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The Villainess Encountered a Fairy

Forest. Forest. Forest.

It’s all just forest.

I brought a compass so that she don’t get lost. This too is an item I made with magic. This world has invented compass, but the Duke’s house has no need for one, so I made one instead of buying it.

I remembered the road Father and his friends go through. I also mapped through this forest, so it probably won’t be so disastrous if I made a mistake. We entered through the west side of the forest, so if I go west it should be good. At least I would be able to get out of the forest that way.

Astrid: “But still…there’s no catch in sight…”

Father could find deers or wild rabbits, but I couldn’t even find a mouse. I’ve heard that this is quite a peaceful forest, but I couldn’t find any preys to complement it. I can’t test fire this way.

Astrid: “Oop! What’s that…?”

As I was running around the forest with Blood Magic active, I saw a startling scene.

There’s a monster shaped like half-eagle and half-carnivore sitting in the partially open space in the forest. Its size is twice the size of the horses pulling our carriage.

Astrid: “G-Gryphon?”

If I recall correctly, I’ve read about it in a magical beast picture book, and it’s called a Gryphon. It’s quite ferocious, and it’s said that there are a lot of cases in which they attack and eat humans. I also heard that its favorite food includes horses.

Why is such dangerous creature in the Minister of War’s hunting ground…

???: “Hii! Not tasty! Not tasty I’m telling you! Blau is not tasty!”

And after that when I look closely, there’s an even stranger thing in front of the Gryphon’s eyes.

She’s a child wearing a three-piece blue apron dress that children would normally use, had blue hair, and blue eyes. She’s about the size of your palm, truly a fancy being, and the Gryphon is glaring daggers at her.

Astrid: “Is that a Fairy or something?”

It’s the first time I’ve seen a fancy child, but according to what Wolf-sensei told me about fairies, I couldn’t be wrong.

Meanwhile, that fairy-san is getting eaten by the Gryphon. The Gryphon is licking its beaks while it’s drooling all over. Wasn’t your favorite food supposed to be horses? I don’t think eating such small being would fill your huge stomach you know…

Fairy: “Ah! The human over there! Save me! Save mee!”

As I was spacing out observing the Gryphon and Fairy-san, the latter turned my way and waved her hands. As she did, the Gryphon also followed suit and started intimidating me with a growl.

Astrid: “Ah well. I’ve no choice but to fight, huh. It’s the perfect enemy anyways.”

I raised my Blood Magic up until it’s almost the limit to boost my physical strength, and after that I took my shotgun and loaded 5 slug shells into it.

Alright then. If my enemy is a monster that’s about to eat a fairy, no one would complain if I kill it. Tonight’s snacks will be fried chicken!

Gryphon: “KIIIIIIIIIII!!!”

The Gryphon let out a shrill cry, turned to me and approached for an attack.

Astrid: “Come at me then, you uncooked karaage!”

As I grinned, I started off by aiming at the Gryphon’s torso and drilled a slug into it.

Gryphon: “GIII!?”

The slug ammo splendidly hit the Gryphon’s stupidly huge head, but unfortunately it’s not a fatal wound for it, but it was enough for it to shriek and stop its charge.

Astrid: “Shall we go from the bottom then?”

I moved the forend to discharge the empty shell and load the next ammunition into the chamber. I then rush toward the Gryphon and attacked.

You might be thinking “what are you doing?”, but the Gryphon’s using its thick skull covering its head as a shield and charge in, so there will be no end to it if I keep attacking it from the front. I’ll just waste my ammo that way.

In that case—!

I ignored my skirt that’s flipped up by the wind and closed in to its front, then in an instant, I flanked it by sliding underneath it.

And then I fired.

Gryphon: “KIIIIHH!”

It’s a great shot. The slug hit its flank and gouged its inside while remaining in there. Without delay, I loaded my next shot and once again hammered slug rounds into the Gryphon.

Gryphon: “Kiii…”

Did I get the large blood vessels of the Gryphon’s heart and lungs? Its feet are swaying and it let out a loud crash as it falls.

Astrid: “Did I kill it?…no, I’ll stop before I jinx myself.”

I stepped on the Gryphon’s head with my foot, and then I double-tapped it with another slug round. This time it penetrated its relatively thin temple and scattered its brains on the ground.

Done and done.

Astrid: “Are you alright?”

Fairy: “Y-You saved me, Human-san…”

I called out to the fancy fairy, and it sighed deeply. She flapped her butterfly-like wings and flied in my direction.

Fairy: “But…Human-san, you can see me?”

Astrid: “I can see you just fine though?”

Fairy-san tilted her head as she asked, but I just answered it like it’s obvious. Her cute blue three-piece dress are flying clearly in front of my eyes.

Fairy: “Hoho! I’m glad! You’re suitable then Human-san!”

Astrid: “Sootable?”

I only heard a bit about fairies from Wolf-sensei so I’ve no idea what she’s talking about.

Fairy: “Only some humans and monsters can see us fairies. That type of person could be said to be suitable to Fairies. What is your name, Human-san?”

Astrid: “Astrid. Astrid Sophie Von Oldenburg. What’s your name?”

There’s a lot I wanted to ask, but let’s start with her name.

