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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 13 Part 2

Friday afternoon, Xiang Nuan sent a voice message to Chuyan:
“How are you traveling over here?”

Lin Chuyan checked the traffic. Though it wasn’t rush hour, there
were still several red sections on the way. To be on the safe side,
he decided to take the bus.

The bus has its own bus lane.

Chuyan: “Bus.”

Xiang Nuan: “En, en. The bus is convenient, it has a direct route
to here.”

Chuyan: “What are you doing now?”

Xiang Nuan: “I’m having my hair done.”

Chuyan only replied with a light-hearted, “En.”

Xiang Nuan felt that he might misunderstand and think that she was
doing it for their meeting. Actually, it wasn’t too far from the truth, but
she wasn’t doing this to make herself look pretty, rather…...she was
trying to change her overall look.

She was taking the chance that maybe Chuyan wouldn’t recognize
her if she tried for a different look……

“I’m not doing my hair just because I’m meeting you.” Xiang Nuan
tried to defend herself.

Evidently Chuyan didn’t buy it, he replied with a dragged out,

Xiang Nuan couldn’t do anything but reply, “Chuyan, I hope you run
into a pervert on the bus.”

Xiang Nuan had very healthy hair, on a healthy skull, that was thick,
black, and shiny without split ends. The hairdresser stroked her hair
fondly, not wanting such a pretty girl to leave too quickly…...Though
Xiang Nuan only asked for a trim to her bangs, the hairdresser took
the time to trim the ends for free.

Xiang Nuan was suspicious, “You aren’t going to try and promote


“Want me to do a perm or dye my hair?”


“Or you’re trying to get me to buy another service? Hair spa?
Eyebrow perm? Waxing?”

The hairdresser was amused by her, “Young lady, you know a lot……”

Xiang Nuan laughed, “I know about all these tricks. But I’m short on
time, please trim my hair first.”

“Alright.” The hairdresser nodded and complained in a small voice, “I
wasn’t going to sell you anything.”

“Alright, alright.”

The hairdresser finally finished. Xiang Nuan looked at herself in the mirror;
the bangs blocking her forehead, her hair reached her shoulder with a few
strains covering the sides of her face……She looked totally different from
when she was Li Bai that day. Even she could hardly recognize herself,
not bad.

Outside the salon, there was a street vendor selling sunglasses and socks.
She spent 20 RMB to buy a pair of big sunglasses to wear.


She checked the time. There was still plenty of time to spare. She didn’t
take the taxi, but got on the bus.

Xiang Nuan and Chuyan had decided to meet at the campus coffee shop.
Lucky for her, there were only two stops between the salon and the campus.
She only had to wait for 5 minutes before the bus came and there was still
empty seats on the bus.

After she sat down, an old lady got on the bus as well. Xiang Nuan was
about to give her seat to the old lady when a young man sitting in front of
her did before her. He stood up and gestured to the old lady to sit down.

The old lady was quite agile, taking the seat without even a word of thanks.

The young man didn’t seem to care. He was tall; he raised his arm slightly
to hold onto the dangling handles. The bus jerked when it started moving,
but the young man stood firm.

He stood very close to Xiang Nuan, so close that his waistline was right
at Xiang Nuan’s eye level.

He was wearing an old, white T-shirt with some picture on it. The print was
falling off like paint peeling off a wall, probably from being washed too many
times. Xiang Nuan looked up, trying to get a look at his face, but it was
blocked by his arm holding his cell phone.

His hand was big, encompassing his large cell phone. He had a nice hand
with long, slender fingers. There were small crescents at the bottom of
each finger nail. Xiang Nuan had heard from her mom that it was the sign
that a person had good health.

Hidden behind her sunglasses, she wasn’t worry about being discovered
that she was staring at his fingers.

The young man seemed to sense something. He put his phone down to
look at her.

Xiang Nuan quickly turned her head away, afraid of being caught.

Her expression was quite innocent, but her mind was working overtime:
Oh, ooh,ooh,ooh! This guy is really good looking!

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