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A+ A- Chapter 415: The Bridge (2)

The cloth was exposed to the sun and wind for too long. It was normal for it to decompose after the stone was removed.

Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes. "An ancient race, huh? That's what I'm looking for. I assume what's left of you is on the bridge."

Angele raised his head and looked at the bridge.

The yellow stone bridge led straight into the endless sky and had a smooth surface that was built with yellow bricks. The gaps between the bricks looked like the lines used in the runes. They were old but mysterious.

"It might be a ruin…" Angele guessed and stepped onto the bridge.

The footsteps echoed in the air and he was advancing at a fast pace.

Time passed... 

About half an hour later, Angele was still walking on the stone bridge. There were no decorations on it, and the island below already looked like a palm-sized white cloth; it was quite eye-catching in the blue sea.

The wind in the sky was getting stronger and there were clouds around the bridge.

Angele increased his speed and kept climbing.

Angele had been walking for a while, but the only thing he could see was still the surface of the bridge.

Another hour later, the island below the bridge looked like a small dot and Angele felt like he was walking in the clouds.

The chilling air turned into white frost on the surface of Angele's black robe. He stood by the edge of the bridge and looked down.

Angele could see the white clouds boiling under the bridge, they looked like a large cotton farm.

The white clouds were moving slowly with the strong wind. Gentle sunlight was coming from the blue sky.

However, the sunlight failed to warm Angele's body due to the chilling wind.

Angele calculated his altitude quickly with the help of the biochip.

"154000 meters… and the bridge is still going." Angele looked in the front, the only two things

in his sight were the stone bridge and the sky.

"I should keep advancing. I'm sure there is something I need here." Angele already noticed that this place was different.

The stone bricks under his feet were old and it felt like they were already here thousands of years ago, but they were only slightly damaged.

Angele increased his speed again; he turned into a blurry black shadow and charged forward like a lightning bolt.

Angele had no idea how long he had been running but he started to feel tired. Finally, something different appeared ahead.

He slowly came to a stop and stood on the bridge. The place was extremely cold and there was no wind here.

There were three piles of white bones that were covered with white outfits ahead.

Angele walked to the bones and crouched. He removed the outfits and observed the bones. They were dead bodies of three children.

"Those are the bodies of the three children I saw earlier. Only ancient races have the ability to survive on such altitude." He started checking the bones again.

Based on the bones, there were two boys and one girl. Angele found rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on their bones. Only one pair of earrings was still complete but they were still covered with a light layer of ice.

The rest of the items all crumbled into dust upon being touched by Angele.

Angele collected the earrings and put them into the pouch.

Raising his head, the path in the front was still endless.

He looked down the bridges and the sea of clouds looked slightly different, there was something weird about the edge of the "sea".

"The height is getting ridiculous, even for me." Angele felt like he was standing on an enormous ball and he could see the edge of the planet.

However, he still could not see the end of the stone bridge.

"I can't do it anymore, I must return." Angele checked the temperature with the

the biochip and it was -307.5 degrees Celsius at the moment.

"It's lower than the absolute zero on earth. What will the absolute zero of this world be?"

Absolute zero was the lowest temperature possible on earth and everything would stop moving at that temperature. It was the rule of earth; however, it seemed like this world was different. The wind stopped and there was no gas here. The temperature was still decreasing and it seemed like a temperature lower than -273 degrees Celsius would not stop the living beings from moving.

'Maybe this is the High-Energy Realm of the tales?' Angele had an assumption in mind.

Angele wanted to keep advancing, however, he could no longer handle the temperature. He had stopped breathing a while ago as there was no air here. He would die if he kept exploring.

Angele had strong ancient bloodlines in his body and the help from the heat force wave, but he still felt cold. He was not sure who had the ability to reach the end of this stone bridge.

'Zero, how long have I been walking?'

'428 hours and 41 minutes,' Zero reported back quickly.

'17 days already? Seriously?' Angele was surprised. 'It seems like there's no day and night in this realm…'

Angele sighed as he looked at the stone bridge and pointed at the three piles of bones.

Nothing happened.

"Huh?" Angele hesitated and released more energy particles.

Still nothing.

He released a lot more energy particles.

Finally, a small string of green energy flew out of the tip of Angele's fingers and surrounded the bones, lifting them up to the air.

"It seems like energy particles are having trouble handling the temperature as well. That's more than 100 degrees of energy."

Angele collected the bones with his hands and rolled them up with his robe. He gave the bridge one final glance, turned around, and started running down.

He wanted to use those bones as lab materials; he was certain that the bones were

bones were what he was looking for. Without the blood, Angele could still find the cell structures with the bones, and it was possible for him to find some active bone cells for other uses.

Angele ran down the bridge. He was slow at the beginning due to the cold, but he sped up and turned into a black lightning bolt after several hours.

15 days later.

At the entrance of the bridge on the white island.

A black shadow jumped down from the bridge and landed on the surface of the island.

The man's black robe was damaged and his face was pale. The long dark-red hair trailed over his back and there was something inside the rolled-up robe.

It was Angele, who just came back from the bridge. It took him 15 days to come back from where he reached.

The trip on the bridge took him more than a month. The good thing was that Angele was a wizard and had plenty of time to spare.

Angele stood by the entrance of the bridge and checked the surroundings.

"I've found your bones, but I'm not doing it for charity. It's a simple rule," he spoke in the ancient language.

The island was empty and no one answered.

Angele did not wait, he started explaining what he was looking for.

"I need the bible of the true form. You're from the Nightmare Realm as well and I'm sure you know that my request is not ridiculous." That was Angele's true purpose. He had the bloodline of the scorpion woman, however, what he needed was the bible of the true form, and he was certain that the bible would teach him how to increase his mentality.

The worst choice was to go to the scorpion woman's place again. He was lucky the last time as he passed the trial of the Wall of Confusion and entered the palace of the scorpion woman. Although he was much stronger than before, the place before, the place was still too dangerous for him. He planned to negotiate with the three ancient soul forms that probably died a long time ago.

The energy rune he left on the stone gate had become unstable and it meant that the stone gate was about to disappear.

The dimension gate could lead Angele to anywhere and they would disappear or appear for no reason. The chance of him entering this area again was probably the same as getting hit by a meteor when walking on the street.

Also, the three children reached an incredible height when they were still young with weak bodies but high mentality. Angele assumed that they must have had a strong bible—it would aid Angele greatly.

A small amount of bloodline would only increase Angele's mentality by a small amount. However, with the bible, which was like the high-rank advanced meditation technique, Angele would be able to find the right way to train himself.

The bible from Eye Devil was pretty much fake; only the basics were helpful, and that was the reason why Angele created his true form. If he kept going with that bible, he might die from the traps concealed within. Angele needed to increase his mentality, but he also needed a real bible for his true form.

About ten minutes after Angele finished his words, a translucent crystal orb appeared on the ground in front of his feet. 

The crystal orb had the size of a fist and its surface was smooth. Angele knew that the negotiations were successful after seeing the orb.

'They were trapped on this island because they were too far away from their dead bodies. Their soul forms were weak because of that.' Angele did some research about the soul forms and that was why he decided to negotiate.

The bible could not be practiced by the soul forms and it was reasonable for them to trade it for their bones.

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