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Chapter 53
Chapter 53 – Blue Luan

For the first time, Duan Chongxuan’s face turned cold, and a wave of breakthrough stage power suddenly burst forth .  Li Lin withdrew a few steps subconsciously, standing behind a bodyguard .  

He stretched out his neck and yelled, “Who cares who your dad is? No matter how big your dad is, can he be bigger than my dad?! My dad is Bao Pu Sect’s Li Changhong . Don’t mention that you don’t dare to hit me in Ye City, you wouldn’t dare to hit me anywhere else!”

He thought the other party was getting angry, so he cursed him even more unpleasantly .  Duan Chongxuan did not say another word; instead he gazed outside the window and raised his head to the sky .

Yin Biyue had already stood up . If Chatterbox had the intention to make a move, he would go first against the Lesser Vessel cultivator .

Several city guards quietly walked behind Li Lin and his group, standing at a position where it would be advantageous to entangle Li Lin’s bodyguards .  The captain, when he saw, could tell that they wanted to mediate the fight by helping Yin Biyue’s side1, but he didn’t stop them . It was considered to be tacitly allowed .

The atmosphere became tense .  Li Ling seemed to have sensed something, and the sound of his curses began to weaken .

In reality Duan Chongxuan wasn’t very angry .  He was only missing his dad a little .

From the moment ‘Feng Huo, Beckoning Fire‘ was used, he started to miss him . He thought back to when he was in seclusion experiencing a breakthrough, and during the time when he was self-reflecting .

As someone in his twenties, being away from home for so long, to think about his dad was really embarrassing .  But he never even imagined that today he would encounter the world’s stupidest question—

No matter how big your dad is, can he be bigger than my dad?

Thus he responded, “You’re wrong . I’d dare to hit you, and my dad would dare to hit your dad . ”

Li Lin returned, “Pah!”

Okay, now the even stupider question came— How to prove that my dad is my dad?

Duan Chongxuan pondered a bit, and from his sleeves he pulled out a half-inch silver whistle . Everybody, even Yin Biyue didn’t understand . This whistle wasn’t even a dharma instrument; what was the point of pulling it out now?

Li Lin had already forgotten to keep cursing, nervously watching the other’s movements .

Duan Chongxuan held the whistle and blew into it . The whistling sound was clear and drawn-out, travelling far and wide, drifting in the wind .

He gazed at the sky, expression solemn .  However, after a few moments passed, nothing even happened .

Li Lin started to roar with laughter, “Ha ha ha, do you guys see this lousy toy—”

Duan Chongxuan also felt the same; maybe this thing was too old and unmaintained . Let alone, the distance was quite far, so even not hearing it was normal . He coughed lightly, planning to say something .

At this time, the leader looked out the window and said, “The wind started?”

The wind started abruptly . Without a trace of prior indication, there came cries of alarm and sounds of things falling from the streets . The thick elm tree ruthlessly bent over . The dust swirled around, blowing so hard that people couldn’t even open an eye, and all fled into the shops .  

The gale poured inside, causing the teahouse’s windows to clatter . The tea set on Yin Biyue’s table was blown onto the ground .

Crash . Pieces of broken porcelain shattered across the ground .  

The entire city was swaying from the squall .

Li Lin looked out the window, blankly standing there, speechless .

The squadron captain was the first to react . He hurried like mad down the teahouse, yelling, “First-class warning — notify everyone to take shelter from the wind . Number four group, come with me to open the city tunnels —”

The streets were immediately cleared . Some ran home, some hid inside stores . The doors were closed tightly, yet the squalls blew so hard that windows couldn’t even hold .

The sky suddenly went dark, as if an immense shadow shrouded over Ye City’s skies .  And the clouds behind the shadow emanated a terrifying power that could destroy heaven and earth .

Within the residence of the City Master, Ye Zhiqiu nervously stood up .

