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On the sky stairwell, the elder from the Holy Zhi Palace looked towards the remaining ten people and said, "After battling for one day and one night, the battling ends now. The rules for the battle for the top ten will have some changes, so take one day to rest and we will commence the final battle tomorrow."

Many people looked astonished. They were changing the rules? In the past, unless contestants who had made it to the next round were injured, they would not stop the battles. This time around, since none of the top ten were injured, it would be sufficient for them to rest for a short period of time and there was no need to stop the battles.

"You're all dismissed. The ten of you and those who didn't challenge anyone, come up here." The expert on the sky stairwell continued saying. Ye Futian's looked in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, then turned around and looked for Hua Jieyu. Seeing Hua Jieyu in the crowd waving at him, Ye Futian walked over to her side.

"Is my performance acceptable?" Ye Futian held Hua Jieyu's hand with an aura of smugness.

"Mm." Hua Jieyu smiled and nodded her head.

"Hey, don't forget about what you promised me," Ye Futian reminded, as though he had kept "sleep" on his mind all along.

"Did I promise you anything?" Hua Jieyu tilted her head and looked at Ye Futian. Why did she not remember anything?

"Let's go to second sister and ask her to be the judge," Ye Futian said dispiritedly.

Hua Jieyu glared at him. This fellow, how could he ask second sister to be the judge on this type of matter?

"Yu Sheng, seventh brother," Ye Futian shouted. Yu Sheng and the rest all walked over and the group traveled in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace while the rest of the top ten also made their way over. In the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, Zhuge Mingyue saw Ye Futian walking over and asked softly, "How is he?"

Zhuge Canyang looked at the figure who was walking forward and said calmly, "Indeed, he's not bad."

The performance of the Cottage disciples had stunned him. It looked like the Cottage's mysterious teacher was indeed an impressive person to be able to teach such a group of outstanding disciples.

Ye Futian walked to their side, looked at Zhuge Mingyue and asked, "Second sister, what's going on here?" Previously, his second sister had asked him to notice her hints, but it now seemed that there had been some changes.

"Let's see what the Holy Zhi Palace has to say about it, let's go over together." Zhuge Mingyue walked forward, smiling. She placed her hand on Ye Futian's head, caressing it and saying, "Little brother's performance is worthy of praise."

Ye Futian was a little dejected, only his second sister could stroke his head like this.

Many people looked over at them. Zhuge Mingyue and Ye Futian appeared to have a very close relationship, to the extent that they could have such intimate interaction.

Zhuge Xing was also there. He looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, appearing peeved. He looked coldly at Ye Futian. Ye Futian's gaze also swept across Zhuge Xing; this fellow appeared to be very unhappy.

"Jieyu," Zhuge Xing looked towards Hua Jieyu and called out, seemingly doing it on purpose to provoke Ye Futian.

Ye Futian frowned, a ruthless gleam appearing in his eyes. Similarly, Hua Jieyu frowned as well. She had previously told Zhuge Xing that she did not wish for him to appear in front of her. Now, Zhuge Xing was still addressing her in that way; it was evident that he was doing it on purpose.

"You will be the next Yan Jiu," Ye Futian told Zhuge Xing silently.

"I'm waiting," Zhuge Xing replied emotionlessly.

In another direction, Bai Ze's gaze also looked towards them. His gaze stopped for a moment on Hua Jieyu, then he bowed to Zhuge Canyang and Zhuge Mingyue as a display of respect. Zhuge Canyang returned the bow while Zhuge Mingyue did not show any signs of acknowledgment.

Previously, Bai Luli had brought Bai Ze to look for her and Hua Jieyu, but she had rejected him. The two of them were not even acquainted with Hua Jieyu, why would they look for her?

The White Cloud City's descendants had the Eye of Devastation as their Life Spirit and were all terrifying Spirit Elemental cultivators. They could use Spiritual Qi directly from the air as well as invade other people's Spiritual Will. Many people even claimed that the White Cloud City had the Barren State's strongest Spirit Elemental cultivators.

