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Chapter 34: 34

Chapter 34 – Suffering
After offering their congratulations, one naturally couldn’t only report the good news and neglect the bad .

Thus, without saying much, tacitly, the three started to discuss their concerns .

Duan Chongxuan mumbled hesitantly, “Zheng Wei came, but then left… My guess would be that the city owner made a move .

Luo Mingchuan spoke, “That’s right, it is Ye City’s Lord .

Yin Biyue frowned, “Zheng Wei visited merely because I won against He Lai?

This was unreasonable .

Taking the responsibility of victory or defeat in the Flower Picking Festival was an unspoken rule . The higher realmed cultivators of the same sect might come to watch the fight as encouragement, but never was there a precedent for revenge .

Duan Chongxuan replied, “Master previously killed five Bao Pu Zong elders at the banks of Ba River; among them was Zheng Wei’s master . ”

Yin Biyue knew about this, but it still didn’t make sense .

Because Bao Pu Zong already endured for many years, why did they choose this time to act .

Duan Chongxuan’s next sentence turned the atmosphere solemn .

“News came from the Eastern Continent that half a month ago, somebody saw master enter the Fallen Star Abyss . I only came to know of it three days ago . At that time, shixiong, you were behind closed-doors to break through so I didn’t tell you . But I already sent a letter back to Xi Hua Peak . ”

Fallen Star Abyss was a place where even light could not reach .

During the Heavenly Calamity period, the fire rained from the sky and chasms open in the earth . Thousands of years later, numerous abysses fused together once more . Only one continued growing, its length traverse across half of the Southern Continent . No one knew how deep it was because no one ever returned . Therefore, it received its name: Fallen Star .

“Very few people know of this . I didn’t expect the speed at which Bao Pu Zong acquired this information was also this fast . Their response was similarly extremely quick… I suspect, they believe shifu cannot return . ”

Yin Biyue’s mood became heavy .

He didn’t know what the Sword Saint was doing at the Fallen Star Abyss nor the reason for the journey that never brought him back to the peak for many years . But he inexplicably believed that the Sword Saint’s actions always had their reasons .

Shifu was probably doing something big .

However, if the Sword Saint was gone then Bao Pu Zong’s Sage would be the world’s strongest cultivator . Cang Ya, had no Sage .

Although the sect leader was a Greater Vessel, if discussing marital prowess, he was inferior to Jun Yu, a half-step into Greater Vessel stage .

This was an exceedingly troublesome matter .

If their worst conjecture became reality, it wasn’t only them who faced danger, but also Cang Ya .

The three of them all understood that Zheng Wei’s arrival was simply for reconnaissance .

In the event that the Sword Saint continues to not appear, it was most likely because he couldn’t come .

This information would be leaked quickly; the overt and covert enemies of the Sword Saint and Cang Ya would all know, and uncountable crises would follow right behind .

Yin Biyue knew that the first to face these crises would be himself .

His cultivation was the lowest of the five people in Xi Hua Peak, other than Chatterbox . Yet many knew Duan Chongxuan was brought to Xi Hua Peak by Academy Director’s letter so naturally they assumed he might be the Director’s relative . Even if the Sword Saint was absent, the Academy would still be present and the Director of the Academy would also be present .

Bao Pu Zong’s sage would not take direct action; because a stage above sage would have already reached the saint’s realm and thus constrained by the natural law and must consider karma when doing things .

Only the Sword Saint’s actions were reckless and thoughtless, hence the reputation of disrespecting the natural law began to circulate secretly .

This type of person: the number of people who fervently worshipped him and revered him, an equal number hated that he didn’t just go die .

The first misgiving had already been settled . Yin Biyue still had two matters he couldn’t understand, “Why does it have to be Zheng Wei?”

If the outcome of the reconnaissance was the Sword Saint’s appearance, then the first to die would definitely be Zheng Wei .

This person was so loyal to his sect that it reached the point of sacrificing his own life?

Regarding each sect’s circumstances, Luo Mingchuan being Cang Ya’s head disciple obviously knew more, “If considering cultivation and martial prowess, it naturally would be the first of the seven sons, Lin Yuangui . But Zheng Wei is the best choice . ”

“He had already reached Soul Condensing stage when he was fourteen and invited Lin Yuangui for a fight . His defeat filled him with enough pent-up frustration he then killed three hundred mountain bandits .