However, after he glanced at the sky he sat back down again, muttering to himself, “Duan Sheng’an? You don’t even say a word when you come… . ”

The color of the sky went darker and darker . Just as people thought Ye City would be ravaged by the shadow, the dark cloud that was above the ninth heaven2 bizarrely started to shrink . It lowered a bit more . Some people saw clearly that it was something blue . Yet, it was simply too big, covering the sky and the sun .

In an instant, the wind stopped .

The shadow in the sky shrunk another ten times again, steadily landing on the empty streets, like a small mountain falling down out of thin air!


Dust and smoke flew everywhere, and the blue stone bricks ruptured with deep cracks . Ye City’s attendant, who was running from the other side of the street, was forcefully pushed back ten zhang before he could stop!

Inside the teahouse, Li Lin’s party was shocked speechless .

What was this?

This kind of power—don’t tell me there’s a Greater Vessel?

Waiting for the dust to clear, the people in the street shops peeped carefully from the windows, but they only saw two huge bird claws, which were embedded into the ground like iron hooks . Further up, there were bird legs thick like a tree trunk . The blue tail feathers behind it were very long, occupying the entire long street .

It actually turned out to be a blue-winged bird .

No, how could there be such a large blue-winged bird?

It slightly turned its head, its crimson pupil facing directly toward the teahouse .

It towered above the people who were on the second floor, surveying them . It was like how humans looked at ants, with a type of aloof indifference .

Li Lin’s cultivation stage was the lowest . Just by being merely glanced at, he felt his chest and his meridians quake and abruptly fell onto his knees .

However no one went to help him . All his bodyguards were worried about their own lives .

The window was too small . Only the upper half of its body could be viewed from the inside . Yet being stared down by such an apathetic pupil, no one dared to move .

Some people guessed at the reason, but they couldn’t believe it . Cold sweat streamed down, soaking through their clothes .

In the dead silence, a voice rang out, “Didn’t I say, when you come down, land a little softer…”

It was Duan Chongxuan .

People thought he went crazy .

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Yin Biyue knew that holding any kind of sword was useless right now . Yet he was still ready to stand in front of Chatterbox .

He saw this before in an illustrated handbook; it was a blue-winged luan3 . In this entire world only the emperor of the Northern Continent raised them . Every single one was at the Greater Vessel stage .

To spread its wings was the wind, its breath was the fire; it could instantly traverse ten thousand li .

But he didn’t know why it suddenly came here .

At this time, its scarlet pupil moved, its gaze falling onto Duan Chongxuan .

Yin Biyue became nervous at once, but he suddenly discovered that the expression in its eyes changed .

Like… it was wronged .

A huge head rubbed against the roof of the tea house . Ash rustled down, and the teahouse shook as if in an earthquake .

Duan Chongxuan hastily yelled out, “You can’t get in this way, shrink a bit smaller!”

Then the colossus that occupied the entire street like a small mountain actually changed into the size of a crane . It flew in from the window, landing in front of Duan Chongxuan .

Duan Chongxuan raised his hand, and it lowered its head, rubbing its raised feather on its crown on his palm .

“Alright already, I know you didn’t do it on purpose . ”

The blue-winged luan let out a low hoot .

Duan Chongxuan happily exclaimed to Yin Biyue, “Fourth Shixiong! This is Luan Er!

Yin Biyue felt a bang— in his head, and his entire world exploded .

Li Lin still knelt on the ground; Duan Chongxuan spoke to him, “Not only do I dare to hit you, my dad’s bird also dares to hit you . ”

Li Lin did not respond, because he had fainted .

The deathly stillness in the teahouse became an air of panic . They finally dared to ascertain the person who was standing opposite them . There was only the Northern Continent Emperor in this world who raised blue-winged luan, and the emperor had only one son .

No one dared to impersonate him .

