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Chapter 231- taking down Er'Shi Ridge

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At night, Ouyang Shuo brought Song Jia to the patio to talk.

"How's it going with the sect? Is it going smoothly?"

"En, it's basically on the right track. However, you just returned, yet you have to leave tomorrow."

"I've no choice. Right now is a crucial time." Heise Pifeng's ambitions and Sha Pojun's interference had affected Ouyang Shuo's plan and poison insect rearing project.

It wasn't easy for him to calm everything down, so he had to get ready a series of plans to make up for his losses.

This operation did not only involve Er'Shi Ridge, but also the Yue'er Island that Pei Donglai had always eyed. The Beihai Naval Fleet, which had just become a regiment, had a unit taken away and needed to rebuild again.

"A good man conquers all four directions. Blockhead, it seems like you are becoming more and more like a hero," Song Jia made fun of him.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, as he thought of something, “Sect Leader Song, Dongli Sword Sect can think about recruiting some players. You can contact little aunt and ask her to help you out."

"I was thinking of the same way. Having a sect full of NPCs is so boring." Song Jia nodded in agreement, “Oh yeah, Bing'er has bugged me for some time. She wants me to accept her as my disciple. When that little brat saw our uniform she became envious."

The uniform she referred to was the sect uniform of the Dongli Sword Dect, which Qing'er had personally designed. The designs on the uniform robe had the patterns of clouds and dragons, which gave the wearer an elegant and unworldly air.

"Did you agree?"

"Of course not. How would I dare unless I got the permission of a certain control freak?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amusement. He did not bother to respond to her teasing, “Bing'er is still small, so it's better if she focuses on her studies. Anyway, the Nine Yin technique isn't suitable for her to train at her age."

"I'll listen to you."

The afternoon of the next day, the troops gathered at Qiushui City.

They had long since fixed the road from Qiushui City to Xuanniao Tribe. It became their best path into the forest. The troops would spend a night in Xuanniao Tribe before they ventured deep into the forest.

When the mountain barbarian tribes in the middle region found out that Shanhai City had finally sent their army to help them clean out the mountain bandits, they were naturally happy. To avoid alerting the enemy, Ouyang Shuo rejected the mountain barbarian’s offer to help.

Apart from the Xuanniao Tribe, the military didn't enter any other tribes. They did this to avoid all the areas where the mountain bandits worked and directly charged toward the Er'Shi Bridge.

9th month, 21st day, in the afternoon, the forces arrived in the proximity of Er'Shi Ridge. Zhao Sihu was in charge of leading two sword-shield soldier units and one archer unit to attack the ridge head-on to attract attention.

On the other hand, the main force wrapped around the ridge and sneakily entered the peak of the mountain at the back of the ridge.

Mountain bandit stronghold, Hall of Brotherhood.

"Boss, when we went down the hill recently, our brothers found many random people sneakily walking around. It seems like someone is planning something on the mountain stronghold," said military advisor Goutou.

The boss was tall and well-built. He had a rough look, wiith thick eyebrows and a full beard. He looked somewhat similar to a chimpanzee. He was topless and openly showed his chest full of hair. The captured mountain barbarian tribe ladies kneeled at two sides and helped massage him.

"Military advisor thinks too much. Who can actually attack our Er'Shi Ridge?" Although the boss looked rough and unkempt, he spoke fluently, totally contrary to his appearance.

The unique environment of Er'Shi Ridge let them live well, the square was also huge. If they continued to develop, they would become one of the rulers of the mountains.

The military advisor was just reminding him, as he didn't believe it either. When he saw that the boss wasn’t paying much attention to it, he backed out of the Hall of Brotherhood. He was just a few steps out before he heard the sounds of a moaning woman behind him...

In the early morning, a dense fog blanketed the forest, the sun rose up from the peak, and the orange red sun shone down through the fog. However, it was unable to give anyone warmth.

Xue'er stopped on Ouyang Shuo's shoulder, excitement filled her little face, this little fellow had an unusually warmth toward forests.

Ouyang Shuo took out the zip-line from his storage bag and passed the end of it to Xue'er, “Good Xue'er, do you see the cliff there?" Ouyang Shuo pointed to the cliff a thousand meters above.

"En, I see it."

"Now I’ll give you a mission. Tie the rope to the cliff; can you do it?"

Xue'er tilted her head and cutely said, “I'll try."

"Good, good luck!"

Xue'er picked up the rope and effortlessly flew toward the cliff on the opposite side.

After she flew far away, Xue'er tiny body became a little black dot. If someone only saw the rope flying in the sky, they would think that it was some supernatural phenomenon.

This thousand meter long rope, in addition to the oil added to prevent friction, was super heavy. Carrying it through the air was especially exhausting.