Duan Chongxuan laughed coldly when hearing this, “The area surrounding HengDuan Mountain doesn’t have that many bandits; this is all Bao Pu Zong’s words . In my opinion, it’s most likely normal people . ”

Yin biyue felt a chill swell in his heart . He reached Soul Condensing stage at fourteen and dared to hold a sword to kill people .

Luo Mingchuan continued, “he broke through cultivation stages very quickly . Yet rather than describing him as a genius, it’s more suitable to say he’s a monster . Because every time he faced any hindrances during cultivation, he would grab his sword to kill people . ”

“After killing too many people, he doesn’t revere life anymore, and that includes his own life . He came this time, admittedly, on behalf of He Lai’s frustration; but more so of his own intention . ”

Luo Mingchuan switched another perspective to analyze, “Bao Pu Zong isn’t in complete control over Zheng Wei—this sharpened sword . Compared to Lin Yuangui who felt a sense of responsibility to the sect, he is more suited to be pushed out and sacrificed at any time . ”

Duan Chongxuan originally didn’t think to such a degree, but when he heard what they just said he suddenly understood everything all at once .

“I was under the impression that it’s because Lin Yuangui couldn’t casually leave the mountain . After all, a portion Bao Pu Zong’s protective array should’ve been handed to him . ”

Yin Biyue also believed that this reason was part of it as well . Because of Cang Ya’s protective array, half of it is in the hands of eldest shixiong .

He used to believe that the things he were least fond of without contention were unscrupulous people like He Lai . But now he discovered that he was wrong; when compared to Zheng Wei, He Lai seemed more like a normal person .

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Thus, there was only one last question left, “Ye City Lord, why would he help us?”

Because he was friends with the Sword Saint?

The view from the peak was lonely, even the worldly people will agree . It’s possible that even the Sword Saint’s closest friend, the Academy Director, would be of one mind with him .

Sword Saint… does he really have friends?

Duan Chongxuan, from his sleeve, pulled out a small book and flipped a few pages with the ease of familiarity,

“Third chapter, the twelfth clause: To avoid disturbing the citizens and involving them needlessly, cultivators within the city are prohibited from fighting or releasing killing intent for those that are Lesser Vessel and above . If one must contest amongst themselves and fight to the death, please move to the martial arena west of the city or outside the city . Violators will be punished by the listed code of conduct on chapter six .

“What is this?”

Duan Chongxuan flipped to the cover, “《Ye City’s City Laws》, they were given out for free to foreign cultivators everyday at the city gates . It’s a pity not many people take one . ”

Yin Biyue was speechless .

Luo Mingchuan was also somewhat regretful, “Anyways, it was the Ye City Lord who helped us . ”

Zheng Wei also had the same question .

He didn’t understand why the lord of Ye City made a move . The relations between the Ye government and the Qing Lu Sword Sect was pretty good . However, he never heard that Ye City government had old connections with Cang Ya .

With this thousand-mile trek to Ye City, he didn’t plan to kill Yin Biyue, but at least he was prepared to seriously injure him .

But presently, he was very unresigned .

This lack of resignation was felt by all of Bao Pu Zong’s disciples .

As he passed through winding corridors, the dense green vegetation on the two sides began to wilt and lose their leaves; as they seemed to arrive at late fall in an instant .

Thereupon the entire courtyard beside XingShui Bridge was wrapped in a deathly stillness .

Ye Zhiqiu was a very overbearing person .

This point was known by all who knew him .

If the matter within wind and rain at Lake Qiu was occuring outside the city, he wouldn’t spare it a glance .

But he forbids others killing people inside his city; even releasing a substantial killing intent was prohibited .

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This was the city law . One look at that Bao Pu Zong kid and he could tell he didn’t read it .

Yes, that Greater Vessel Zheng Wei made his name by killing people when he was young . But in Ye Zhiqiu’s eyes, he was just some unruly kid .

Ye Zheqiu knew of all happenings in this city .

Maybe in many strong cultivators’ eyes, provoking merchants and releasing killing auras were trivial matters .

But the city lord didn’t think this way .

Peddlers and merchants were also his people; releasing a substantial killing intent was to challenge him .

Ye City Lord, who was drinking tea beneath a tree, enjoying the cool air, slightly knitted his brows together . This was already Bao Pu Zong’s second time not reading the city laws .

Tsk, transgressions shouldn’t pass three . They shouldn’t violate his bottom line inside this city .

Thus, he reached out his hand to call for his butler, “Deliver some city law manuals over to those by XinShui Bridge . ”

Ever since Zheng Wei came by, Lake Qiu’s courtyard became more silent .