Hua Jieyu was a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer and had a similar ability to the Eye of Devastation. The cultivators from the White Cloud City would naturally be very interested in Hua Jieyu as a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer. Moreover, she had ravishing looks, so Bai Ze would naturally have his own intentions.

The group of them came to a location, and the influential figures from the Holy Zhi Palace were diagonally above them. Many people stood there, including the White Cloud City's Young Master Bai Luli. He stood there, casually chatting with other elders. Ye Futian glanced at Bai Luli from a close distance, he was indeed a distinguished person with handsome looks, as well as an aura of refinement, although still a far cry from himself. Of course, Ye Futian's gaze was not friendly. After all, this person was his third brother's love rival. Bai Luli appeared to have felt Ye Futian's gaze and looked towards him, then smiled faintly and nodded at him. His smile gave people a pleasant feeling.

"Mingyue, your little brother's potential is exceptional," Bai Luli said to Zhuge Mingyue, smiling.

"He's still alright, with my little brother's potential, he should probably be able to make it into the top ten of the Barren Sky Ranking in the future." Zhuge Mingyue smiled and replied. Bai Luli was stunned for a moment, then smiled and shook his head. He really could not handle Zhuge Mingyue. After all, he was tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking.

"Uncle Daozang, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu have exceptional potential, they will likely achieve much in the future. Why don't you take them in under your palace?" Bai Luli looked towards Sage Daozang and said, smiling. Sage Daozang nodded slightly, he had previously invited Hua Jieyu, but she claimed that she would wait for Ye Futian to decide together.

"All of you have come to the Holy Zhi Palace, is there anyone who is willing to join my palace? If you are willing to enter my palace, I will pick you tomorrow," Sage Daozang said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had a glint in his eye and felt odd. If there was an elder who was inviting him, he would naturally ask his second sister to pick for him. Although Bai Luli was expressing goodwill towards him, he was unwilling to accept it. With Bai Luli's relationship with his third brother, if he accepted it, wouldn't it be the same as accepting a favor from Bai Luli? How would he face his third brother in the future then?

"I will consider it seriously," Ye Futian bowed and said. Although he had his own thoughts, he did not want to directly reject an influential figure from the Holy Zhi Palace. That would be inappropriate conduct.

"Sage Daozang is personally inviting you and you still want to consider?" a cold voice said from the side. Sage Daozang looked at the person who was speaking and chided while smiling and shaking his head. "Ning Xian, it's fine."

His surname is Ning. Ye Futian looked at Ning Xian and understood why.

"You have all crossed the Holy Road to arrive here all the way in the top 10. It has not been easy for all of you. If there is anyone who wishes to enter a palace, or are you all here to train yourself?" Sage Daozang looked at the crowd and asked casually. "Of course, it's alright if you do not wish to say. We're just chatting casually here."

"Teacher has said that Sage Daozang has a wealth of knowledge and has numerous insights in cultivation, thus he ordered me to come to the Holy Zhi Palace and follow Sage Daozang in my cultivation," a voice sounded out and the crowd turned towards it. Their gazes landed on the beautiful lady from the Immortal Village. Her aura was subtle. Although her clothes were simple, she appeared to be beyond the mortal realm. If she dressed up, she would definitely be a captivating beauty.

"Is your teacher the Undying Old Man?" Sage Daozang asked.

"Yes," Phoenix nodded and replied.

"Alright, you will follow me in my cultivation in the future," Sage Daozang smiled and said, preemptively taking Phoenix in under his palace. 

"Thank you, elder," Phoenix bowed and replied.

"The House Master has claimed that my swordsmanship is not complete, and has asked me to learn from elder Sword Demon. Will elder Sword Demon grant my wish?" Xu Que looked at the Sword Demon and asked.

"Yes." The Sword Demon nodded and Xu Que thanked him.

"You are the disciple of the Dark Sage?" someone looked at Xiao Junyi and asked.

"Yes," Xiao Junyi nodded and replied.

