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Published at 14th of January 2021 10:40:56 AM

Chapter 130

Title: The Villainess Female Supporting Character Raising Her Bun
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 130 - Li KangYi on the Move Again (2)

Jiang MingYuan was in a meeting and his phone was inside of his pocket . Feeling the vibration from it, he pulled it out and looked at it .

It sounded like she was referring to the vacation plan and it’d seem like he had made the right decision . Jiang MingYuan was quite pleased by her initiative . While looking at the person talking during the conference, Jiang MingYuan typed blindly under the table .

[You are welcome . Glad you like it . ]

Cheng Huan sneered when she received the message and tossed her cellphone aside . She then gestured XingXing to look over the brochures with her .

XingXing had never left town in his entire life and was very excited about the upcoming trip . All the pictures were of the best spots in a city, XingXing looked at this one and that one and wanted to visit all of them .

“Mommy, can’t we visit all of the places?” XingXing was sitting cross legged on the couch and there was a brochure opened up on his legs . This was the third one that he was looking at and he liked all of them .

“There was only three days’ time over new year time so we can only pick one of them,” said Cheng Huan to her son as she closed up the last brochure that she was looking at . “XingXing can pick the place that he wanted to visit the most and we will visit the other places one by one in the future . ”

“I want to visit all of them the most!” said the little kiddo immediately!

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“No, it doesn’t work that way . ” Cheng Huan raised one finger and said, “It must be ‘the most’ . You must pick one of them . ”

XingXing stared at Cheng Huan’s one finger for a long while before he pouted and lowered his head and said reluctantly, “Oh, alright . ”

The mother and son looked through all of the travel brochures and finally decided on Red Coral Island .

This island was a bit of distance from the land mass and located in the tropics . Its area was not big but its scenery was notable . The area of the ocean surrounding the island was very bountiful and known for their coral reefs . This was originally the location of a military base but the base had been moved away since and the island was gradually developed into a tourist attraction .

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On the Red Coral Island, other than its natural scenery, there was also a lot of remnants from the military base . There were the barracks, statues, and also underground tunnels dug by the soldiers . There was even a guard box by the ocean . Visiting this location could also double as a patriotic educational trip .

Little boys were always by anything military . Cheng Huan was not surprised by his choice at all . Once they have made their decision, she texted Jiang MingYuan again .

Jiang MingYuan was still in the office .

When the big boss wanted to work overtime, those under him must pretend that they were busy as well . Even if they had nothing to do, they’d need to sit at their desk and look busy .

And Li KangYi was one of those people .

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As one of the members of Jiang MingYuan’s sizeable team of primary team, Li KangYi’s position was a bit on the awkward side .

Externally speaking, assistants to the President sounded good and have bright futures . They were considered confidants of the President . Should they ever transfer to a subsidiary, they would at least have the title of a director .

Yet none of these has much to do with Li KangYi . His ability was mediocre and being a nepotistic hire, many of his colleagues looked down on him .

Li KangYi wanted to get ahead and had always worked on improving his relationships with his colleagues . He was a people person and, as long as he set his mind to it, would be able to become buddies with just about anyone .

Unfortunately, his talent that worked everywhere else failed when it came to his boss . The man did not care about his flattery at all, let alone giving him any special treatment . Li KangYi stayed in the company for five years and witnessed first hand three employees more senior than him and one junior one being transferred to a subsidiary . The two senior to him became heads of their respective department and the one who was recruited the same time as him became the number one assistant . Everybody around him had became successful and wealthy and that made Li KangYi anxious .

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