The Lesser Vessel bodyguards bowed so deep to Duan Chongxuan that they were almost on the brink of crawling on the floor, their hands shaking uncontrollably . They still felt it was not enough to make up for the offense just now, so they still wanted to say something else, “Your Highness…”

Chatterbox waved his hand, “You guys may leave . ”

The bodyguards lifted Li Lin, and they ran downstairs in fear .

Yin Biyue came back to his senses, and he found bizarrely that his previous teasing toward Chatterbox was true .

Could it be that he’s never been in a carriage, that he’s been flying in the sky?

He really might have .

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This scam was born in the imperial family and even dared to imitate a fake imperial edict!

He didn’t need to imitate . In a few years time, his words would be the imperial decree .

#My chatterbox shidi is the future emperor . #

Heheh .

Why was life such a fantasy?

After flooding the screen with comments4, Yin Biyue finally recovered his voice, “This matter… Do Shixiong and Shijie know?

Chatterbox blanked for a moment, “Which matter? Luan Er?”

“… Your identity . ”

Chatterbox thought for a bit, “Eldest Shixiong definitely knows; it was him who originally opened the letter .  Shijie… should know too . Third Shixiong, hard to tell . Maybe he doesn’t know . ”

Yin Biyue was consoled .

He couldn’t be the only person who didn’t know .

In the future, he could even scare Third Shixiong .

He continued to ask, “Now that a lot of people know, would it be a problem?”

This matter was huge . Very quickly, the entire Ye City, Southern Continent, and the entire world would know .

Duan Chonguan calmed down . He himself didn’t know why he had called Luan Er here . Maybe it was because he missed dad, that he also missed it too .

Then he started to smile . It was already here anyway, so it was perfect to return home with it . There were some words he had wanted to speak with his dad .

Thus, he said, “I’ll go home, then there wouldn’t be any problems . ”

In the residence of the City Master, Ye Zhiqiu was expressionless, listening to his city guards’ report on the damages to the streets .

As he thought about how although Duan Sheng’an hadn’t come, he was still able to cheat him . He instructed the guard, “Don’t pursue the person responsible for this matter for now . Repair the roads slowly, and use the best materials . Also, add up those other losses thoroughly, and make an invoice…”

At this time, the butler hurriedly ran in, “Master, three thousand imperial guards have gathered outside the city walls . The leading general said he wants to see their crown prince!”

Yin Biyue and Duan Chongxuan walked toward Lake Qiu . With something going wrong in the city, Luo Mingchuan would definitely go back to Lake Qiu to find them .

As they walked on the street, the crane-sized blue-winged luan followed them . And from time to time, it rubbed Duan Chongxuan’s hand with its feathers .

Yin Biyue glanced at them a few times, but he still couldn’t hold himself back .

You are a luan! A luan! A wild tyrant!!

Why is it showing a husky5 expression!!

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“Why… is it called ‘Luan Er’?”

Duan Chongxuan replied without hesitation, “ In order by age . Luan Da, Luan Er, Luan San…”


Good thing that the blue-winged luan only had the mind of a five-year old, or else it might actually cry .

In the next moment, the two of them stopped .

Because an attendant from the City Master’s residence had arrived and gave a solemn bow to Duan Chongxuan .

The Northern Continent’s imperial commander, Wang Xi, is outside the city with three thousand imperial guards . They ask to see Your Royal Highness . ”

Yin Biyue asked incredulously, “You also called these people?”

No way .  Luan can fly over oceans; don’t tell me that people can too?!

Duan Chongxuan replied at loss, “This time it really wasn’t me . ”






1) 拉偏架: pretend to be fair in stopping a fight but actually help one side by holding on to the other party and letting them get beat up .  



2) 九天 (ninth heaven): highest of the heavens



3) Luan: a type of mythological bird . Here’s a wiki about it .

4) 弹幕刷屏 (flooding the screen with comments): In China, popular video platforms have comments that go across the screen .  

5) 二哈 (husky): In chinese meme culture, huskies are known to be endearingly dumb despite looking cool and reserved .  

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