Yin Biyue became aware Duan Chongxuan seemingly turned diligent overnight . Not only did his chatter decrease, but he even stopped going to the tea pavilion and gambling house .

More of the time, he was in his room cultivating or asked Luo Mingchuan for guidance on some questions on cultivation .

Yes, Luo Mingchuan as Cang Ya’s head disciple was well-versed in answering questions and dispersing confusion .

Although Yin Biyue had also read through the ancient books and faced neither hindrance nor confusion on cultivation, he didn’t know how to teach .

Duan Chongxuan was not surprised in the slightest, on the contrary, felt it was to be expected, “Eldest shixiong also don’t know how to teach . When I first joined, the way to cleanse veins and purify marrows was taught by shijie . For you geniuses, cultivation is as close as intuition . How do you teach that?”

Yin Biyue didn’t feel he was a genius . On the contrary, because shixiong and shijie prodigies came before, it further became a formless pressure he put onto himself .

At night, when practicing beside Lake Qiu, his sword intent unexpectedly had one or two portions of ruthlessness of burning boats at sea .

They all had the tacit understanding that it was impossible to stay forever in Ye City which prohibited fighting . If the world’s power balance were to change, Xi Hua Peak’s shijie and shixiong will always have more important things to do .

In this kind of tense atmosphere, to see Luo Mingchuan who was as calm and steady as before, Yin Biyue would then also calm down and unlikely to go so far as to become fretful and anxious .

He knew Luo Mingchuan’s cultivation progress was steady, his mental state strong; never seeking instantaneous benefit nor engrossed in obtaining power .

This kind of condition was very good and was the least likely to go astray .

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Until Duan Chongxuan told him in private, “Fourth shixiong, I feel something isn’t right with Luo shixiong recently . ”

Yin Biyue was alarmed, “How can it be?”

The Chatterbox knitted his brows and said, “I also don’t know just what’s wrong . If I have to say… then it’s probably his expression in his eyes . Back home, when I was young, I saw many people; words and actions all may be fake, yet expressions in the eyes can never lie . I feel Luo shixiong might have a problem with his mind state . ”

With Chatterbox’s reminder, Yin Biyue paid more attention . However, he couldn’t see the slightest sign that Luo Mingchuan was different than his previous self .

Problems with the mental state were a big deal after all, and he couldn’t completely be rest assured . So he decided he would sit down and have a chat with Luo Mingchuan after the third round of the Flower Picking Festival ends .

Fully concentrating on cultivation, time flew by, and before his eyes, the third round of the Flower Picking Festival had already ended .

Cang Ya disciples beside Lake Qiu didn’t know of the crises that happened during the storm and didn’t know the news about the Sword Saint .

Some were dejected due to being eliminated last round, and some were in high spirits discussing next round’s drawing results .

They still trained their swords beside the lake, and after a while would chase each other in laughter and cursing . While shopping in Ye City, the ones who encountered the young ladies of Lian Jian Zong couldn’t help but glance over a second time . Those on the rooftop, cooling off while looking at the stars, sleep clouding their eyes and cottoning their brains, spoke of being someone important like the Sword Saint in the future .

Ruan Xiaolian, in the previous round, faced a disciple of Lian Jian Zong and was defeated within half a move . He Yanyun brought some liang gao back and said, “Don’t worry, when I get into the top ten, I’ll give you my picked leaf!”

Ruan Xiaolian’s eyes immediately brightened up, “Then until you pick your leaf, we’ll make lotus leaf glutinous rice chicken to eat!”

In order to encourage the youths of the cultivation world, Flower Picking Festival’s top ten could also climb the mountain to pick a single lotus leaf, as a symbol of honor .

He Lianyun wasn’t certain she would reach the top ten, but she patted her chest in a solemn vow, “Of course!”

Ruan Xiaolian smiled happily .

They weren’t aware in the slightest sense, that using the lotus leaf of honor in the Flower Picking Festival to make chicken, was doing anything wrong .

Luo Mingchuan was matched with a small sect disciple from the Western Continent border whose cultivation was also below his . It looked like an effortless win for him . .

Yin Biyue drew Lian Jian Zong’s Chen Yi whose cultivation was similar to his . But his opponent, after all, was Lian Jian Zong’s Sage’s disciple, and should have a combat power higher than his realm .

He frowned a little, yet his confidence didn’t sway .

When Duan Chongxuan finished drawing, his face looked a bit unwell, “Qing Lu Sword Sect, Cheng Tianyu . ”

From Yin Biyue’s mind drifted the image of that fuming, steam-bun-faced youth .

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