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Chapter 170 - Teacher

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Taking into account that Bing'er just came, Ouyang Shuo wasn't ready to let her move in straight away into the east courtyard. Instead, he emptied a room in the main courtyards.

Ouyang Shuo didn't do much in the entire morning, just bringing Bing'er around Shanhai Town. The majestic Qingfu horse, the Nian beasts... all of them caused her to be amazed and intrigued.

As for how the lord suddenly had a new sister, both the residents and the officials in the manor were all delighted. This proved that their lord had a family heritage which was very important in ancient times.

Zisu was arranged beside Bing'er to take care of her living and daily needs. On the side of Ouyang Shuo. He only kept Banxia, as either way he didn't need much taking care of and service.

In the afternoon, Zisu continued to accompany Bing'er to sightsee around Shanhai Town.

Ouyang Shuo returned to his office and started to deal with all the administrative work.

He picked up a document which was from the weapon workshop manager Xukun. In the document he mentioned that they had already combined the crafting techniques of the Tang knife and the long spear, and created the lance.

Out of all the long weapons, the earliest used weapon was the spear. As chariots appeared,dagger axes appeared for soldiers to attack on top of the chariots. The appearance of war horses proliferated cavalry and combining the advantages of both the spear and the dagger axe, it slowly became the main weapon of the cavalry, the halberd.

When heavy armor appeared, to increase the penetration of the weapon, the main weapon of the cavalry became lances. The lance's appearance was the same as spears, just that it was made with better materials and was stronger.

The core of the lance was its pole. The higher grade lances often used tricuspid cudrania wood. Unfortunately such a precious material was not yet found in Shanhai Town.

With the lance, the equipment of The Shanhai City heavy armoured cavalry was set. Now what they lacked was a lance teacher to teach the cavalry how to use the lance.

Dwelling on this topic, Ouyang Shuo instantly thought about Qing Qiong from Xunlong Town.

He didn't hesitate and shouted in the alliance channel, "Requesting help from xunlong."

"Boss, what's up?" Xunlong Dianxue immediately replied.

"Cough, lend me your Qing Qiong, we can discuss the terms."

"Wa, the chance to exploit the boss has come." Siege Lion suddenly appeared.

"Boss, Qing Qiong is my only general, I can't relax with him gone."

As expected that little brat started to raise the stakes. Ouyang Shuo didn't want to follow his tempo and offered, "One day for 10 Tang knives, no less than half a month."

Based on his offer, a Tang knife was 5 gold, 10 would be 50. If Xunlong Dianxue wasn't happy with it then he would be too greedy.

"Deal!" In truth, this far exceeded his expectation.

"Wa, Xunlong you have earned big. Boss, my Qin Shou is also for rent, I can give you a 20% discount." Siege Lion was envious.

"Why would I rent your Qin Shou, you should just give him to me, name your price." Ouyang Shuo joked.

"Hehe, Qin Shou is not for sale." Siege Lion still hadn't lost his mind.

"Xunlong, teleport him over now. We will count it as a day." Ouyang Shuo shouted.

"No problem, I'll go look for him now." Xunlong Dianxue agreed.

Ouyang Shuo got up and left the lord's manor and prepared to go to the teleportation formation to welcome Qing Qiong.

As expected, in 10 minutes he transported over. "I greet Lord Wuyi!"

"I've made General Qin busy. As for the reason you are here, I'm sure your sire has told you?"

"Yes he told me it's to teach your army how to use lances."

"Great, general please follow me."


Ouyang Shuo brought Qing Qiong to the Military Affairs Department and handed him over to director Zhu. "Director Zhu, I’ll hand general Qin over to you. Tomorrow, follow him and go to the barracks. Tell Lin Yi clearly to ensure all soldiers have grasped the lance. Those that perform well will become sergeants."


Ouyang Shuo left the Military Affairs Department and went to the lord's manor, nicely bumping into Yingyu.

"Big brother, the Langshan mining field and Northern Saltpan's income has been collected. It's a total of 7600 gold."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "How much does the Financial Department need this month?"

"This month we earned 2000 gold and need around 3000 gold of subsidies to maintain expenditure." Yingyu said apologetically.

"That's very good already." Ouyang Shuo consoled. "How about this, I'll leave 3600 to either the Financial Department. As for the remaining 4000 gold, transfer it to me."


Holding onto the gold, Ouyang Shuo went to the market and spent 1800 gold buying all the building blueprints as well as the upgrade blueprints for the granary and the private school.   

