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Chapter 494-Fighting Dragons

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The word chaos summarized the wilds of the 10th month. Be it Lords or aboriginals, they were preparing for the huge war before winter.

The earlier they fought, the earlier it ended. The winner would be crowned king, while the loser would become a dog.

Within the wilderness, a serious killing aura spread out.

As they put it, if the heavens wanted blood, the skies and planets would shift. If the earth wanted blood, snakes and dragons would appear, and when humans wanted blood, the world would turn on its head.

The invisible killing intent permeated from the various groups of people, like a red colored sword energy charging for the skies.

Numerous killing intents met in the sky and collided, and even the clouds changed colors. The crimson clouds hung overhead in the sky, an ominous sign.

In a random patch of land in the wilderness, the representative of the Ying and Yang school of thought, Zhou Yan, wordlessly focused on the red clouds above him. Such a phenomenon was something that was rare even during the Warring States Period where war was common.

As one of the leading figures of the Ying and Yang school of thought, Zhou Yan could see more than normal people. He focused, and it was like he could see past more than one hundred thousand miles. In the sky, the north, east, and south each had a dragon. Amongst which, the dragon positioned at the south had the most killing intent, and it was the most eye catching.

Around each colossal dragon, there were numerous small dragons.

This was the so-called dragon fighting pattern.

The clouds that formed the dragons were the appearance of luck and prosperity. It was the luck and prosperity of the Lord and also the territory, rising up and taking shape.

Apart from the dragons, there were other beasts in the skies. There were phoenixes, bear, tigers, and the like.

The shape that the luck and prosperity formed represented the will of the Lord.

At the end of the Gaia second year, even Ouyang Shuo could let his own luck take shape. It appeared beforehand because of this rarely seen killing intent.

The moment it disappeared, everything would disappear with it.

Hence, at the current moment, it was the best time for the people of the Ying Yang school of thought to take a look at the luck and fortune of their Lords. When other people looked into the sky, they would see nothing but crimson clouds.

"A time of war; a time of chaos!"

Zhou Yan muttered and disappeared into the wilderness. He did not choose Shanhai City was probably because he did not want to be embroiled in this war.

The killing intent of men. Started by men; it could also influence men.

In the wilderness, any soldier that the red clouds affected would have their eyes reveal a tinge of bloodthirst. Each one of them would feel their blood boil with a desire to fight.

The killing intent that formed charged into the clouds once more.

These two points pushed one another and caused the crimson clouds in the sky to grow more and more vibrant. The vibrant red made one unknowingly want to pray toward it, as it was the color of the emperor's power.

Within the wilderness, the Lords numbering in the thousands were not willing to keep lying in wait.

Even the plants could not stay the killing aura, so they withered early, leaves dropping onto the ground. From north to south, the entire wilderness seemed to have entered winter early, with no signs of life.

The scarlet sky and the withered ground formed a rarely seen scene.

The winter this year had come early, and it felt especially cold.

After this, who could survive and who would be buried in the wilderness, everything was unknown. Even Gaia, who was planning everything, could only act as a quiet bystander.

The land was a chess board, and the people were the chess pieces.

The game has already been set with the people as the pieces, so no one could change the situation of this game alone.

The entire China region did not have an inch of peaceful land. Anyone who tried for peace would be eliminated. Only those who threw themselves into this bloody wave would have a chance to survive.

This was the result of the killing intent, which had gathered up between the heavens and the earth. It needed to be let out.

The first to explode was the Zhongyuan Region.

Chensheng and Zhangchu's West Chu Alliance faced off against the five territory alliances of the neighboring five provinces. After half a month of preparation, this huge war had finally started.

Numerous leaders had gathered there.

The first to attack was the one hundred thousand men alliance army led by Piao Linghuan. The one hundred thousand troops had suddenly entered through the west border.

Zhangchu's capital city, Chen County, was located on the east side of Zhongyuan Province.

On the west, their defence was the weakest.

Hence, Piao Linghuan's army did not face too much resistance, as they waltzed in.

This victory naturally ignited the spirits of the others.

Once one person acted, everyone acted.

Just like they had triggered some button of a machine, the cogs of the war machine started to spin.

Closely after Piao Linghuan, Chun Shenjun led 180 thousand troops and attacked from the south. The moment he entered, they charged straight for the core area of Zhangchu.

The two armies were like a pair of scissors, stabbing right into the heart of the Zhangchu Regime.

Only the 150 thousand troops led by Feng Qiuhuang did not act and remained at the border.

The Luoyang Imperial City was the close neighbor of Fallen Phoenix City in Taiyuan Province. Hence, on the north, as the Zhangchu Regime knew of the presence of Luoyang, they did not pose much of a threat to Taiyang Province.