"Why have you crossed the Holy Road? To kill people and refine your technique?" the person asked again.

"If elder is unhappy about that, I can leave and not participate in the remaining battles," Xiao Junyi replied.

"The Holy Zhi Palace will not undermine its rules," Sage Daozang said and Xiao Junyi did not reply.

"What about you? Who is your master?" Someone looked towards Yu Sheng and asked. Many people looked towards Yu Sheng, this fellow cultivated in overbearing demonic arts and many people were curious towards his origin. Yu Sheng did not say anything. He evidently did not want to say that his demonic teachings were from his father. Now that his cultivation level was getting stronger and he had a deeper understanding of his methods, he also wanted to know what kind of person his father was.

The people from the Holy Zhi Palace did not continue pursuing the matter. Bai Luli looked at Huang Jiuge and asked, smiling, "The people from the Sovereign Family have never entered the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate, are they interested this time around?"

"We have no interest in doing so," Huang Jiuge replied in a straightforward manner, then continued, "I have come only to see what standard the Holy Zhi Palace's disciples are at this time around."

"If you are willing, I can introduce you to a good master," Bai Luli smiled and said. Huang Jiuge glanced at him. As the descendant of the Zhongzhou City's Sovereign Family, he naturally understood Bai Luli's status in the Holy Zhi Palace. His words had the intention to get on Huang Jiuge's good side, as long as he agreed, he might even be able to cultivate under that person's palace. However, even with Bai Luli's temptation, he did not say anything. He believed that the Sovereign Family's techniques were not inferior to any faction's. Even the Holy Zhi Palace was unable to produce anyone on the top three of the Barren Sky Ranking, and it was not because of their techniques. He would naturally achieve that goal of his.

"Alright, there will still be people watching the battles tomorrow, make sure you give your best performance." Sage Daozang smiled and left. Many of the influential figures from the Holy Zhi Palace followed suit.

Ye Futian did not understand the purpose of this conversation, but Zhuge Canyang and Zhuge Mingyue did. It seemed that many influential figures from the Holy Zhi Palace had already unified to form a certain will.

After they had left, Xiao Junyi, Yuan Zhan, Phoenix, and the others all turned around and walked downwards, but Bai Ze walked to Zhuge Mingyue, bowed and said, "Previously, I had asked my brother to bring me along to visit, but it was a pity that I was unable to meet second young mistress and miss Jieyu. Now that I have met you both today, the two of you are indeed stunning."

Zhuge Mingyue looked at Bai Ze, not knowing what he wanted to say.

Bai Ze continued and said, "My brother is the cream of the crop in the Barren State. Now that I have seen second young mistress' splendor, I feel that the two of you indeed match."

Zhuge Mingyue's eyes narrowed and many people looked towards them. Although the entire Barren State knew about Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue, Bai Ze was trying to bring it up?

"Bai Ze!" Bai Luli shouted at him. Bai Ze did not move and continued looking at Zhuge Mingyue. Just like he had said, his brother Bai Luli was unparalleled. However, Zhuge Mingyue intentionally avoided him on purpose and made it look like his brother was wooing her, but failing at doing so. Regarding the matter, Bai Ze was very unhappy.

What right did Zhuge Mingyue have to do so? His brother could get any kind of woman he wanted if he just asked. Of course, as the son of the White Cloud City Lord, he would naturally hold back his words and appear refined and courteous.

"The second young master of the White Cloud City, you better mind your own business." Zhuge Mingyue smirked at Bai Ze, her tone unfriendly.

Bai Ze looked at Zhuge Mingyue and saluted, saying, "If Bai Ze's words have made second young mistress unhappy, I beg your pardon. The previous time, I wanted to meet miss Jieyu, but I was unable to do so. Only this time at the Holy Zhi Palace was I able to meet her. Divine Spiritual Sorcerers are indeed the Ultimate Sorcerers. Although she was eliminated prematurely because of her cultivation level, the potential of a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer will only get stronger with time. Why not let my brother introduce her to cultivate under the second Palace Lord?"

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