne of Bi Xia Sect .

He didn’t expected that Zhao Chiying would come out at this critical moment?

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