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Chapter 45.1
Chapter 45 (part 1)
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In fact, unless Yan Wushi was willing to sleep the house that they had slept in, perhaps leave the Taoist temple to find another residence again, otherwise there was the only choice to live with Shen Qiao .

At least Shen Qiao just cleaned up, and the bedding was also sunned by the master’s little apprentice just two days ago . There was still a aroma of sun exposure, which smelt very good .

The bed was originally prepared for a single person . Two people on the bed must be a little crowded, but Shen Qiao said to him: “You sleep, I meditate, and by the way, I will take time off to rest . ”

The house was very humble, the moonlight leaked through the broken window paper, and the night wind also sneaked in . Fortunately, it was not cold at this time, and the two were martial arts masters, so they were not afraid of blowing the wind to the cold .

Shen Qiao sit crossing his legs, his back was very straight, like the green pine and bamboo . because it has passed into the summer, the clothes were gradually thin, so his waist line below can be seen faintly .

Time passed by, the moon is on the sky, and the well water rose layers of cold ripples .

Yan Wushi looked at his back, suddenly pointed to his back heart!

Indulging in meditation, Shen Qiao was entering a state of mystery, but if the person practicing martial arts was not in retreat, but also in a strange environment, it will inevitably be divided into a mind to guard against the external environment, so as not to be stabbed . He was only defending foreign enemies, but he did not expect that Yan Wushi, by his side, would plot him .

Although the sense of vigilance made him awake quickly from the time of meditation, but his current martial arts were worse than him, and they were too close . When he fully reacted, several key acupuncture points on the back had been locked, and his body can’t move .

Yan Wushi touched his cheek and couldn’t help but sighed gently: “Shen Qiao, how can you trust others so easily?”

Shen Qiao frowned and said: “I think we are friends . ”

Yan Wushi smiled slightly: “This should blame yourself . If you don’t say we are friends, I may be late to do it for you . Who am l? Will I need a friend who can not recover his martial arts, one can’t return to one’s family and everyone can laugh at?”

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Shen Qio didn’t talk .

Yan Wushi picked him up, went out of the house, and walked away .

Even holding a person, it would not prevent him from walking in the light . The robe wide sleeve swelled up, and the posture was wonderful and chic . If there were other people here, they would not believe that such a fairy figure would be the demon .

“Why don’t you ask where we are going?”

Shen Qiao did not speak, as if even his dumb hole was also lit .

When Yan Wushi looked down, Shen Qiao even closed his eyes .

He couldn’t help smiling: “I want to take you to see someone, and tell you a story by the way . ”

“Since people haven’t seen yet, the story can be said first . ”

“More than a decade ago, when I just got the book “Zhu Yang Ce”, I was dismissive in my heart, because I didn’t think that there was any martial arts in this world that were better than “Feng Lin Yuan Dian”, even if I lost to Qi Fengge, I thought that it was a problem of people who practiced martial arts, not a problem of martial arts itself, because the first lord of the Sun and Moon Sect once trained the “Feng Lin Yuan Dian” to the tenth grade and also the last one . At that time, no one in the world could match him . It was said that he lived a hundred and twenty years, and finally broke through the extreme, refined the spirit to empty, and dismembered his corpse . ”

“But later, I read the classics left by the Sun and Moon, and found that the legend is wrong Sect . Although the man lived to the age of 120, he did not strive to the pursuit of a higher realm, but went into the blast and died . Although “Feng Lin Yuan Dian” was powerful, it had a fatal weakness . In simple terms, the human body is equivalent to a container, this container will be reshaped with the increase of internal force, so as to adapt to the growth of martial arts . Thus, for martial arts, the stronger the person, the stronger the meridians . ”

Shen Qiao still did not speak, but the expression on his face had indicated that he was listening .

Yan Wushi said: “But the “Feng Lin Yuan Dian” is just the opposite . The stronger the martial arts are, the more restrictive it is to the body . When the ‘container’ can no longer adapt to martial arts, people will explode and died . ”

Shen Qiao finally said: “The weakness you said, in fact, all martial arts have, the martial arts never end, but the human body qualifications are born, the life is limited, as long as you continue to practice, one day you will face this dilemma . The same was true of my teacher’s death because of this failure .

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Although he was not as good as before, his vision still kept, and there is no obstacle to discussion .

Yan Wushi: “Yes, but if he was willing to stop, there would be no hidden dangers, and the martial arts of ‘Feng Lin Yuan Dian’ will become more and more harmful to the body even if it is no longer practiced, so I think of ‘Zhu Yangce’, if the martial arts of different genres can be combined, there may generate unexpected results in the end . ”

Shen Qiao: “But you failed . ”

Yan Wushi smiled slightly: “I failed, because I was too eager to seek success, so that I buried the hidden dangers to put me to a bad state . ”

Shen Qiao suddenly frowned: “The “Feng Lin Yuan Dian” has such a flaw, but the Huan Yue Sect and the other two almost everyone practice, will every one encounter such a dilemma?”

