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Chapter 46.1
Chapter 46 (part 1)
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The gap between the two men’s martial arts was there, especially after Shen Qiao discovered that he had been planted with a demon, and his heart burned, the foundation was almost collapsed . The original preemptive advantage disappeared completely . The sword light was forced to fade away . It is dull, just like the candle of life, swaying in the wind .

Even if Sang Jingxing was amazed at his misjudgment at the beginning, but it did not last long . He saw that Shen Qiao was unsustainable . He laughed instead: “The rumor says that you have lost your martial arts . It seems to be true . It’s strange, why don’t Master Yan absorb all your power, but leave you to me?”

Speaking does not delay the time of his shot, where the “dragon-strike” is, looming of the dragon shape, but this dragon is not the appearance of a peaceful and merciful, but a violent rush to open the blood basin big mouth, raging!

Sang Jingxing did not intend to kill Shen Qiao for the time being, so he did not do his best, but only used 80% of his power – even if Shen Qiao’s meridians of his whole body were broken, the limbs were abolished, it was enough to play for a while .

The mad dragon covered the sky, the moon was not clear, the leaves were not visible, the storm is fierce, sad and thrill mixed!

The roaring dragon suddenly stood still in the air!

Just because of the sudden explosion of a strong temperament from Shen Qiao’s body, it seemed that there was a bright light in the darkness night, which was extremely dazzling and extremely glaring .

“Light” swiftly expanded, and it was getting bigger and bigger . The dragon that kept moving forward and would never withdraw until it saw the blood, instantly swallowed its temperament and destroyed into invisible!

Sang Jingxing didn’t even have a surprised expression, and his face changed dramatically . He was stepping in the air but suddenly turned to step in the ground, he turned around to escape .

However, it was too late, and Shen Qiao flied up instantly, grabbed the Shan He Tong Bei sword stabbed to him as fast as thunder .

No fancy skills, no high-level tricks, just normal, hand-drawn, his body was like a light paper, but steady, with an almost impossible fast speed, instantly appeared in front of Sang Jingxing!

Sang Jingxing felt that there was a coolness on the back, just like a basin of cold water suddenly poured to the heart .

But after all, he is not his apprentice Huo Xijing, and Huo Xijing’s death will not be repeated in him .

He slammed to Shen Qiao with the palm and the other hand grabbed the wrist of Shen Qiao, with which he hold the sword .

But it was useless . Sang Jingxing can feel that his hand was like being smashed . It was extremely painful . The protective spirit for the body completely lost the function at this moment . He could even feel the flesh of the palm of his hand being cut into pieces .

His face changed dramatically, and finally there was a trace of fear and incredulity . He had a expression in his eyes like he was looking at a madman .

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“You actually destroy your roots?!”

The most important thing for martial arts people is the roots .

It was the roots that build through their hardworking since they were children, not matter it was winter or summer .

The roots of Shen Qiao is the Taoist heart . At this time he self-destructed the Taoist heart, and it seemed that he prepared to die with Sang Jingxing .

Even if Sang Jingxing’s martial arts is higher than him, if they continued to fight, unless Sang Jingxing is willing to pay the price of smashing all his martial arts, he will have no chance of winning .

Sang Jingxing certainly didn’t want to, so he chose to pull back!

Even so, a pair of flesh palms had been completely eroded by the Shen Qiao’s outbursts, and the blood was vague and the pain was hard .

Really a madman!

Simply hopeless!

He gritted his teeth and was not reconciled, but the movement was a little slower . The huge momentum generated by the opponent’s self-explosion had already broken through his true spirit . The sword light directly scratched the bones in his chest and left the scars!

“Ah!!!” Sang Jingxing couldn’t help but yelled, no longer hesitate, he turned and fled away .

However, behind him, the savvy and tangible swordsmanship had been overwhelming .


“Master! Master! Ah Yu and Ah Ying were practicing the Huge Waves Swords Skill, the last stroke of the gesture is obviously different from what you teach . Why don’t you correct them?”

“Because the tip of the sword should face up is just a general saying, whether it is one inch upwards or two inches upwards, there is no rule to follow . A Qiao, martial arts should not too restrictive, so is the person . Otherwise, it will only limit your field of vision and pattern . ”

Because the child was wrapped thick, the walk was somewhat unstable, but he still clung to the robe angle of the tall figure in front of him . His expression seemed to be ignorant and full of envy and attachment .

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The person who was caught by him smiled and simply held him up and walked together .

“In this world, there are many people, there are good people, there are bad people, there are more people who can’t just identified by good or bad . Their thoughts may not be the same as you . Their life path may not be the same as you . Just like Yu Ai and Yuan Ying, the same set of swordsmanship, they make it different when using it . You can’t deny others because they are different from you . If you are a man, you can be like a sea to tolerate and accept all of the people, so is martial arts . Those with a narrow heart and mind, the state of achievement is limited, even if he is on the peak, it is impossible to stand up for a long time . ”

“What about Ah Qiao, is Ah Qiao a good person or a bad person?” The round eyes are extremely dark and clear, reflecting the shadow of the person closest to him .

His head was immediately stroked, and the hand was warm and dry, like the sun shines warm on the body .
“My Ah Qiao is the most lovely person . ”

With a satisfactory answer, he was a little shy and couldn’t help but smile happily .

However, the warmth suddenly disappeared, and all the scenery around it seemed to be broken instantly, together with the person holding him .

Still on the Xuandu Mountain .

In the past years, green willows were planted around the Han water, beautiful and delicate . Look at the fall today . The tree can’t stand the years passing by, not to mention human beings?

The scenery is not always the same, how can the appearance of a person remain the same?