At the same time, even if Feng Qiuhuang and the others took over the north of Zhongyuan Province, considering the presence of Luoyang, they could not peacefully run their new area.

One must not forget that the next battle map would be set in the Han Dynasty. If nothing went wrong, Chang An was left from the Tang Dynasty, so Luo Yang definitely belonged to the Han Dynasty.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo sent Feng Qiuhuang two sentences.

If the enemy does not move, I do not move.

If it attacks, I'll give it a swift blow.

Ouyang Shuo believed that with her intelligence, she would understand what he meant.

Chensheng was not a person without skill. If not, he could not have taken down the entire Zhongyuan Province in just half a year.

Under him, apart from Xiang Yan who came to assist, there were many famous generals like Wu Guang, Wu Chen, Zhang'er, and Chen Yu.

Wu Chen, Zhang'er and Chen Yu would be the three who directed the Battle of Julu.

Apart from that, the six hundred thousand troops of the Zhangchu Regime were not to be underestimated.

After receiving the news, Chensheng started to move his troops and generals.

He ordered Great General Xiang Yan to lead two hundred thousand troops down south to strike Chun Shenjun. Wu Guang would personally lead 150 thousand troops to face Piao Linghuan in the west.

Zhang'er would lead two hundred thousand troops up to the north border to defend against Feng Qiuhuang. At any moment, they could head down south to attack Di Chen.

The capital city, Chen County, only had fifty thousand troops left, headed by Chen Yu.

For this battle, Chensheng could only go all out.

If he won, he could gain some much needed time for the Zhangchu regime. The span of the entire winter would allow Chensheng to digest the province, as well as the new land he had occupied.

When the New Year arrived, the Zhangchu regime would not fear any challenge.

Of course, if they failed, they would lose everything.

How would Chensheng, who was given a second life, allow himself to fail once more?

The explosive war in the Zhongyuan region ignited the war in the rest of the land. Closely after, the southeast region also started to fight.

Huangchao was ambitious, while Zhan Lang and the others were resolute.

Out of the two sides, only one would survive the second year of Gaia.

Zhan Lang had once again gathered one hundred thousand troops and entered the north of Wannan Province, preparing to head from north to south. Of course, he was careful to avoid the West Chu territory.

Zhan Lang and the others would not dare to disturb this overlord.

In truth, when Peng City appeared in the wilderness, the most worried individual was Zhan Lang. His Blood Red City was just a few hundred kilometers away.

With such a neighbor, not one could ever rest at ease.

Between West Chu and Blood Red City, a war would definitely occur; it was just a matter of time.

But not now, as Zhan Lang was clear about one matter. The matter at hand was to wipe out the Huangchao Army. If not, if they allied with Xiang Yu, the consequences would be dire.

Similarly, Xiang Yu did not have the intentions to attack Blood Red City at the moment.

Their first strategic target was up north; they wanted to occupy Ludong Province.

The Lords in Ludong Province had seen through his intentions, so they all huddle together in fear. At the moment, they had formed a two hundred thousand army.

Between the two of them, a war was also going to break out. The question was when and whether or not it would affect the war in the Zhongyuan Province.

In the southeast region, apart from Zhan Lang, Xiong Ba was also a rash person. Just as Zhan Lang sent out his troops, Xiong Ba led 150 thousand troops from south to north to sweep the area.

The two armies would pincer the Huangchao Army.

At the current moment, Gong Chengshi led eighty thousand troops and formed up on the south of Wannan Province. His situation was extremely awkward, as if the current battle had nothing to do with him.

One had to say that in such a situation, the power of a strong family revealed itself.

Be it connections or communication channels, Gong Chengshi could not compare to them. If not, Bai Hua would not have faced such a situation in Yunnan, where she had no allies to help her out.

Of course, there was another reason why the Lords of Yunnan Prefecture were unwilling to send troops to attack Taiping Country. The reason was Shanhai City.

Everyone knew that Shanhai City was aggressive.

Not taking about Chuannan Province, even the neighboring Lingnan Province, Shanhai City had taken half of it. Hence, how could Shanhai City allow anyone to taint Chuannan Province?

In their eyes, attacking Taiping Country was just helping Shanhai City. They were like food waiting to be eaten by a tiger. They lacked the strength to take the three prefectures of land under the Taiping Country.

Since that was the case, why not remain a bystander?

Why not just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight? Just let Shanhai City and Consonance City fight to the death with Taiping Country.

The truth was exactly like that.

Consonance City was being pushed to the edge.

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