Although Xue'er was special, she slowly felt fatigued and beads of sweat started to form on her forehead.

This little fellow was just like her master; they both had a stubbornness in their bones. She continued to fly even though she was tired. During the final portion before the cliff, her body shook from left to right, apparently in real pain and exhaustion.

Ouyang Shuo, who stood on the other end of the rope, saw the rope swing. He felt pained but also nervous.

When she finally reached the other side, Xue'er was so tired that she was going to collapse.

Xue'er had to stop on a rock to rest and regain some energy. After resting, she followed Ouyang Shuo's orders and found a huge tree and tied the rope around it. The rope was already fixed and as long as one pulled hard from the other end, they would secure the rope.

After that, Xue'er nodded, pleased with herself. She turned around and flew back.

When he saw her come back, Ouyang Shuo took out his handkerchief and helped her wipe off the sweat.

Obviously, she was not used to this, and she giggled. When he saw her in such a good mood, Ouyang Shuo could finally stop worrying.

First, Ouyang Shuo arranged for a guard to test the reliability of the zip-line. He didn't hesitate and directly zipped toward the other side. The entire journey was very smooth.

After he reached the other end, the guard checked the rope on the tree to ensure that everything was okay. Then, he took out a red flag and waved it.

After they confirmed that it was safe, everyone started to zipline across.

In regards to the upcoming future war, Ouyang Shuo didn't want Xue'er to follow them, so he arranged for two Guards to protect her on the mountain peak. Once the operation ended, they would meet up with the rest.

After the troops gathered at Er'Shi Ridge, the military intelligence spies released the Feng birds to inform Zhao Sihu's troops, who were hiding at the bottom of the mountain. The spies told them to immediately launch their attack.

A 5,000 men army squeezing at the back mountain. Ouyang Shuo could not help but worry about the possibility of a mountain bandit coming to the back mountain and spotting them.

At that moment, they heard the sounds of chatter before them.

"Ah Man, did that chimpanzee bully you again yesterday?"

Following which a women cried,"living like this, I'll rather die."

"Ah Man, trust me. I'll get you out and save you from this hell."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head; he didn't expect to meet a pair of sad mandarin ducks. He looked toward Wang Feng, signaling for them to take the pair down but not take their lives.

Wang Feng understood and brought two Guards to sneak up.

"Ah, who are you?" The woman was about to scream, but the guard covered her mouth. Then, he knocked her out. He used ropes to tie them together and stuffed their mouths with cloths, dragging them behind a huge rock.

After that small interference, the back mountain was calm once again.

At the front, Zhao Sihu's forces.

After the Military Intelligence Division spy received the message from the Feng bird, he interpreted the order and reported to Zhao Sihu.

Next, Zhao Sihu hollered, "Heed my orders, attack!!"

"Yes!" The closely packed troops appeared from the forest and charged toward the first roadblock.

The first people they met were some patrolling soldiers that the mountain stronghold had sent down.

"Who are you?" the poor patrolling soldier still didn't understand the situation.

"We are the ones who will take your life." Zhao Sihu strode to the forefront and stabbed out with his spear. His move was as quick as lightning, and he stabbed the mountain bandit’s stomach, causing the mountain bandit to fall to the ground in pain.

After they cleanly dealt with the patrolling squad, the forces advanced.

The first roadblock was set at the foot of the mountain and was like a front sentry. Hence, it was very rundown and had a wooden wall, similar to that of camps.

When the mountain bandits that patrolled on the mountain wall saw enemies pop out from nowhere, he panicked. Immediately, he sounded the alarm, some had lit the fire to warn the roadblocks at the back.

Zhao Sihu knew that he was in charge of a distraction attack, but if he could attract more mountain bandits, it could reduce the pressure on the back forces. Hence, his goal was to at least destroy a roadblock.

After Ouyang Shuo criticised the Military Intelligence Division, the three heads trained a batch of elite spies. The spies clearly investigated the details of the roadblocks.

To take it down, Zhao Sihu took a batch of alchemical fire oil from the Combat Logistics Division. After reorganising the archer unit, they bathed the arrows in the oil and lit them up and fired toward the roadblock.

Wave after wave of fire arrows ignited and quickly spread. In an instant, it became an ocean of fire. The huge fire was visible from all the subsequent roadblocks.

The mountain bandits at the second roadblock rang the bell seven times. This represented an enemy attack, an emergency situation that required reinforcements. Following this, they lit up the beacon to inform the third roadblock.

The message spread up until it reached the boss.

The boss had a really long night and hadn't woken up. When he heard the reports, he didn't bother about the girls he had fun with. Instead, he hurriedly dressed himself and rushed to the Hall of Brotherhood.

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