Yan Wushi smiled, finally stopped and put him down: “Shen Qiao, you always surprise me, I think you will ask me why I want to tell you this, but instead, you care about the lives and deaths of others . Take it easy, only when you have reached a certain level, you will discover this flaw . And who can really reach the ninth level like me, there exist almost no enemy . Even if they know that there are defects, they still can’t give up this martial arts . ”

“The story is over, what do you think?”

Shen Qiao shook his head .

Yan Wushi seemed to be a bit boring to his reaction, what is being said, but there was a laugh in the air: “Master Yan is still the same, I really miss you!”

The sound was far and near, it seemed to be in the sky, and it seemed to be in the ear . Shen Qiao heard the sound seemed to contain the indescribable charm, and suddenly raised an ominous premonition .

Yan Wushi said in a cold voice: “Sang Jingxing, do you want to bring disgrace on your own head by using evil sound to attack my mind?”

The stranger laughed as if he was shrinking into inches, and by a few steps, he came to him from a distance .

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San Jingxing’s reputation in Jianghu was much worse than that of Yan Wushi . However, because of his terrible martial arts, almost no one wanted to face him . People would rather choose to breathe and let things go . The most obvious example was that a few years ago, “Top Mad Knife” Ren Yin’s young daughter was born with beautiful face . Sang Jingxing asked to accept her as a disciple . Everyone knew that Sang Jingxing’s recipient was just an excuse, in fact, he just looked for a woman who could help him to practice . Ren Yin was a man of the original nature, but he did not dare to resist . He was willing to endure the humiliation of being laughed by the world, and he handed over the little daughter and took his family to retire from the Jianghu . It was said that his little daughter had entered the Hehuan aSect for a few years, and was squandered by Sang Jingxing and other high-powered men . He then gave her to his apprentice Huo Xijing, and Huo Xijing peeled off her face to put on his puppet doll and became one of his own collections .

But until Yan Wushi was back to the Jianghu, he was overbearing Sang Jingxing, and people paid most of their attention to Yan Wushi, but gradually forgot the horrible horrors of Sang Jingxing .

As a disciple of Cui Youwang, Sang Jingxing had never been a figure that can be taken lightly . His ambitions are hidden under his cynicism . Others thought that he was willing to be the guest of the Yuan Xiuxiu to deal the affairs of Hehuan Sect, in fact, the contradiction between the two Sects was not a day or two, Yuan Xiuxiu could not kill Sang Jingxing, Sang Jingxing could not kill Yuan Xiuxiu for the time being, everyone had to pretend to temporarily maintain the illusion of the same sect .

This person was tall and mighty, but his appearance was very beautiful, whose skin was comparable to the woman’s smooth and delicate one, a pair of eyes were full of waves, but unfortunately the eyes were cold, which made people dare not look straight .

He smiled in the corner of his mouth and said hello to Yan Wushi: “I heard that Zhou State want to attack Qi State, Yuan Xiu Xiu was anxious, so she found master Yan to cooperate with you to kill me?”

If Yuan Xiuxiu was here, she would be shocked to hear this . It was only a matter of secret planning . She was looking for Yan Wushi and no third person knew, but she did not know why she missed the news .

Yan Wushi: “Yes . ”

Sang Jingxing: “Master Yan comes over today to kill me?”

Yan Wushi: “I bring you a person . ”

Sang Jingxing’s eyes fell on Shen Qiao: “Who is he? he was born handsome . ”

Yan Wushi: “Shen Qiao . ”

Sang Jingxing squinted, and the careless eyes were instantly replaced by sharpness: “The Shen Qiao who killed Huo Xijing?”

Yan Wushi: “Yes . ”

Sang Jingxing suddenly laughed: “I heard that master Yan have a good relationship with him . Why do you send him me? I will not be merciful . If you want to take him back till he is injured, it’s too late!”

Yan Wushi: “Since he is in your hands, it is natural for you to dispose him . I will not ask again . ”

With this promise, the smile on Sang Jingxing’s face was obviously deeper . He had always liked the little boy and girl who were in their teens . Shen Qiao was obviously not in this range, but he was beautiful, more importantly, the apprentices of Qi Fengge, even if the identity of martial arts had plummeted, the foundation of martial arts in the past was always there . After using it, it was also a good choice to completely absorb his skills .

“Lord gave me the man so easy? No conditions are needed?”

Yan Wushi: “Return the sword of mine . ”

Sang Jingxing did not expect that he would make this request . After a while, he laughed and said: “It’s a coincidence that I didn’t bring it today . Can I send it to you in another day?”

The sword named Taihua, used by Yan Wushi in the past . Later, he was defeated by Cui Youwang, and the sword was taken away by him . Cui Youwang died and the sword naturally fell on his disciple Sang Jingxing’s hands .

Yan Wushi: “OK . ”

Sang Jingxing tempted: “I thought that you have great martial arts, it’s the same with or without the sword, how can you suddenly want to have the Taihua sword?”

He always had a little fear of Yan Wushi’s martial arts . Otherwise, with the style of Sang Jingxing, he was absolutely not polite to speak to people .

Yan Wushi said faintly: “My things, it is mine for another hundred years, only if I want to take it back . ”

Sang Jingxing smiled and said: “I have heard that you and Shen Qiao are always together, like the fairy lovers, who did expect the value of Shen Qiao to you, he is worth a Taihua sword . What a shame!”

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