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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – A Lesson
On this tranquil dawn, who knew who it was that opened a window and caused a loud shout to travel downwards from a tall building, “Young Master Duan is here!!!–”

The palm of Duan Chongxuan’s fan wielding hand was suddenly covered in cold sweat .

A cloud of dust arose; scores of young women gathered their long skirts and waved their embroidered handkerchiefs . From alleyways, inns, and descended in a mad dash from tall towers, they emerged in waves of perfumed shadows .

Not even a blink of an eye later, both sides of the street were lined with crowds . Some of them wore delicately painted plum blossom makeup, hair adorned with pins encrusted with golden beads; while others only just awoke, and without time to to dress properly they emerged with their long hair billowing free and a light muslin veil covering their face

They stood along the sides of the street, their gazes burning into Duan Chongxuan .

Yin Biyue and Luo Mingchuan couldn’t help but put some distance between them .

Duan chatterbox scurried after them, “Can’t you two wait up a bit……”

This was the first time that Yin Biyue witnessed this kind of scene, “Your reputation has already… spread this far?”

Not even the female cultivators of LianJian Zong were like this; these were the young ladies of Ye City .

Ever since Duan Chongxuan returned from his fight that day, the shores of Lake Qiu became exceptionally lively .

Every day saw different girls “happening to pass by”, standing on the banks of the lake to take in the scenery .

In the small courtyard that Yin Biyue and company stayed in; oftentimes when waking up in the morning they’d be greeted with a courtyard full of waving handkerchiefs and scented sachets as soon as they pushed open the doors .

The Cang Ya disciples were all overjoyed . Being able to see beautifully dressed up girls every single day, their waists were no longer sore, their legs no longer hurt, and even put more strength into training their sword .

Their state of affairs had greatly improved .

Duan Chongxuan was a bit embarrassed, “I’ve inconvenienced you… . . ”

Luo Mingchuan gave a helpless smile, “… . . It’s not your fault either . ”

Yin Biyue took a look outside the courtyard walls where handkerchiefs danced in the air, and his lips twitched a little as he turned to ask the chatterbox, “Are you still going today?”

Out of the sixteen matches scheduled for today, four of them have contestants from Cang Ya, and one of the matches is Luo Mingchuan against Bao Pu Zong . If it was before his newfound popularity, Duan Chongxuan would definitely want to go .

But now, as soon as he took a step outside, he would garner the fervent gazes of the nearby young women to the point that it seems like their eyes would burn a hole straight through him .

Duan Chongxuan seemed to have thought of a bad experience, his expression stiffened for a moment, but he still grit his teeth and said, “Go! Why can I not go!”

There were many of Cang Ya’s matches, nearly all of the disciples have departed to go spectate; thus the three of them traveled alongside this grandiose troop towards the arena .

The dawn just broke and streetside breakfast stalls had just set up shop . Heat and hazy white fog billowing from bamboo steamer baskets were scattered by the breath of the morning breeze; the second floor windows of the teahouses have just been pushed open, the waiters hastily arranging benches inside and hanging brightly coloured wine banners . The quiet of the empty street occasionally disturbed by the a dog’s bark and the hum of cicadas .

He Yanyun patted Ruan Xiaolian on her shoulder, whispering reassurances to her, “Don’t be nervous, go and fight it out freely today! After we’re done we’ll go to TaiHe Pavillion to eat some roast chicken!”

Several disciples surrounded them, quietly discussing ideas and advice for Ruan Xiaolian .

These Cang Ya disciples didn’t have even a sliver of worry for Luo Mingchuan, who also had a match today .

They wouldn’t carelessly say something like “Luo-shixiong is sure to win this way or that”, but the image of Luo Mingchuan losing was unfathomable .

This is an inexplicable sense of trust that seemingly came out of nowhere .

But Luo Mingchuan is just such a person; the thousands of Cang Ya disciples all believe in him .

Yin Biyue took a glance at the person beside him .

His appearance today was as usual; his steps steady, expression neither too serious nor carefree .

He was wearing the same simple yet dignified Cang Ya sect robes as before . Like always, from his ponytail to his lapels, not a single hair nor stitch out of place .

Regardless of if he was simply walking on the rugged mountain paths on Cang Ya or if he was heading down Ye City’s main road towards a battle, he appeared the same as always, birthing the illusion he would remain forever constant to anyone who looked at him .

Although Luo Mingchuan didn’t put on any airs, at first glance, his dignified appearance contained hints of solemnity; evidently an unromantic upright gentleman . At a glance, Yin Biyue, with his white hair and cold expression was evidently someone difficult to get close to .

