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Chapter 45.2
Chapter 45 (part 2)
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Shen Qiao had been squinting, neither looking up nor blinking, and he looked calm as if the conversation had nothing to do with him .

Yan Wushi: “Yuan Xiuxiu clearly wants to cooperate with me to kill you, but secretly, she flirted with the Turks, what are you going to do?”

Sang Jingxing seemed angry, but he smiled again: “The woman always likes to play some tricks . This is not the first time I know about it . When and where is the appointment she made with you, Master Yan?”

Yan Wushi: “On the sixth day of June, 3 p . m to 5 p . m, Yi Chi Xue Temple in the east of the city . She said that you like to stay there . ”

Sang Jingxing raised his eyebrows: “Not bad, she knows exactly about my preferences . ”

Yi Chi Xue Temple, not a serious temple by name, just a private business place in the disguise of temple . Sang Jingxing recently got into a new game, dressed up the little girls to shave their hair into young nuns, let them live as usual in the temple, he dressed as a deflowering thief, sneaked into the temple . He Played with the little girls wantonly, always spent half of a day . This is a secret, but since he can trace where Yuan Xiuxiu is, Yuan Xiuxiu must also know about his whereabouts .

Sang Jingxing smiled and said: “Then please visit the show by that time . If the woman wants to kill me, don’t blame me for not thinking about our old relationships . ”

Yan Wushi had no interest in the grievances between the two of them, but a unified and powerful He Huan Sect is of no advantage to him . Now Yuan Xiuxiu and Sang Jingxing are killing each other, which is exactly what he wants . He didn’t mind this contradiction to evolve more intensely .

He bent over and squeezed Shen Qiao’s chin: “Do you still consider me as a friend?”

Shen Qiao kept silent .

Yan Wushi suddenly smiled: “Ah Qiao, you are too naive, others were too bad for you . How do you forget about it immediately? I already told you, I save your life was because I want an opponent, but you totally let me down, I was kinder to you a little, you really hold on, whether you are more eager for friends and family affection after you are betrayed by them?”

Perhaps because of the smell of his breath when he spoke, Shen Qiao’s eyelash trembled, but he remained no expression on his face, and he did not know whether it was extremely sorrowful, or he was too lazy to answer the question of Yan Wushi .

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Yan Wushi: “Innocent people like you are destined not to survive for too long, left Xuan Du Mountain, and left the aura of Qi Fengge . You are nothing, you can’t do anything . You can’t recover martial arts, nor unravel my doubts . If you are willing to join the Huan Yue Sect and practice the “Feng Lin Yuan Dian”, I may be willing to give you a chance to live . ”

Shen Qiao finally opened his eyes and said faintly: “I have been betrayed again and again, not because I am too naive, because I believe that there is always goodwill in the world . If there is no fool like me, where can Patriarch Yan get fun?”

Yan Wushi laughed: “I like your talking style!”

He said to Shen Qiao: “I don’t need friends, only one kind of person is qualified to be on an equal position with me, that is the opponent . ”

“And you have lost this qualification . ”

After saying this, Yan Wushi got up and threw the Shang He Tong Bei Sword into his arms . He said softly: “Ah Qiao, you protect yourself . ”

Sang Jingxing smiled and watched the two of them talk . He didn’t stop or interrupt, until Yan Wushi left, he started to say: “How does it feel to be abandoned?”

Shen Qiao closed his eyes and did not say anything .

Someone is like the fish in the net, waiting for the slaughter, Sang Jingxing was not anxious of how to start .

For him, being able to get Shen Qiao is an unexpected joy . Although the other side is in a worse position than before, he is impossible to bring him much benefit . Sang Jingxing does not like him, but Qiao is enough to make him excited, only considering his role, which is, disciple of Qi Fengge and Ex-master of Xuan Du mountain .

Thinking of that Shen Qiao would cry for mercy to him, and he could even humiliate him in from of all the disciples of his sect, Sang Jingxing smiled more brightly .

“This sword is the Shan He Tong Bei Sword that Qi Fengge used before? Yes, exactly, I still remember that your master also used this sword to defeat me, but at that time I had no dignity, I was screaming and pleading . He finally let me go . Until now, there is still a deep scar on on my back . If he knows that his disciple will be captured by me today, I wonder if he would regret for not killing me that day?”

Sang Jingxing touched Shen Qiao’s face: “Which hand did you use to kill Huo Xijing? Don’t be afraid, I won’t kill you . After I get tired, I will cut your hand down to memorize my poor apprentice . Then, I will strip your clothes like Gao Wei did, and let others appreciate the ugly appearance of the past Xuan Du Mountain’s Master, isn’t it good?”

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Under the moonlight, Shen Qiao’s face looked peaceful, without any emotions, like the white jade statue, beautiful and fragile .

But the more he acted this way, the more interesting Sang Jingxingxing was .

Sang Jingxing’s most favorite thing is to destroy those beautiful things and make them filthy . From then on, they can only struggle in the darkness .

“But Feng Xiaolian deserves a thousand pieces of gold . You may not deserves the same with her . Let’s say ten pieces of gold . Maybe there will still be many people who are willing to spend money to see your desolate appearance . Do you think Yan Wushi will also show up or not by then?”

