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'I'm not sad. I'm happy for them. We've set them free at last.' She moved closer to him and he put his arm around her. The evening was coming on apace and it had turned very cold.

'Hector?' she said.

'I am still here,' he replied. 'No plans to go anywhere without you.'

'I stopped taking the pill this month.'

'Good God, what did you do that for?' He was astonished.

'I want another baby. This is my last chance. I am over forty years of age. Very soon it will be too late. I must have a baby. I must have a piece of you inside me. That will be the ultimate affirmation of our love. Oh! my darling, don't you understand? I need to have a baby to take the place of Cayla. Don't you want one also?'

'Hell! Yes! Of course I do,' he said.

'So you really aren't mad at me?'

'Hell! No!' He stood up and took both her hands in his and lifted her to her feet.

'Come along, woman!' he said.

'Where are we going?'

'Back to the Fatherland, where else? You and I have some important business to take care of.' Hand in hand they ran down Spy Glass Mountain, laughing all the way back to the house on Guitar Lake.



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