Back to the old days, the little brother who chased after him and forced him to call him big brother now is growing to his height, and now he is standing in front of him, asked with sadness: “Shixiong, no one wants to be lonely . Xuandu Mountain is the biggest Taoism in the world, which has the strength to support a prestigious master, so that the influence of the Taoism is all over the world . Why do you want to learn the hermits to stay alone in the mountains? Apart from you, almost everyone in Xuadu Mountain thinks so, you are too naive!”

Really?I s it really that he is too naive?

He just wants to guard the master and the land left by the previous generations of the masters, so that he can guard the brothers and sisters without being involved in the war, away from the intrigue in the martial arts world .

Is he wrong?

“Yes, you are wrong . ” Someone said to him, “You are wrong about human’s heart and mind . Do you think that the people in the world are no desire and needs as you are, and are accept what they get as you are? People are evil, no matter how intimate affection, as long as you block their interests, they will eradicate you without hesitation . How can you still not aware of this?”

“Innocent people like you are destined not to survive for too long, leaving Xuan Du Mountain, leaving the aura of Qi Fengge, you are nothing, you can’t do anything . ”

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“I don’t need friends, only one kind person is qualified to be equal with me, that is the opponent . ”

“You actually destroy the meridians and kill yourself?! You are a madman!!!”

All the past, all the voices, suddenly burst after this sentence .

Everything seems to return to the beginning .

The pain came from all of the limbs and bones, and it was hurt like someone took a blunt knife and kept licking his bones . It was also like a million ants drilled in the flesh and blood . He thought he could bear extremely pain . At this moment, he couldn’t help but want to make a long moan, he couldn’t help but want to shed tears, and even wanted to take a sword directly stab through his heart, ending the endless pain .

He thought he shouted loudly, but for others, it was just like a mosquito’s voice .

“Shen, are you awake?”

The sound is soft, like coming from afar, ethereal and unreal .

In fact, the other party was talking in the ear, but his current state was hard to hear .

He tried to make a response, but in the end it was just a finger movement .

The other party saw it and whispered to him: “Shen, can you hear me? Then I’ll talk, you listen, and when you hear it, you can move your finger . ”

Shen Qiao responded quickly .

He recognized the voice of the other party . He was the little Taoist priest in Bai Long Guan, Shi Wu, the apprentice of the Master .

As expected, the other side said: “I am Shi Wu . I found you when I went to the mountain to collect medicine two days ago . You were hiding in a cave, you were cold and almost died . It scared me . I can’t move you alone . I can only go back and notify Master, let Master pick you up . ”

Right, Shen Qiao also remembered . At that time, he self-destructed martial arts and prepared to die with Sang Jingxing . Although he did not succeed, he also hit the other side seriously . He took the opportunity to escape and hid in the Bailong Mountain next to him . However, he thought he would definitely died, not expect to be discovered by Shi Wu .

He wanted to ask whether Sang Jingxing had come to find him, whether he troubled them, but after trying for a long time, he still couldn’t make any sound, and his eyelids trembled sharply, showing his anxious .

Shi Wu found out, he took a glass of water, carefully feed him to drink .

The cool water flowed through the throat, and after a while, Shen Qiao finally felt a lot more comfortable, opened his eyes, and no accidents, outside were dark .

He thought it was a problem of his own eyes, but Shi Wu said: “We are now in the cellar of Bai Long Guan, there is no light, so it is dark . ”

Shen Qiao spoke out, the voice was so dumb that he almost couldn’t recognize it: “Is there, any people, come and find, you…”

He is extremely weak now, and he can only speak out one word at a time, difficult and hard .

Shi Wu: “Yes, Peng Cheng County’s public people came two times . They might come for the donkey pie . Thanks to the Master has a foresight . Let us move here in advance, and Bai Long Guan is so broken . There was nothing attract them . They came in and around without finding anyone, and they left . They may thought we were running away!”

As listening to his words, Shen Qiao can’t help but laugh .

Shen Qiao: “Sorry,I didn’t mean it …”

Shi Wu: “Mr Sheng,please don’t say like this!”

He seemed to be aware of the doubts in Shen Qiao’s mind . He quickly went on to say: “Do you still remember, outside the city of Xiangzhou a few years ago, you gave the cake to a child, and later he gave you a thank you with kneels down, saying I will give you a long standing card . ”

After another wave of pain, Shen Qiao indulged in painstaking thoughts, he got a vague impression .

“You are the one…”

Although Shi Wu is a little thin, but he looks clean, white and tender, which is totally different from the boy from his memory, who was pale and weak .

“Yes, it was me . Later, my dad wanted to take me to change for some food . My mom refused and stopped my dad, and said that she wants to sell herself . For the peace of my brother sister, and me . My dad agreed, but he didn’t expect after my mom replaced by food for two days . My younger siblings died of serious illnesses . ” The voice of the Shi Wu sounds a bit of whimper . “My dad thought me as a trouble, and wanted to cook me . Fortunately, I met Master at the time . Master took a bag of cake and replaced me . He took me away . followed Master and went all the way to Bai Long Guan and lived here . My original name was not good, and Master changed my name to Shi Wu . ”

Shi Wu wiped away tears and held Shen Qiao’s hand, as if to give him comfort, but he was afraid to held him firmly that he would hurt: “I always remember your grace to me, if it is not your piece of cake, I may not hold on to meet my Master, so don’t say that you are sorry, even if you haven’t saved me, seeing you fall there and die, how can I not help?”

Shen Qiao’s hand shivered slightly, the tears in the corner of his eyes . He doesn’t know if it was the words, or remembered the memories .

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