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Chapter 1514: 1514

“Nine years ago, Long Xiaoxi requested to cancel our engagement . However, I was the reason behind her decision to do so . I was insensible back then, which was also why she left S Nation and lived abroad for nine years . Now that she’s back, we’ve reconciled and gotten married . I’d like to make a promise to her now and I want everyone to testify for me . If I ever let her down, I’m willing to become a monk and bequeath all my assets to her and our children . This is proof of my determination . We’ll be holding our wedding very soon . Although I’ve already apologized to her in person, I’d like to apologize again . Xiaoxi, I’m sorry . I love you . ”

Long Xiaoxi looked at him and said, “Seems like you’ve really kept your word . ”

Long Xiaoxi’s mobile phone rang . She took a look at the caller display to see that it was a call from Zhong Minhe .

She answered it immediately, “Brother Minhe . ”

“I’ll go downstairs right now . ” She then ended the call immediately and hurried outside with her mobile phone .

Jin Yiheng stopped her and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Brother Minhe is downstairs . He wants to see me . ”

Long Xiaoxi glared at him and asked, “What for? He wants to see me, not you . Just wait for me at home . ”

Jin Yiheng insisted, “We all know each other . Why can’t I see him?”

“No, just stay at home and wait for me . I’ll be back very soon . If you insist on tagging along, I’ll go back to my parents’ home tonight . ”

Jin Yiheng had no choice but to go over to Ji Gui’s apartment to borrow his binoculars . He then stood on the balcony and looked down .

Unfortunately, he did not see anything at all because Zhong Minhe was standing in the lobby and thus was not in his field of vision .

Long Xiaoxi ran into him when she exited from the elevator .

“I saw Yiheng’s apology video . ”

Long Xiaoxi said, “I just saw it too . ”

“I also heard… that you’ve reconciled with him . ”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“Yes… we drank and… Brother Minhe, you don’t have to wait for me any longer . ”

“I knew it . I knew you would return to him . You’ve only ever had eyes for him ever since we were children, and you wouldn’t have stayed abroad for so many years if you didn’t resent him . Xiaoxi, I think he’s made up his mind to be with you . You have my blessings,” he said, gazing at her .

Long Xiaoxi felt that he had said those words with a heavy heart .

“Brother Minhe, I wish you all the best too . I hope you’ll find a woman you can settle down with . ”

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As soon as she finished speaking, a squeaky voice hollered impatiently, “Brother! Are you done yet!?!” Long Xiaoxi looked over to see that Zhong Tian’ai was striding toward them . Zhong Tian’ai said in a mellower tone, “I heard that you’ve gotten married . Congratulations . ”

“You seem to be happier than I am about my marriage . ”

Zhong Tian’ai said candidly, “Yeah, it’s worth celebrating . Besides, you’ll no longer be pestering my brother . I’ll obviously be happy about it . ”

Long Xiaoxi said calmly, “The second reason should be the main one . Although you were hostile toward me and sent me a text message using your brother’s mobile phone, I’m glad to see how much you care about him . ”

“It was my fault for being hostile and pretending to be my brother . I apologize for that . ” Zhong Tian’ai then said to her brother, “Mother said that she had made some dumplings and wants us to go over to have some . ”

“Xiaoxi, we’re leaving now,” said Zhong Minhe, who did not stay any longer .

“Alright, get home safely . ” She then walked out of the lobby and watched them leave slowly .

Long Xiaoxi turned around and headed back to her apartment . As soon as she entered, Jin Yiheng exited from the balcony and asked, “Was that his sister?”

“She’s already so grown up . ”

“What did he say to you?”

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Long Xiaoxi changed into her home slippers and entered . “Nothing much, he just congratulated me . ”

“You seem unhappy . Are you upset that you can’t be with him anymore?”

Shaking her head, she answered, “I’m just feeling a little guilty . I never knew that he used to carry a torch for me . I started feeling guilty after I found out . Well, like what he said, I used to only have eyes for you . I never realized that there were others around me . If he hadn’t confessed his feelings to me, I wouldn’t have known that he fancied me at all . ”

“I’ll adore you more than he does . ” He walked toward Long Xiaoxi, who quickly took a few steps back .

“What are you trying to do?”

“I’m trying to kiss you . ”

He pressed her against the wall and said as he smiled, “Where should I get lost to? Shall I get lost in you?”

“I haven’t forgiven you yet, so quit being so sheepish . ”

“It’s alright, I’m in no hurry anyway . You can always forgive me after we have a few children . ”

Long Xiaoxi deeply regretted getting back together with Jin Yiheng without preparing herself mentally beforehand . She felt as if she was stepping on eggshells every day .

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After the modeling contest, she seemed to have cut off contact with the modeling industry . He would take her with him everywhere he went, be it to the office, social events, business trips, or even the supermarket . Hence, Long Xiaoxi was greatly peeved and felt that her freedom had been restricted .

Not only was she restricted by him, she was restricted by the baby in her womb as well .

She was told to avoid cold and spicy foods and even had to watch her weight!

Well, at least her sex life was not affected .

Despite repeatedly telling him that she had yet to forgive him for everything that he had done, her efforts were futile .

As the days passed, she gradually stopped saying those words to him .

Long Xiaoxi’s pregnancy did not give her the greatest sense of accomplishment . Instead, it was the fact that she had managed to matchmake Jin Rongyan and Li Xiaoxiao successfully .

They fell in love with each other after the various sexual encounters . Whenever she saw them together, Long Xiaoxi would express her disdain toward men in her head . Men are all the same . No matter how much they claim to dislike a certain woman, their hormonal reactions would often betray them .  The truth is often revealed by their actions! she thought .

Jin Rongyan was the best example .

Long Xiaoxi was bored out of her wits . After begging Jin Yiheng for a long time, he finally agreed to take her on a vacation .

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