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Chapter 77

In this way, the most crucial part needed to execute this plan was acquired .

Then again, as long as I obtained Lan Hua’s intelligence, the plan could be put into effect .

However, now that I had obtained this piece of non-negligible information from the principal that some misfortune might befall me recently, I needed to make better preparations .

Although I sincerely didn’t want to get her involved, she did possess unparalleled close combat ability . . .

Therefore, I finally brought up this matter when I had dinner with her during the lunch break .

In the familiar pavilion, after I put a fried meatball into Xue Qing’s mouth, I called her name with much embarrassment .

“Xue Qing . ”

“Yes . ”

“Could you do me a favor? Ah, how should I put it? It was not very pleasant . I shouldn’t bother you, but . . . ”

“I’ll do it . ”


“No matter what, I am willing to do it . ”

“… Thank you . ”

“No problem . It is my pleasure . ”

“Oh, you can always say things that make me both bashful and touched . ”

“Cheng! If you need any help, just come to me!”

After hearing our conversation, Moe Bing puffed out her cheeks and looked at me with complaint in her eyes .

“Uh, as for this matter, it’s more appropriate to ask Xue Qing for help . Besides, I don’t want to make any trouble for you . ”

It would be totally different if it were Lian Bing . However, that [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac] was a devil . . .

Besides, the last people I would like to let know this were Moe Bing and my sisters . If they got to know what I was about to do . . . I was really afraid that their opinion about me would be completely changed .

“Well, don’t stand on ceremony . Cheng, am I your girlfriend?”

“Just… female friend . ”

“Xue Qing, I have allowed you to join us during our solitary time as lovers, could you stop saying things that upsets me?”

“Um-hem . . . Sorry . . . ”

While speaking, Moe Bing pinched Xue Qing’s cheeks and her hair seemed to be floating .

Wow, gray feelings also emerged . . .

The jealousy of women was really terrible . . .

Xue Qing asked me for help in tears, so I hurried to ease the tense .

“Next time! Next time if there is something happening, I will definitely go to you!”

“Well, that’s a deal, Cheng . Lovers should depend on each other . I don’t want you to hide things from me . ”

“Uh, uh . . . ”

The last sentence was particularly emphasized . . . However, I was hiding something from her now .

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Um, what was I feeling about this disobedience against my conscience? Was I feeling guilty . . . ?

I shook my head and after getting this unpleasant feeling out of my head, I said to both of them .

“Then I’ll go and put the cushions back . Wait for me . ”

“Mm-hmm . Come back quickly . ”

“Okay . ”

After I picked up our cushions, jumped off the pavilion and returned to the small earth temple . Then just before I was about to put them back, I suddenly noticed something .


Since it was Moe Bing who fetched the cushions when we came to the pavilion, she didn’t find anything wrong . However, now looking at these things, I immediately noticed something strange .

Had I already put so many things in this temple?

In addition, although I covered them with a piece of cloth, why wasn’t there any dust on it . . . Was it possible that someone else also discovered this place and used it to store things like me?

Had anyone . . . been here?

Maybe it was time to transfer things to another place . . .

“Cheng? Are you done?”

“Yup! Coming!”

After bending over and putting the cushions back in place, I looked inside the temple where there were no holy statues .

Suddenly, I felt a vibration in my forehead, and then the tinnitus began all of a sudden .

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The transitory tinnitus and vibration disappeared quickly . I covered my forehead and looked around what was in front of me in confusion, not understanding what was going on .

Was the Mirror of Yata trying to tell me something . . . ?

After the second class in the afternoon, Lan Hua suddenly ran to me excitedly, showing me her phone pompously while speaking .

“Jun Cheng, the task you entrusted to me has been completed!”

“Oh . ”

I took her phone and looked at the photo . It was a gentle-looking man in a suit and leather shoes . He seemed to be a clerical worker .

Was this the guy who intended to do bad things to Ke Ling?

“His name is Luo Xin Hai, a high school teacher . Not a teacher in our school, but in another high school nearby . ”

“Good job . ”

“Then can I go to your room tonight? Yes? Okay? Yes!”

“Haven’t you already changed your tone from question to affirmation?! Is it still necessary to ask me?!”

Even if I said no, would you obey and not come?

Impossible . If she really didn’t come, then she would be not Lan Hua .

“Huhu, Huhuhu . . . ”

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“You can come to my room tonight . ”

His title couldn’t be seen in the photo, so I still didn’t know what kind of person he was, but Lan Hua should have investigated everything clearly .

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh?! Am I actually having my fantastic first night tonight ?!”

“Don’t think too much . It’s inconvenient to talk at school, and I only want to get more detailed information . You should have got everything straight, right?”

“Of course! I have inquired about everything clearly! I will definitely satisfy you!”


Her voice was so loud that it resounded in the classroom . As expected, a series of misunderstandings ensued . Moe Bing who was behind me was staring at me murderously . . .

Finally, I made great efforts to appease Moe Bing .

But seeing her title, I knew her anger had not subsided yet . Rather, she was slowly brewing and if she really let it out . . . Well . . . This was the greatest hidden danger .

After class, I did not go home with Moe Bing and Lian Bing, but went to the first floor alone to find Ke Ling .

Because of my repeated warnings, Ke Ling went home in such a hurry that when I went to her classroom, she was no longer there . Yu Hui wasn’t there, either . Maybe she obeyed my instructions to follow Ke Ling .

But I met Lily . . . Because of that embarrassing thing in the morning, we simply greeted each other and then walked away awkwardly .

She seemed to have recovered, so she blushed like that .

I didn’t know when her next estrus would come, and I only hoped I could handle it . . .

For the moment, I had to put this matter behind . The most urgent thing was to catch up with Ke Ling . Although Yu Hui was following her, I couldn’t be reassured unless she was within my sight .

Then when I was approaching the park, I saw Ke Ling, the maid wearing a blindfold as well as the guy in the photo .

But the moment I saw that man, I froze on the spot .

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