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Chapter 47.1
Chapter 47 (part 1)
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After being rejected by Shen Qiao, Chen Gong sent people to visit Pengcheng county government twice . The first time, Chen Gong was polite . He invited Shen Qiao to Pengcheng county government as a guest . When he was told that Shen Qiao was not in the temple, he still didn’t believe it . The temple leader let them search around and left with disappoint . The second time, the other party was not so polite . Chen Gong was arrogant and ostentatious . Chen Gong knew Shen Qiao well, and knew that he didn’t want to involve others, so he told his servants to take the master and the two little disciples back . If Shen Qiao knew, he would visit him .

Who knows that temple leader had expected for a long time, and had taken two disciples to hide in the cellar . Chen Gong’s entourage failed to catch them . They thought that the master had fled all night, and had no choice but to report the result .

Chu Yi was not as quiet as Shi Wu . They had been in the cellar for several days and couldn’t stay any longer . The light here was dim and the air was turbid . It was not as comfortable as the ground . It happened that there was a market in the city . He begged to be coquettish for a long time, and finally let the temple leader promised him to go out to the market . The temple leader also specifically told him not to come back too early .

Who could predict whether it’s a blessing or a disaster? In a word, a disaster couldn’t be avoided . Even if Chu Yi came back quietly, in terms of this man’s martial arts, it was impossible to be unaware of him .

As soon as the other side spoke, Shen Qiao’s face changed .

“Little Taoist priest, do you live here?”

“Who are you?” Chu Yi asked .

There were two holes in the cellar for people to breathe . The people who built it at the beginning also gave it special structure, so that people in the cellar can hear the sound from the outside, but it was difficult to find this hidden place outside .

Who is he? When the temple leader saw Shen Qiao’s expression, he opened his mouth and asked silently .

Shen Qiao covered his mouth and resisted the desire of coughing . He dipped his hand in water and wrote a few words on the table: Xiao Se, disciple of He Huan Sect, Yuan Xiuxiu’s apprentice . I was hurt in the fight with Sang Jingxing .

Although Yuan Xiuxiu and Sang Jingxing were contradictory, they were all members of the He Huan sect . It was hard for Shen Qiao to imagine what would happen if Xiao Se suddenly came to visit them .

Shi Wu was not clear yet . So the temple leader understood that his face was not good and he changed quickly .

When they stayed, Shen Qiao thought that these three people were just ordinary Taoists . He didn’t know that they were likely to be people in the political arena until the temple leader treated them .

However, it didn’t matter what kind of identity he was now . It was important for him to come here now . It was definitely not good intention, and there was a good chance that he would come to see Shen Qiao .

“My name is Xiao Se . ” They heard a soft voice, like a visitor, not a troublemaker . “Little Taoist priest, have you met a man named Shen Qiao?”

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“No, no!”

Xiao Se laughed: “Little Taoist priest, you can’t even lie . Where is he?”

Chu Yi said in a loud voice, “I don’t know who you are . Go out quickly . Otherwise, when my master comes back, he will kill you!”

Xiao Se was not angry at all . He said softly, “If you don’t say it, I’ll take you back to work for elder Sang . He is very angry now . He has killed three beauties . I’m worried that no one can let him vent his anger . Don’t do such a stupid thing for a Shen Qiao!”

At the other end of the cellar, the temple leader pressed Shen Qiao who wanted to get out of bed and go out . The strength of the temple leader made Shen Qiao be unable to resist .

“Listen to me!” He lowered his voice and stuck his mouth to Shen Qiao’s ear, “He Huan Sect’s people are like killing people . They will not let Chu Yi go because of you going out . They will only catch you two together . You stay here, take care of Shi Wu and let me go out instead of you!”

Shen Qiao knew what he said was true, but he could not imagine that he was hiding here safely, but let others face what he should go to undertake .

He shook his head, just wanted to say that he would protect Chu Yi even if he died, but the temple leader pointed his acupoints with lightning speed, and quickly took something out of his arms and put it into his hand: “If anything happens, you will take Shi Wu to Bi Xia Sect in Mount Tai, and say that Zhu Lengquan, an unfilial apprentice, accepted apprentice outside the sect, and let him recognize their ancestors and return to their families . ”

After the master said that, he also pointed Shi Wu’s acupoints and said to them, “I don’t use a lot of internal power . The acupoints will be solved in about a quarter of an hour . Shen Qiao, I entrusted Shi Wu to you . You remember this responsibility . ”

Then he got up and left the cellar without looking back .

The door that can leave the cellar leads to several directions . In order to avoid other people finding the entrance of the cellar because he went out directly, the temple leader went out from the exit of another room .

“It’s dark, who is disturbing people’s dreams!” He stretched and looked sleepy . “Who are you? Why are you holding on to my apprentice?”

“Master!” Chu Yi’s shoulder was pinched in his hand by Xiao Se . When he saw the figure of the temple leader, tears were about to come out .

“You are the master here?” Asked Xiao Se .

“Yes, who are you?” The master frowned, “What’s wrong with my apprentice? I will come to make amends to you as his master . Please let him go . ”

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Xiao Se did not let go . He glanced over the sword in the hand of the temple leader and smiled: “where is Shen Qiao?”

The temple leader said: “Who is Shen Qiao? I haven’t heard of this man . “

Xiao Se narrowed his eyes: “We are all smart people . It’s not good for you to pretend to be stupid . Do you think if I crush your apprentice’s shoulder now, he may not be able to bear the pain and sell the person you want to hide?”

Xiao Se forced to Chu Yi, Chu Yi whooped and started to use all kinds of market slang greeted Xiao Se’s ancestors 18 generations .

