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Chapter 48.2
Chapter 48 (part 2)
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At this time, they are getting closer and closer to the top of the mountain, and they heard the sound of weapons .

Shen Qiao could even heard shouting and scolding .

Fan Yuanbai speed up, and the sword in his hand had been sheathed .

Shi Wu pulled Shen Qiao, and whispered: “Master Shen, follow me, there are a lot of corpses on the ground . ”

Shen Qiao was touched, and nodded . He did not refuse his kindness: “OK . ”

Even he had prepared in heart, he was shocked by the scene before him .

The sect that had been peaceful before now became a sea of blood . After entering the gate of sect, the quantity of corpse reached the maximum . The blood on the ground was gathered into a stream, slowly flowing to the unknown .

Those disciples of Bi Xia Sect who have closed their eyes have nothing to do with Shi Wu for the time being . With Shen Qiao in his side, he could still keep calm, but Fan Yuanbai couldn’t stand any more . Because he had got along with them day and night, and they were his brothers and sisters . When he went down the mountain half a year ago, there were still people laughing and asking him to bring back something delicious and fun . Now they could only lie on the cold ground and never speak again .

Fan Yuanbai’s eyes turned red, and the sadness and anger in his heart gradually gathered . When he saw two groups of men were fighting not far away . He did not hesitate to lift up his sword . When he was about to join the battle, he was stunned .

The two groups of man in the battle all wore the costumes of Bi Xia Sect, and he saw familiar faces in both sides .

“Brother Li! Brother Qiao! Stop now, what the hell is going on!”

The crowd was fighting and naturally no one paid attention to him . The sound of weapons were endless, and the sword light were dazzling .

Fan Yuanbai didn’t understand what was going on, why the brothers of the same sect were killing each other .

He was absent minded, and naturally did not notice that a sword was being passed behind him .

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However, before the attacker put the sword into his body, he screamed and released the sword . Then he wrapped his wrists on the ground and mourned .

“Be careful . ” Shen Qiao’s voice sounded behind him .

Fan Yuanbai went back to his sense, and thanked him . He grabbed the people who want to attack him, and found that he was also his sibling .

“You are Xue Qi under Elder Lu? Why are you attacking me!”

The man saw Shen Qiao behind him, remembering that he had just been taken off his wrist with this sword, and he was afraid: “Yes, the real master is back, your master, Elder Yue, who occupied the position of the suzerain and refuses to abdicate . So he ordered the disciples to fight against each other … “

Fan Yuanbai became more confused and couldn’t help interrupting and yelling at him: “Impossible! My master is was fair-minded, how could he occupy the position and refuse to abdicate!”

Xue Qi shouted, “I don’t know . I don’t know . I just act on orders . Don’t kill me!”

Shen Qiao pressed Fan Yuanbai’s shoulders and motioned him to calm down: “This is just the outside door . Go to the inside door first . ”

Then he asked Xue Qi: “Where’s your master?”

He said with a low voice, but Xue Qi heard clearly . Xue Qi shivered and said, “Inside, he is fighting with Elder Yue …”

Fan Yuanbai couldn’t bear to listen to him any more . He jumped up directly, picking up his sword and rushed into the inner door .

Along the way, there were many people who raised swords to stop him . Among them there were former siblings, and the so-called Dongzhou school disciples, and the unknown people in black with strongly defined features . Fan Yuanbai consumed a lot of energy after several battles, and his movements were slow down . He was almost to be cut by someone . Fortunately, he was helped by Shen Qiao who followed him .

On the contrary, Shi Wu appeared to be far more flexible . The sword in his hand is just an ordinary long sword that he picked up on the road . While he used all of the move taught by Shen Qiao in recent time . He was not absent minded like Fan Yuanbai, and there was Shen Qiao beside him that he was assured . Therefore, his shots became more and more stable . Instead, those who came forward to attack were regarded as opponents to learn from each other .