On the market appeared another batch of gold rank secret manuals, which he bought up. There were a total of 24 totalling 1200 gold. Adding to the 76 he bought last time, Ouyang Shuo now had 100 gold rank secret manuals. These secret manuals were going to soar in price after the 7th month.

As for the remaining 1000 gold, Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to use and saved it for emergencies.

Going back to his office, he passed the building blueprints to the clerk and asked him to pass it to the Building Division. The plans for Shanhai City done by the Construction Division had already been approved. Hence, Ouyang Shuo didn't need to order and decide which place would be for which building.

After dealing with all that, the 2nd city wall project had started. To save time, the renovation of the village started at the same time. All buildings were moved based on the new plans. Just renovating the buildings had cost 500 gold, which was why Ouyang Shuo had kept 1000 gold for emergencies.

Based on the military power, and also the sweeping operation done by the mixed regiment, the buildings which were shifted outside of the first city wall and weren't protected didn't have to worry about their safety.

The raiders didn't have the courage and the strength to attack Shanhai City at such a time.

6 PM, Ouyang Shuo was in his office reading.

Bing'er suddenly ran in and laughed. "Brother, time to eat."

"Okay!" Ouyang Shuo picked her up and pinched her nose asking, "Baby, did you have fun?" He asked and walked into the backyard at the same time.   

"En, brother it's so fun here."

"Then have you been naughty?"

"Bing'er is so well behaved. If you don't believe you can ask sister Zisu. And also sister Qing, she also helped measure my body and made beautiful dresses for me." In just an afternoon she had gotten close to both Qing'er and Zisu, really a fearless brat.

Returning to the backyard, dinner was already prepared and Yingyu and Qing'er had returned. Seeing Ouyang Shuo carry Bing'er in, everyone looked at each other and smiled.

After dinner, Ouyang Shuo brought Bing'er into her room. He asked Suzi to get out before telling Bing'er how to go offline. After confirming that she went offline, Ouyang Shuo returned to his room and went offline.

After going offline, he rushed to her room only to see the little brat opening the game cabin and climbing out of it.

"Baby, are you tired?"

"En, a little bit." Just out of the game, Bing'er was still a bit woozy and couldn’t get used to the environment.

"Then go brush your teeth and brother will make you breakfast. After that, go back and have some sleep, okay?" Ouyang Shuo said.

"En, I'll listen to brother."

Needless to say, the shops had already stopped working. Ouyang Shuo could only cook himself and make two bowls of noodles and two eggs on top of that.

After she finished her breakfast and went back to bed, Ouyang Shuo went into the living room and started cultivating. He decided that from today onwards he wouldn't leave the house even to run, and would stay in the room and cultivate.

After warming up, he took a hot shower and returned to his room to cultivate the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation techniques

By 11AM, Bing'er had woken up.

As she didn't need to go to school and couldn't go out to play, she sat in the living room to watch cartoons. Luckily, she had her brother to accompany her so it wasn't too boring.

In the afternoon, they ate a simple lunch. At 2PM, Ouyang Shuo acted as the replacement teacher to revise her work with her. At 4PM, she started to do her work. Ouyang Shuo sat beside her and opened his handbrain, either searching the forums or looking up information.

This kind of schedule became their norm during the month.

At 5PM, Ouyang Shuo received a call from Xiaoyue.  

Ouyang Shuo got up and left Bing'er's room. "How are you, did you go back smoothly?"

"En, I reached home yesterday. This afternoon I talked about my grandpa about you and he was interested and wanted to talk to you." Sun Xiaoyue said.


"In the display appeared a 60+ year old man. His head was full of white hair but his face was red and filled with life, with little wrinkles and looked very energized.

"Hello grandpa, I am Ouyang Shuo."

"Hello little kid. Thank you for taking care of my granddaughter." The grandfather was very polite.  

"That's normal, as we are good friends!"

"Good, young people should be like this." He was very work focused so after a few simple greetings he dived right in. "I heard from Xiaoyue that old people like me had things to do in the game?"

Ouyang Shuo could understand his feelings of being a scientist for a large part of his life, and spending it all in his field of research.

What people like him cared most about was their research. To toss it aside was something that was hard to get used to. Now hearing that they could continue their jobs, they were obviously very excited.

"Yes grandpa. In the game as long as you have a suitable platform, scientists like you have a huge part to play." Ouyang Shuo smiled.    

"Good good good. We old people don't like to hang around. To sit around and do nothing would be really torturous."

"Grandpa, you can call all your friends up. Even those that can't get in contact now can also just leave their contact information." Ouyang Shuo smiled and said.

"Okay, I'll listen to you."

"Thank you grandpa, sorry for the inconvenience."

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