Blau: “Blau is Blau, Astrid-san. I’m thankful that you saved me!”

Astrid: “By the way, were you about to be eaten? You shouldn’t really be the size of food for a monster that big, right?”

Blau-chan the Fairy introduced herself, and I asked the thing I’ve been curious for a while. Fairy-san is too small for a Gryphon to eat. She’s just about as small as half a small cream puff..

Blau: “Fairies are full of mana. The monsters had learned that if they eat us they’ll gain some power, so when they find us fairies, they’ll go for us. I was just about to be eaten earlier.”

Hee~ so if you eat a fairy your mana will be…

Blau: “Astrid-san? Your eyes is looking at Blau like the Gryphon did…”

Astrid: “By the way, are you tasty?”

Blau: “GYAAAA!!”

Well it’s not like I can eat Fairy-san. I’m not that abnormal in pursuing my curiosity.

Astrid: “I’m just fooling. Anyways, what can you do, Blau?”

Blau: “Fairies can do fairy things you know?”

Yeah I’m implying that I don’t know what those are.

Blau: “There are a lot of special privileges if you’re contracted to a fairy you know! Since Human-san had saved me, if you want to make a contract it’s an okay from me!”

Astrid: “Hee. But I don’t really know that much though…”

I mean there might be those scary fairies that takes your soul or something…

Blau:“Alright then can I follow you, Astrid-san? You can ask the adults if you can make a contract with me and if they allow it then let’s make a contract! Let’s do that!”

Astrid: “That’s a good idea since I won’t be able to make a decision with my own discretion.”

This child is somewhat very excited. Does she really have an ulterior motive…?

Blau: “Why are you making such suspicious eye, Astrid-san? Blau is a good fairy you know?”

Astrid: “No I’m telling you I still don’t know.”

You have to be careful around unidentified things. Fuuh.

???: “Astrid! Where are you!”

Astrid: “Geh, father had noticed.”

It was at that time when I heard Father’s calls.

Astrid: “Father! I’m he—re!”

I approached Father in one dash using Blood Magic. If they come to where I was, they’ll find the Gryphon’s dead body and I’ll have to explain it, and that’s going to be an ultimate pain in the arse.

Father: “Astrid! What happened!? You suddenly disappeared so I was surprised!”

Astrid: “I-I actually found a forest fairy.”

Father was mad. There goes my favorability points I guess…

Fraunhofer: “Oh, there certainly is a fairy following you. Is it a wind elemental?”

Blau: “Yes! Blau’s element is Wind!”

Huh? Count Fraunhofer is someone who can see one too?

Father: “There’s a fairy? I don’t see a thing.”

Fraunhofer: “Paul is not suitable then I suppose. It’s right over there, on top of Astrid-chan’s shoulder. It looks like she’s getting attached to Astrid.”

Blau: “It’s because Astrid-san saved me from a Gryp—”

I promptly covered the mouth of the fairy who was about to say unnecessary things.

Astrid: “I was loitering around the forest when I saw her, and before I knew it she got attached to me. I think it’s because I gave it some cookies.”

Blau: “I didn’t get any cookie—”

Eei just follow what I say, you stupid Fairy.

Fraunhofer: “Well, well. For magicians, fairies can be considered as partners. If she’s very attached to you, how about making a contract?”

Astrid: “Is it really okay for me to make a contract?  She won’t take my life or shorten my lifespan or something?”

Fraunhofer: “I-I’ve never heard of fairies that does that…”

Alright. Count Fraunhofer had already given me his okay.

Astrid: “Blau, let’s make a contract.”

Blau: “Yes!”

Blau nodded as if she’s been waiting for my words.

Blau: “Okay, I’ll make my pledge.”

Blau fluttered on top of my palm as she said that.

Blau: “I, Blau of the Karlpert Forest and thee, Astrid, shall make a contract that binds our soul.”

Soul, huh. It’s still kind of scary.

Blau: “Seal the vow with a kiss should you choose to accept, or end the vow by closing your eyes, should you choose to refuse.”

But Count Fraunhofer said that the fairies are good partners for magicians, so let’s agree to the contract.

I gently laid my lips upon Blau’s forehead.

Blau: “With this, the contract is established. Please take care of me from now on, Master!”

Astrid: “Likewise, please take care of me, Blau-chan.”

Well, if she didn’t manage to be of any use to me, I can just think that I obtained a cute mascot.

Father’s Friend: “But to think that you’ve found a fairy. You’ve managed to find an unthinkable catch, haven’t you, madam Astrid?”

Father’s Other Friend: “Don’t you think your daughter is born to be an Imperial Magician, Paul?”

With Father being in the center of such fuss, the sun is starting to set, and we end our hunt.

Because of today, Father’s favorability points spiked up! He even extended the time for me to practice magic! I also managed to meet the fairy that doesn’t even appear in the game, so my magic development is going to continue from here on forward. Oooh!

By the way, after that, people found the Gryphon’s corpse and there was a ruckus on who had killed it. I feigned ignorance as Father was talking about the Gryphon, but mother turned to me with her usual oriental smile.

Mother, you’re sharp…

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Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Enjoy your day!

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