He said leisurely, as if he finally felt that he had teased enough of his prey . He reached for the Shan He Tong Bei Sword .

Sang Jingxing didn’t treasure the sword, because his martial arts is not about using the sword, but the sword belonged to the best person in the world, it has a special meaning in any case . Everyone in the martial arts world wants to get the sword .

“If you are willing to admit being defeated, I might treat you gentle…” Sang Jingxing said, while touching the hilt .

But at that moment, it was a sudden change!

The light of the sword suddenly blasted in front of his eyes, turning from a white light into a million!

With the splendid colorful glare of the light, it is a fierce murderous aura, with strong internal forces such as tides, a instantaneous wind and thunder, rain and snow came along!

Sang Jingxing was shocked, he had to taken aback the hand hurriedly that he wanted to reach out, and swift retreated his body, avoiding the other side’s violent blow .

The people who can kill Huo Xijing will certainly not be the weak people who are being slaughtered . Although Sang Jingxing insulted him in words, he has always maintained a little vigilance . It is common for the people in the Demonic Cult to kill each other . It means dealing with swords from different directions as you get progress . If Sang Jingxing is an arrogant person, he could not live until today .

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But until now, he found himself still underestimating Shen Qiao .

As he swift retreated, he also took a shot, but the sword light covered the sky without any interval . Even his palms wind could not intrusive, and all were dissolved invisible .

This is the Shen Qiao who lost all of the martial arts? !

Sang Jingxing was amazed, and he almost had to suspect that Shen Qiao and Yan WuShi are cooperate to set him up .

But he didn’t have time to think more . The swordsmanship had already been pushed to his eyes . Sounds like thunder and sorrow, the light was like the glory of the sun and the moon, Like the wind blown by the wind, like the vigorousness of the seamount, the like swallowing everything, and light turns to be a thousand, which contained infinite, swordsmanship, endless, interlocking, like a shadow . No where to hide or avoid, it seems that he can only close eyes wait to die .

However, Sang Jingxing was not a normal person . He sneered . It was a few steps, but his body shape has changed a lot . He wandered in the sword light, palms swayed toward the sword light, greeted in the front . His internal force transit to a strong airflow, like Mountain Tai, suddenly, the Shan He Tong Bei Sword’s lights faded a little bit .

The palm’s force remain, another palm comes along, and the martial arts of He Huan Sect and Huan Yue Sect shares the same origin, but the former were even more wonderful and unpredictable . Sang Jingxing’s “dragon-strike” had already reached the realm, one by one, like carving a dragon, after nine palms, the real dragon is showed up, hidden in the air, Based on true spirit, whistling away, instantly engulfing the sword light .

There is no trace of the light of the sun and the moon, the woods are still the woods, and the people are still the two people . Shen Qiao vomit a blood, and the body involuntarily hits the trunk, he almost lost the sword .

His face of no grief and no joy finally emerged with anger!

In order to cope with Sang Jingxing, he used his whole life knowledge, but his internal strength was not enough to support it . It was already very difficult, but when he moved out all his true spirit, the pubic region did not have new true spirit to supplement it . Instead, It seems like a whirlpool suddenly appears, greedy to absorb his true spirit .

At the same time, Shen Qiao feels that the true spirit in the body is like a wild horse that has been smashed around, and it is swaying between the internal organs, forcing him, his mind is agitated and anxious, the heart is full, as if a black Shadow completely shrouded the whole person, forcing him to have nowhere to escape, on the verge of madness .

Yan Wushi!

Yan Wushi! ! ! !

Yan Wushi actually planted a demon in his body without his consciousness!

Maybe at the beginning of the time when he was stunned from the half-step peak of the cliff, maybe after he was repeatedly injured and fell asleep and lost his resistance, the demon aura sneaked into his body silently, and stayed in his body like a seed, no matter how coercive and tempting it is not willing to come out, people could not detect its existence, until now, Sang Jingxing’s fierce fight left no room and provoked the seeds totallyt . And finally the seed came out grew into a towering tree .

But why didn’t he notice the existence of the demon heart when he and Yan Wushi repeatedly fight against each other?

Or, Yan Wushi have already expected today, so when they fight against each other, he has not done his best .

Shen Qiao can’t clearly describe his state of mind at the moment .

His whole figure felt like being wrapped in a fire, and the fire became a sharp tooth, licking his meridians and the internal organs a little bit . He could feel the extremely pain, but very awake!

Shen Qian did not know whether he was returning to the light, or he had an illusion in the pain of being intolerable . His eyes were feels like burning, but unexpectedly he could still see Sang Jingxing’s palm is shooting him .

The shooting palm is extremely fast but clearly visible .

Obviously, it was a critical moment of life and death, but he suddenly remembered what Yan Wushi had said to him .

When you are truly degraded to the public,and you are all alone, will you still not resent others, and will you insist on returning people with goodwill?

Shen Yan closed his eyes, and he felt that his breath was full of bloody smell .

The palm wind were scorching hot, it had already come to his face .

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