“Stop!” The temple leader no longer hesitated and drew his sword out of the scabbard . The edge of the sword swings slightly . He flew to Xiao Se .

Xiao Se didn’t release Chu Yi . He held a man in his hand, but his body was not slow at all . He attacked by hand and murmured, “Do you want me to do your master’s work? If you don’t come out again, I will personally ask Shen Qiao about his whereabouts . Anyway, this little Taoist priest was born well . I can bring him back to give my master a result . ”

There was a coquettish smile: “Xiao Shixiong, although your master is the leader of the sect, he is not as powerful as my master in the sect, I think it’s better for you to betray your master and turn to my master instead!”

Xiao Se snorted a little and didn’t answer .

But the master’s face changed .

With laughter, two more people appeared in front of him .

A person dressed in white, charming and sweet, was Bai Rong who had dealt with Shen Qiao many times .

There was also a man who, although bald, was not a monk . His clothes were more gorgeous than those of ordinary aristocratic family, which seemed be a bit misfits .

Although he was dressed strangely, the temple leader dared not look down on him, because he also knew the identity of the man .

Another thorny figure of the He Huan Sect, Yan Shou .

His nickname was “Bloody Hand Buddha”, which meant that he looked dignified like Buddha, but his heart was cruel like devil . His hands were stained with a lot of blood, and I didn’t know how many lives were ending in his hands .

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Although Yan Shou was not as abnormal as Huo Xijing, he often liked to peel off people’s skin, the people he killed may not be less than Huo Xijing did .

Obviously, although Sang Jingxing was severely hurt by Shen Qiao, he hated Shen Qiao very much in his heart, so he naturally sent his disciples to find him .

If there was only Xiao Se, the temple leader might be confident that he could fight with him and forced him to retreat, but now there were two more people, one fighting with three, but he was not sure that he can drive them away together now .

“Hand in Shen Qiao . ” Yan Shou said .

No one knew how he did it . The one who was still controlled by Xiao Se was in Yan Shou’s hands in a flash . Chu Yi’s martial arts were very poor . He could not help tears when he was slightly honed . He cried “Master, save me” . However he shouted, he didn’t tell the whereabouts of Shen Qiao and Shi Wu .

The heart of the temple leader was as painful as being cut by a knife . He didn’t care about his one’s own side weak power . The sword flower stabbed forward as soon as it dances .

It was Bai Rong, not Yan Shou, who fought with him .

She was originally a gifted person, whose speed of realm promotion is very fast . Now her martial arts were much higher than when Shen Qiao saw her before . The “Green Lotus Seal” turned into thousands of lotus flowers, which bloomed around the temple leader . After being broken by the sword of the temple leader, it bloomed again and never ceased . As if it never withered .

The temple leader’s forehead was sweating . He could deal with it when fighting with Bai Rong alone . But Yan Shou and Xiao Se stood beside him, which made him felt pressure . He was very clear that even if Bai Rong was defeated, these two people would fight at any time .

If he gave up now, he might still be able to walk away, but Chu Yi was in the other side’s hands, and it was impossible to ignore him .

Yan Shou saw his weakness and increased his strength and said, “Where is Shen Qiao?”

Chu Yi cried in pain again .

The temple leader’s heart trembled, then his hands trembled together . Bai Rong saw the gap and attacked the watcher’s chest with one hand . Temple leader vomited blood and pedaled back three steps .

“I don’t know Shen Qiao! You people are unreasonable and fight as soon as you meet . We master and apprentice stay in this poor place well and don’t provoke anyone! “

Xiao Se suddenly laughed and said, “Elder Yan, do you think his attack is like the martial arts of Bi Xia Sect in Mount Tai?”

Yan Shou said, “Well, it’s a bit like that . ”

Xiao Se said, “How can the people of Bi Xia Sect in Mount Tai run here and remain anonymous? Are they the abandoned disciples who have been expelled from the sect ?”

The temple leader made up his mind and grinned, “Yes, I am Zhu Lengquan of Bi Xia Sect . Now the Sect Master Zhao is my nephew . If you have any contact with Bi Xia Sect, please let us go . I will ask the Sect Master to come out and thank you . ”

Xiao Se laughed and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, we have no contact with Bi Xia Sect, and today’s affairs, anyway, you will always remember revenge, why don’t we do things more ruthlessly?”

When the words fell, Yan Shou attacked Chu Yi’s head with his hand .

Chu Yi’s nose and mouth were bleeding . Even before he could make a sound,h e fell silent .

“Chu Yi!!!” The temple leader was very angry, as if his eyes were about to crack . He was extremely sad and rushed with nothing in mind to Yan Shou with his sword .

Yan Shou didn’t move . It was Xiao Se who moved .

With unfolding the fan in his hand and the root blade on the bone of the fan, a chilling cold light flashed . As soon as his wrist was raised, the folding fan automatically flew towards the temple leader and surrounded him like having a sense of autonomy .

The temple leader was full of grief, and the sword technique had developed to a level not available in ordinary days . When he was in Bi Xia Sect, he was thought to be of average qualification and refused to work hard . He was idle all day . Therefore, in the “Dongyue Nineteen Moves”, he could not practice the last moves well, which could not satisfy the teacher in any way .

But now, if the dead elders of Bi Xia Sect were here, they would be surprised to see his sword technique .

In front of this person, where was a little bit of mediocrity?

Along with the continuous sword light, there were dazzling lights and shadows on the body of the sword . If Chu Yi was here, he would shout loudly and say, “Master, I have never seen you so powerful . ”

But Chu Yi was dead .

He would never speak and be so annoying again . He would never be bored or lazy .

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