But after all, Shi Wu was just getting started, and at the beginning he was a bit helpless . After subduing the other party, he couldn’t wait to turn back, only to see the people behind him with a smile of approval: “Master Shen, am I doing well?”

Shen Qiao smiled and said, “Good, but be careful . ”

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He gently stroked the shoulder of Shi Wu, bringing a slight warmth to him, which greatly encouraged Shi Wu that he said: “Yes!”

Inner the door, the sword in Yue Kunchi’s hand fell down, and his waist was patted by Ruan Hailou that he took three steps back and hit the post behind him .

He didn’t care that his disciples came to help him or look at Ruan hailou . Instead, he roared at Lu Feng, the elder of the sect: “Lu Feng, you colluded with outsiders to capture Bi Xia sect . You are not worthy of being a disciple of our sect because you are unfaithful!”

Lu Feng frowned: “Worth or not, it does not depend on you, and let Master Zhao come to speak . ”

Yue Kunchi gritted his teeth . These people knew that younger sister Zhao could not be disturbed during this time, so they chose this time to attack them .

Ruan Hailou: “When you were a kid, you were often scolded to cry by your master . I ran down the mountain every day to buy you candy . Your master said that you were stupid . I also taught you how to train those move . You forget it? “

Yue Kunchi: “I haven’t forgotten it . I’ll keep your kindness in my mind all my life! But now you are a member of the Dongzhou sect, and you have married the princess of Goguryeo . Now you are going to kill the disciples of Bi Xia Sect with the Dongzhou faction . You also colluded with Turkic people and elders in the sect, intending to take the throne, is that how you treat your siblings! “

Ruan Hailou sneered: “Your Master framed me up in secret, and I was blamed by everyone . I couldn’t return to Bi Xia Sect again, so I had to go away . Or else, how could I go to Goguryeo? You wouldn’t want to know what happened to me later . After much suffering, I was picked up by the the Dongzhou faction and became his disciple . Twenty years later, your master was dead . Otherwise, I would like to avenge these on him! “

Pu Anmi, who was watching for a long time, suddenly said, “Ruan, Lu, why do you say so much to him? Zhao Chiying can’t retreat . Yue Kunchi occupied the position of the Master, and he took the power in his hands . I don’t know how happy he is . He must be not willing to give up the position of suzerain . Anyway, we had killed so many people today, how about kill anyone who was disobedient . Even Zhao Chiying was out off, she can’t change anything . “

Lu Feng said categorically: “Yes, Brother Ruan, Yue Kunchi was useless, and he just wanted to delay by talking nonsense . Let’s kill him first . Hui Leshan owes you a lot in the past, and it is his disciples’ turn to pay for him today!”

Ruan Hailou stopped talking, and swept forward directly, tapping at Yue Kunchi with one palm .

Yue Kunchi was exhausted and had no choice but to close his eyes . The disciple next to him, Zhou Yexue, suddenly rushed forward, intending to block the attack for his master .

Fan Yuanbai saw this scene when he stumbled and ran in . He was so guilty that he couldn’t help shouting, “Shimei!”

There was still a long way between them . It was too late at this time .

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At that time, a white sword light was passing by his ears, passing directly between Zhou Yexue and Ruan Hailou .

The speed of light was so fast that no one was awarded of it .

As Ruan Hailou had reached out his palm, it was too late for him to take it back . When the light of sword came, it directly suppressed the wind of his palm .

He felt only a pain in the palm of his hand, and retreated hurriedly . When he landed on the ground, he saw a long and deep blood stain on his palm .

All the people present, such as the left elite disciples of Bi Xia Sect, have been exhausted in the battle, and no one could figure that Shen Qiao’s sword had been a tangible sword artistic conception, and it was close to the heart of the sword . Ruan Hailou and others, even if they could see it, they would never speak it out .

“Who’s coming!” Ruan Hailou said angrily with a bloody hand .

“Shen Qiao . ”

He put his sword into the sheath . His voice was slight and soft, but it spread to everyone’s ears .

The others did not respond, but Pu Anmi showed a frightened expression: “You are Shen Qiao?!”

