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pA(nD)A no ve1 The King?

What the hell is the King? !

Just as the children were in a daze, they heard the sound of whips cracking. They immediately stuttered, “Yes, yes, the, the King!”

The corner of the eyes of a certain person with an indifferent expression twitched slightly. was this little scoundrel addicted to bullying children? Could he still have some integrity?

If such a scoundrel had his own children in the future, he would probably be the mother of a child.

A certain man’s thoughts suddenly stopped, and his face turned hot. He quickly crossed his legs to cultivate and stopped paying attention to Hei Xinjiu’s movements.

Hei Xinjiu asked the children to stand in two rows, then, she said with her hands behind her back, “Come. I’ll teach you a song. The title of the song will be ‘The King sent me to patrol the mountains’. This song will be the group song for our fourth group in the future. Do You Hear Me?”

The children felt as if their hearts were going crazy. What the hell was this? !

However, when they looked at the little fatty who was sitting on the ground, and then at the whip in a certain Jiu’s hand, they immediately nodded without any backbone.

Hei xinjiu nodded in satisfaction and began to teach the naughty children how to sing…

When the children heard the lyrics, they were even more afraid. What did she mean by catching a monk for dinner? Was this little girl a cannibal?

The more the children thought about it, the more scared they became. They forced themselves to sing a happy song with a sense of horror..

Hei Xinjiu did not care whether they were scared or not. After she had tortured them enough, this guy waved his claws and let them go. Then, he moved closer to a certain Lord who was cultivating, he said with a smile, “This king is going to bed. My beloved concubine, come with me!”

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, the children were all dumbfounded. This little pervert even flirted with their own elder brother?

A certain someone ignored Hei Xinjiu and continued to cultivate as if he had not heard her.

Hei Xinjiu pursed her lips and did not say anything else. Instead, she climbed into the bed and lay down on her side. Then, she reached out her claws and hugged a certain someone’s waist, rubbing her little head against it.please visit panda(-)

A moment later, a helpless look appeared on the face of a certain king. He had no choice but to give up his meditation and lie on the outside of the bed.

Hei Xinjiu immediately snuggled in the arms of a certain king and said happily, “Brother, what do you think of me as a King?”

The certain King was silent for a moment before he spat out two words indifferently, “Childish.”

Hei xinjiu pouted and said, “How is it childish? I have eight subordinates now!”

A certain person said coldly, “What’s the use of eight useless people? !”

The eight people:”…”

They also wanted to keep their dignity, okay? What did he mean by “What’s the use of eight useless people”? It turned out that this dabao was even more detestable than that little pervert. At least that little pervert had taken them as his subordinates!

Hei xinjiu giggled. “Brother, they are pretty good.”

The eight of them suddenly felt a surge of warmth in their hearts. Although this little pervert was hateful, he was at least stronger than her brother.

Just when they were inexplicably moved, they heard hei xinjiu continue, “Sigh, the main thing is that I don’t have any other choice. I’ll be a good-for-nothing and make do with it!”

The eight of them:”…”F * ck, can we feed our feelings to the dogs? !

The next morning, the children washed up and left the dormitory one after another. The eyes of the other children in the dormitory flashed with Schadenfreude. They felt that the two little things would definitely be beaten up badly.

Therefore, all the children’s gazes fell on the door of the fourth group’s dormitory.

Under everyone’s gaze, with a creak, the door opened..

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