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“My business here is already finished. Now, I will leave the young people alone.”   “......Eh?”   A few moment later, Shana gently removed her hand from Belfreya and bowed to both of them at the same time. She then turned sharply and left the rooftop. The way she moved her leg will surely put those model into shame. It would have the sound effect of [Tattatta]. Belfreya pondered about that as she had been left alone with her fiancé while the rooftop slowly being wrapped by the evening sky.   “My birthday is early than her and Rein-sama is also older by a year; however, she has something like an adult’s charm, isn’t she?”   “There is no way I am answering that kind of question.... Oh well, you can do it.”   The tension that the two of them felt as they watched the door from where Shana had left through began to loosen. Syulein was scratching his head with [gashigashi] sound while watching Belfreya who exhaled a little breath, trying to relax herself.   “Hey, the key to the roof top should be off limit for the time being, so how did you come in?”   “After the committee meeting, I went to Rein-sama’s classroom and I met with Fior-sama. He suddenly told me, [This is bad, Bell-chan! Syulein had been kidnapped by the last boss. This is the short cut that lead to the event where the fiancée is being saved from the captivity!] And with a very refreshing face, he gave me the key to the rooftop.”   “That bastard. He completely enjoying this.”   As promised, I was waiting for Bell – chan in the classroom properly is what he is probably going to say when I scold his tomorrow. For that time being he seems to be holding Belfreya from interrupting Shana’s story however, for the sake of his enjoyment he surely did not hold back after that.   Since Shana had come with prepared determination, and he also understood Syulein’s feeling; Fior had been trying to hold Belfreya back a little bit due to her hot-bloodedness. Syulein could not help but had a scary premonition that his friend is going to grin gleefully when he heard about this story tomorrow.

  “Ano, Rein-sama. That..... Did you really turn Shana-san down?”

  “I am really, really glad. Well, it might seems strange for me to say this but she is a really wonderful person. She is so wonderful that it might be a waste for her to be my rival.” Whatever words that Belfreya used to protect Shana, she herself knew best what is revolving in her own head. She is the one who was hoping that Syulein will not choose Shana the most. In the end, she was also the one who had been saying discourteous thing to both Shana and Syulein.

  “Therefore, if Shana-san was rejected, Rein-sama will really--”

  Feeling somewhat impatient, Syulein quickly blocked Belfreya’s word. While looking her surprise face, Syulein quickly walked towards his fiancée, Belfreya could only watch as he came closer; so close that she could easily reach him with her hand.

  “E~, Ye, Yes!”


  Even without any word, he still understand. That expression and attitude is not something that this girl could lie about. He had always watched her who always been looking forward to the day when the Heroine is going to be defeated and all the effort she did to win over her. All the things that she has been doing until now is all for the sake of him.

  Syulein turn his head down as he tried to hide his amusing smile from showing in his face with his hand. From the side, it could be seen that there is a slight reddish-tinged appeared on his ear. 


  “A, that, a little while ago.”

  “I prefer the other situation more. Are you okay with that?”

  “Okay, then let me say it.”

  “....on the rooftop after school, with the sunset behind our back. That kind of situation is no good?”

  One by one, Belfreya pondered on the keywords. A lot of time have passed as the beautiful sunset sky begin to spread over the rooftop where both of them currently are. As everything begin to dye in red, Belfreya finally understood what Syulein meant to say.

  My rival has told him with all her might about her own feeling. Of course, there is obviously the feeling of fear. Even so, I tried to lied and stroked my own heart with all my might.

  “.....Wonderful, it is such a wonderful situation.”

  “I, Belfreya Alunst, like Syulein Edward. I really like you. Therefore, from now on and the future, please continue to be with me.”

  “Anona... having come this far, you should have at least let me as a man say that first. Take this...”

  Belfreya looked sullen due to that slight ache however smile began to overflow from her; Syulein then bent his body a bit so that his face aligned with Belfreya.

  Syulein gently swept Belfreya forelock before holding her cheek in his hand.

  The two shadows which were formed by the sunset quietly overlapped.



----Like this, while holding the overthrown heroine in his chest, that girl will continue to run as there are still many things awaiting her in the future.   ******************


The End
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