Shen Qiao said: “Do you know about me? What’s your name?”

Pu Anmi thought it was impossible . Soon he calmed down, and said with a smile: “My Master is Kun Xie, Taoist priest Shen must be familiar with him . ”

Shen Qiao was polite that after hearing the name of his opponent, who had injured him before, he did not made any respond, and just nodded: “He was indeed an old friend of mine . ”

Mentioning the name of master, Pu Anmi was more confident: “After the battle on the Half-Step peak, the master missed Taoist priest Shen so much . He was also worried that you might lose your life on the cliff . Fortunately, God blessed and you survived . The master was not far from here, and he will be able to come up the mountain tomorrow . Then Tasoist priest Shen could meet him again! “

Hearing the battle of Half-Step peak, most of the people present recognized Shen’s identity .

Shi Wu felt that the eyes of people looking at Master Shen were very annoying, and couldn’t help frowning secretly . He stepped forward slightly, trying to block these eyes .

Shen Qiao seemed to perceive his mind . He smiled slightly, and held his shoulders . He said with a flat and mild voice: “He is indeed an old man, and it is time to get together . ”

He changed the subject: “You must not have come for me today, you’d better to resolve your matters first . ”

Ruan Hailou said coldly: “I have heard of the name of Taoist priest Shen, even though I am in Goguryeo . But this is the internal affairs of Bi Xia Sect . Why Taoist priest Shen get involved it?”

If he changed someone else, he would attack first, but it was Shen Qiao who made him frightened just now .

Shen Qiao sighed: “I don’t mean to ask about the internal affairs of Bi Xia Sect, but today I brought my juniors to find his origin . I can’t let you kill all the people of Bi Xia Sect . ”

Yue Kunchi wondered: “Taoist priest Shen, who is your junior?”

Shen Qiao said a little bit about his Shi Wu’s identity, Yue Kunchi said loudly: “He is actually a disciple of Master Zhu?!”

Ruan Hailou suddenly laughed and said, “Okay! Great! It seems that today is a good day, so everyone is here . Zhu Lengquan didn’t come by himself, but it’s fine to send a disciple to here . If he is still alive, he can tell you that whether we should be expelled from the sect or not! “

Yue Kunchi slowly exhaled a sigh of sorrow: “Uncle Ruan, this is the last time I called you Uncle, I heard something about the grievances in the past from my master before he died . He was regret that he also made a lot of mistakes, and he also told me that I should call you uncle when I see you . After all, it is the grievance of the previous generation . Even if you don’t miss fellowship, you should also thank for the kindness of your master . But now you colluded, actually colluded with … “

He looked at the corpses all over the place, and could not speak . He said with a painful voice: “What is wrong with the disciples of Bi Xia Sect? They did not experience or participate in the events of that year, why did they die in vain! Lu Feng, as an Elder, how could you collude with outsiders … “

Lu Feng interrupted him impatiently: “Okay, I can’t tolerant your garrulity any more! If Zhao Chiying was willing to manage affairs of Bi Xia Sect . Bi Xia Sect will not be what it is now . They are so weak that they died . If you are clever enough that you should surrender the position of the suzerain . No matter who was in charge of the Bi Xia Sect, it will be better than you! “

Yue Kunchi: “What if I refuse?”

Pu Anmi said with a smile: “Now the Zhou State is fighting against Qi State . Qi State must be defeated . Leader Ruan and Elder Lu have committed themselves to the East Turkic Er Fu Khan . Both of them have been granted official titles . If Elder Yue is clever and lead Bi Xia Sect to surrender . You will certainly have a bright future . “

As he finished, he said to Shen Qiao: “I almost forgot to tell you that your Shidi, who is now a leader of Xuan Du Mountain, has been personally enshrined by Er Fu Khan as a immortal of Tai Ping Yu Yang Bishop . It’s really gratifying . If you were not defeated by my master that day, wouldn’t it be you to be appointed with a title today? ”

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