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Chapter 661: Scheming, but sweet

After mo bei let out an indifferent “mm”, she added,””He has feelings for you.”

“Yes, I, have, a, way, to, think?” Feng NAI’s tone was slow, as if he was thinking about how trouble Lin’s little brother had come to this conclusion.

Mo bei glanced at him and pulled the blanket up. Her emotions did not change.””He was standing on tiptoe and looking at you with a strange look in his eyes. He even wanted you to be the spokesperson of the hotel. These are basically all the tricks of the perverted uncle.”

Feng nai roughly understood a certain someone’s train of thought. He held back his laughter and said,””Is that so? I couldn’t even tell just now. ”

“He’s dressed like a human, so you definitely wouldn’t think in that direction. ” Mo bei stood there, tall and slender, her voice as clear as ever.””Captain, don’t lie on the bed in front of others in the future. With your looks, it’s inevitable that uncles like you will have thoughts about you.”

Feng nai hummed in acknowledgment, then turned his head and started coughing lightly.

Mo bei thought that Feng NAI’s throat was uncomfortable, so she went to pour him a glass of water.

Little did he know that Feng nai couldn’t even suppress the curve of his lips.

However, this did not affect the speed at which Feng NAI’s brain worked.

So when mo bei came over with a cup of water …

Feng nai then casually said,””No wonder a director at No. 1 middle school would always take a second look at me when I was eating.”

Mo bei’s brows furrowed slightly.

“Yes.” Feng nai drank his water lazily.”He’s about the same age as that CEO Xin. He’s also dressed very appropriately.”

Mo bei seemed to be thinking for a moment before saying,””Next time, you can point it out for me to see.”

“What?” Feng nai raised an eyebrow.

“We can block them in the alley and give them a beating,” mo bei said naturally.

Feng nai wanted to laugh again, but after holding it in, he pretended not to care and said,””That’s not very good. What if it’s not? and now that I think about it, more than one director at No. 1 middle school has looked at me like that. After our speech last time, a boy in charge of the Student Union even looked at me for a long time.”

“A student from No. 1 middle school …” Mo bei’s eyes were light. “Shouldn’t they all be afraid of you?”

Realizing that he was being a little ridiculous, Feng nai started to retract his words nonchalantly.””Yes, but the look in my eyes never changed. That’s why I don’t like to interact with people. When I was in junior high school, my mom was still afraid that I would encounter something in school because of this.

Mo bei’s brows furrowed even more.”What about junior high?”

“I was followed by a perverted man, and he even confessed to me.” Feng nai wasn’t lying.”So when you approached me backstage, I thought you were like him.”

Mo bei did not pay attention to the second half of his sentence. After hearing the first half, she answered in self-doubt,””Is this how you get the resistance in your heart?”

“Yes.” Feng nai said in his heart that his resistance against people had started since he was young, and this had something to do with his kidnapping.

He understood what this little brother of trouble Lin was thinking about, so he just leaned on the bed and said,””Sometimes, I don’t know why, but I don’t even have the strength to wave my fist when I meet such people.”

When he was in junior high.

Because Feng nai was very exquisite.

It was indeed a disaster to the country.

It wasn’t wrong to be followed by an uncle.

But the difference was that he almost beat that person to the point that he couldn’t take care of himself.

Mo bei’s eyes turned cold as she listened.

Many people thought that gay men were as glamorous as they were in novels.

In fact, no matter who it was, there were good and bad people.

There were many cases where some people, in order to satisfy themselves, would even pick on minors and confuse their sexual orientation …

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