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Chapter 32

Time passed, and before long, I’m going to be a middle school student of the Saint Satanachia Academy . The end-of-term ceremony would take place in March, and we would soon be a first-year middle school student . Before that, though, there’s a graduation ceremony . Starting from Laursenpai who was the head of the Round Table, a lot of other senpais are also graduating . Us fourth-year elementary schoolers aren’t able to attend their graduation ceremony, but we’re holding a farewell party to see them off . Some of them decided not to leave school and go on forward and attend a bachelor course but most of them are men, and compared to the rest, the numbers of people who chose to do so is not much . Perhaps the Round Table being a meeting place for nobilities are one reason for it . They would learn the basics of magic, and once they obtained the basic knowledge and general education, they would get a more specialized study in their homes as a great noble . They’d learn how to rule a territory, how to command an army, or how to hold a diplomatic relation with other nobilities straight from their parents .

For the general student populace, more of them are more likely to go forward to higher education, aiming to become one of the Court Magicians . Since they’re not the eldest son, they’re not pressured to succeed their family, nor would they be concerned about the amount of income in their territory, and so they compensate that by getting a higher education .

By the way, I want to proceed to higher education myself, but my father was strongly against it . He’s really against the idea of me being a court magician…even though I really want to learn more magic .

Boo hoo…

Well, as long as I could pass through the date of my destruction, which is around the 3rd year of high school, I’m sure I could just live freely, so I don’t think I should be concerned that much .

Wait, how would I go about marriage though? Even as I am, I’m still the daughter of a ducal family . I’m sure I’ll be married off somewhere, but I still can’t imagine me doing that . Father had been yelling Friedrich this, Friedrich that, but I really couldn’t care less about being married to him . I would like the heroine Elza take care of him, but the question of who I’m supposed to marry still stands . If Iris has an older brother, I’d probably be okay marrying him and officially be siblings with Iris, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have an older brother .

All in all, I’d probably be wedded to another ducal family . Perhaps I’d be wedded off to another family outside the country .

Honestly, I don’t want that to happen . Even if there’s no language barrier, being wedded off to the Österreich empire would be like being a hostage, you know? Will that not bring shame to the family?

Is there a guy in this country that Father wouldn’t complain about and I could really like? Right now, I really don’t have anyone in mind . It’s not uncommon for nobles to marry despite the huge age difference, so it won’t be weird for them if I were to be wedded to an old man or something .

Sigh, my future looks bleak . Looks like I won’t be happy no matter how I roll . The only person I’m really interested in is Bernhardt-sensei, but he’s only a second son of a Viscount family . I’m sure father would immediately turn him away; I can see it in his eyes .

It’s a hard knock life for me indeed .

Still, I can’t find any other candidates even among the members of the Round Table, and besides, most of the members already had a partner in mind while my own Father is already looking for a candidate himself for me to marry . Other than Friedrich .

Well, whatever . A father should be thinking of his daughter’s happiness . We’re a ducal family, so there should be at least a bit of freedom in choice, so I shouldn’t have to worry that much .

Alright then, let’s shelf our discussion of my future for now and see my senpais off .

“Senpais, congratulations on your graduation!”

Everyone from elementary and middle school gathered up in the Round Table to see our senpais off . The representative of the current students, a kid from middle school gave a bouquet to Laura…wait what? You’re not giving it to Laursenpai?  For some reason, she’s giving it to a guy who’s the vice president of the Round Table .

After the middle school student gave her parting speech, it was free time .

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“Laursenpai, Laursenpai,” I rushed towards Laursenpai, doubting what I just saw . “Laursenpai, you’re graduating, right?”

“I’m not . I’ll be staying in the academy . ”

Huh? What’s going on? Does she not have enough credits to graduate? No way .

“I’m going for higher education . My fiancée isn’t old enough to be married, so my Father allowed me to do as I like until then . ”

“Really…Laursenpai is going for university…”

Woow! The Round Table is full of high-ranking nobles but a girl like Laursenpai is going forward to university? I envy her!

“By the way, what major are you choosing?”

“Magical Engineering related to Blood Magic . Well, I’ll be able to be married before I can finish the course, so I might not be able to get the degree . ”

Blood Magic Engineering! I have to visit her research facility in the future!

“Then I’ll come play to your place sometimes . I’m interested in the curriculum too . ”

However, Laursenpai replied with an odd question .

“Ara? Aren’t you going to marry after graduating, Astrid-chan?”

“Huh? With who?”

“With his Highness Friedrich, obviously? Is that not the case?”

“N-no way, no way . He’s only going along with my whims out of courtesy . I’m sure his heart belongs to someone else…yes, I’m sure . There should be another woman who will seize his heart . ”

“Hmm, I thought you were aiming for his Highness, Astrid-chan, but it seems like I’m wrong . ”

Who would be sane enough to go for that nuclear landmine, Laursenpai? You’re crazy .

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“Well, us nobles mostly had no choices as of who we will end up being together with . I myself prefer having older partners but I end up being given 3 younger candidates . I must admit that younger boys have their own charms too though, like I could teach him with his studies and such . ”

Kuh…Is she boasting about her relationship?

