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Published at 29th of July 2020 04:44:33 PM
Chapter 85

Title: The Villain’s Younger Sister
Translator: Fringe Manatee

Chapter 85 - Is She Pregnant? Is That Why You Need To Get Married Right Away? (2)

As they were talking it over, Nie AnAn came home . Mother Nie brought her up to speed on the engagement .  

Nie AnAn was dumbfounded for a bit, then she asked nervously, “Next month?”

She had felt for sure that an engagement between two prominent families would take a while to prepare . Even before her transmigration, she had always heard that it took over six months just to book a wedding location .  

But next month… ?

Nie AnAn felt a little anxious . After all, she wasn’t sure how Huo YanXiao felt about her .

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Why did he agree to the marriage alliance? Was it the alliance or was it her?

Being preoccupied with that question, Nie AnAn was still dazed when she arrived home that day .  

At the same time, her cellphone rang, and it was Ji YunChuan .  

“Hey, AnAn, ‘Gold Medal Inn’ invited me to join the next season’s filming . I want to confirm that you will be there as well . ”

Nie AnAn forced the question out of her head and said, “Mhmm, I will be there for the next season . ”

“Great . That’s settled . We will be on the show together again for the upcoming season,” said Ji YunChuan . “I’ve heard that they are going to be using a different location for filming . This time it is going to be next to the ocean . It’s also a recently developed tourist spot . ”

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“Is that so? I hadn’t been following it . Let me go look it up online,” said Nie AnAn, still a little bit out of it .

“Haha, don’t bother with it . Do you have time tomorrow?” asked Ji YunChuan . “C’mon out . I will show you the information . ”

“How about tomorrow afternoon?” asked Nie AnAn .  

“Not a problem . Let’s meet at 2 PM at Hai Qiong Plaza,” said Ji YunChuan .

After she had closed out of WeChat, Nie AnAn sent a confirmation mail to the production team .  

She hadn’t planned on joining for the third season originally, as Huo YanXiao had said that he wouldn’t be the secret guest again .  

But she felt that the new development made things awkward between them . His intention with her was unclear . That made Nie AnAn reflexively want to get an answer and confirmation through spending some time apart .

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She told Huo YanXiao that night that she would be joining the filming of the third season of the show .  

Huo YanXiao nodded after he heard the news and said, “Oh, okay . Then, AnAn, you be safe during the filming and keep in touch with me at all times . ”

Nie AnAn promised and wanted to wait for Huo YanXiao to say something else, but his cellphone rang . It seemed like the call was work-related, and he quickly left for his study .  

Nie AnAn felt a small amount of disappointment .

She recalled that she had wondered who Huo YanXiao would end up with while she was reading the novel before .

But, there was no mention of Huo YanXiao having a relationship throughout the entire novel .  

Like a machine who would never feel tired, he seemed to have dedicated every ounce of his energy at the Huo’s Corporation .  

There had never been shortage of women interested in him around him, but he never responded to any of them .  

It seemed as though he would never love another person .  

Then, did he only agree to the marriage alliance because she asked?

Perhaps, because he didn’t know how to turn her down and didn’t want to embarrass her, he decided to just agree to it?

She could also see that the way that Huo YanXiao would treat her would be exactly the same as they were right now even after they were married to each other .  

No intimacy, no interactions like that between a couple . There was a good chance that he would still treat her just like a sister .

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