I like older guys too you know!

“Then please study hard, enjoy the love of your lifetime and live your life to the fullest . Otherwise if you lose your will to enjoy life, your life will turn so bleak . ”

“Yes, Laursenpai . You too, good luck with your university . ”

Still, I envy her . Blood Magic Engineering, huh…if I could study like her, I could probably link my nervous system with gun systems, and it would be super useful when the time comes, but that time would come before I could get to study undergraduate curriculum, so the bottom line is; I don’t have time . I thought I still had 10 years left so I thought I could take it easy, but time flew by so quickly that 4 years has passed .

Aah…what should I do…


Ugh…why would you come out when I was busy worrying about my future, you human nightmare .

“Looks like you were deep in thought, Astrid . Is it because our senpais are graduating?”

“T-That’s right…It will feel lonelier without them…”

I was just thinking about how to tear you to pieces!

“I understand your feeling . It would definitely feel lonelier after our senpais graduate . But don’t you think it feels better to know that there will be new students joining our Round Table?”

Well, I agree that the cheerful first year students are all cute, and I feel a sense of pride that little sister Iris is going to have underclassmen of her own, though I understand that as underclassmen they won’t be actively trying to get close to her . It seems that Iris is slowly conquering her shyness, but it does feel like she still has a long way to go . She would cautiously observe the person, and even when she recognizes that the other person won’t bite, she would wait until the other person calls out to her first . That’s the kind of girl she is .

I’d be lying if I didn’t find that side of her cute, but I’m really worried that she wouldn’t get accustomed to the life of her standing . Not that I want her to be thoughtless towards other people like I am though…

Aah…thinking about it once again, Iris too would one day be married off to someone, huh…That’s sad…

“Speaking of underclassmen, did you hear that Adolf’s little brother is going to enroll into our academy soon?”

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“Is that so?”

Huh? Adolf has a little brother? I’ve got no clue about it since there’s no mention of him in the game . Iris didn’t appear in the game either, so I don’t really know how she’ll end up in the future . I feel like given how cute she is, Iris won’t be going towards a bad ending though .

That said, I don’t know how Miine-kun and the others are going to end up as well . The Astrid in the game has some followers who ganged up on Elzkun along with her, but the game didn’t even hint that they faced any sort of repercussions .

Either way, Miine-kun is in a hot spicy relationship with Adolf . I’m sure she won’t have a bad ending either…no, wouldn’t it be dangerous if Elzkun decides to go for Adolf? Dang it, I’d need to hide Adolf as well then…

Let’s hope Elzkun would aim for a bright future with Friedrich instead . Rejoice, Elzkun . You’ll be an empress in the future . I really want to have you at an arm’s length, but don’t push off the things you don’t want to me, alright?


“Aah, my apologies, your highness . ”

Damn, I was so preoccupied with the things in my mind that I unconsciously stayed quiet for a long time .

“Adolf’s little brother is called Dietrich . He seems to have an extraordinary talent in magic like you do . If possible, I hope you can give him a warm welcome to our Round Table . ”

“Yes, your Highness . ”

The little brother isn’t a capture target, so I doubt he’ll be a landmine . I mean if there’s going to be more landmines, I’m seriously going to cry .

“Onee-sama, are you still in the middle of a conversation?”

“No, we just finished . Do you need anything?” I smiled in response to Iris’ question . Only you and you alone can bring peace to my heart .

“…Father told me something earlier today that worried me…”

“Really? If you don’t mind, I can hear you out . ”

My cute little sister’s problems are my problems .

“Actually…I think I have a fiancée now…”

“Huh…? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it…”

Fiancee!? I haven’t gotten one, but Iris already has a fiancée!?

“W-What’s his name?”

“The gentleman’s name is Wörner Albrecht von Württemberg, and he seems to be just about to enroll into the academy this year…he’s the next head of the Württemberg ducal family . ”

So a duke would wed his children to a children from another ducal family, as I expected .

Iris doesn’t have siblings, so if things go well, the Braunschweig family and the Württemberg family will consolidate…maybe that’s just how much they wanted to inherit their lineage, but can Iris even get along with Wörner?

“Are you worried, Iris?”

“Yes…I have never met Wörner-sama, so I do not know what kind of person he is, and so I am worried if I can get married with him or not…If…If he says that he does not fancy me, I…”

“If that ever happen, I’ll drill a lot of rubber bullets into his head . ”

I swear I’ll greet him with rubber bullets if he ever thought that my adorable little sister is not worthy of his hand-in marriage . Heck, she’s so cute that even I want to marry her myself .

“Wörner, is it?”

Ah, you’re still here, Friedrich? Can you like not get in between the private moment between me and my little sister?

“I have heard rumors about him, but I heard that he is a very well-mannered young man . I also heard that he too has great talent in magic just like Dietrich . I believe he would be a great husband . ”

I say, the royal connections are really impressive . He knows more about the nobles in this country than I ever can .

“That’s what he said . Isn’t that great, Iris?”

“Yes, I am a bit relieved . ”

Sigh, Iris has gotten herself a safe fiancée while here I am swimming in the sea of landmines…Life is so unfair…

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