There’s also Duan Chongxuan who often had a hint of a smile tugging at his lips, with the appearance of a carefree young master but his true nature yet unrevealed, he was most appealing to these sixteen year old girls .

Thus within Ye City, basically every young girl could recite;

“Jade crowned, white clothed, wielding a fan of peaks and rivers; which family’s young master shook Ye City?”

Thankfully, after they were two li out of the city and arrived at the arenas, the presence of guards in the form of Qing Lu Sword Sect disciples meant the young ladies could no longer approach . Once they knew that Duan Chongxuan didn’t have a match today, they made a regretful departure from the scene .

Yin Biyue heard the Chatterbox breathe a long sigh of relief .

There’s visibly more people coming to spectate today, since there’s two particularly interesting fights to watch .

Both Luo Mingchuan and Zhong Shan were slated to fight today . Although both matches were considered to be matchups where they’re at an overwhelming advantage- without any suspense in the outcome- many people still wanted to see just how they would strike, and what the pace of the battle would be like .

There were particularly many Qing Lu Sword Sect disciples in attendance, surrounding the two people in the center like stars accompanying the moon .

Yin Biyue looked far into the distance, discovering that one of the people seemed very familiar to him . It was Young Heir Song that they’d seen in the northern outskirts of the city .

He was conversing with a youth standing beside him, who had a long sword hanging from his waist .

That’s right, at first glance, the first thing that one would notice was neither his figure nor his face, but instead immediately see only his sword .

That sword seemed to have some mysterious power; no sword cultivator would be be able to ignore its existence .

Duan Chongxuan whispered to him, “That one, next to Song Tang, is Zhong Shan . ”

But in that moment, he looked up and his gaze struck towards them like lightning!

Piercing through the crowd and passing the dueling stage, his eyes accurately landed on Yin Biyue .

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As if it was an instinctive reflex to the incoming danger, Yin Biyue’s true energy erupted from his body; his sleeves billowed from the force, each inch of his bones and muscles tense to the extreme!

He was ready to draw his sword at any time!

Duan Chongxuan, who was standing closest to him could not help but take a couple steps back .

At this moment, the back of a figure clad in white robes blocked his line of sight, but also blocked the gaze of Zhong Shan .

Luo Mingchuan, now stood in front of him .

He merely took two steps forward, like the whisper of clouds in the breeze, and Yin Biyue was entirely concealed behind him .

Luo Mingchuan calmly stared him down .

Song Tang seemed to feel something in the air; followed the line of Zhong Shan’s sight, seeing Luo Mingchuan and a group of other Cang Ya disciples, he nodded his greeting from afar .

Luo Mingchuan returned a nod in greeting .

The sound of the clock tolled, indicating that the battles were about to begin . The two sects returned to their places as if nothing happened .

In reality, from the moment that Zhong Shan to when Luo Mingchuan and Song Tang greeted each other, only an instant passed in between .

Basically no one else took notice .

But Yin Biyue remembered clearly .

He was now sure that Zhong Shan, who was on the verge of breakthrough, had already taken a half step into the Lesser Vessel stage .

His undisguised probing gaze also contained blatant hostility .

Clearly it was the first time they’d met .

Very soon, he didn’t get any more time to ponder, because Luo Mingchuan had already walked towards the ring .

“Cang Ya, Luo Mingchuan verses Bao Pu Zong, Wang Zhen……”

The Cang Ya disciples burst into applause .

Opposite them, the Bao Pu Zong disciples had unpleasant expressions .

He Lai quietly advised Wang Zhen, “After a couple exchanges, just get off the stage on your own . Don’t lose too in a way that’s too unsightly and bring shame to our sect . ”

Wang Zhen always followed He Lai blindly, and he had no objection to what he’s been told, “Yes, shixiong . ”

In fact, he also felt that his luck was especially bad, to meet Cang Ya’s head disciple in the first round .

He wasn’t about to go and pay for lasting a couple more moves with injury to himself; that’s too stupid . He was already prepared to- if one were to describe admitting defeat prettily, then it would be something like to not fight with the him is some magnanimous grace he’s afforded to Luo Mingchuan .

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Although to admit defeat was still unseemly, it’s still better than getting disgracefully kicked off the stage while sustaining injuries . This was his plan .

Thus, as soon as they both got on stage and bowed to each other, he immediately said, “It’s an honour to meet the distinguished Cang Ya sect’s head disciple . Fellow dao-friend has a profound cultivation and really garners my admiration! I am ashamed to stand before you as an inferior!”

His speech implied that both his opponent’s cultivation stage and identity were above his own, and there was no glory in winning against him .

With that said, he felt that Luo Mingchuan would be too embarrassed to do anything too ruthless to him .

Luo Mingchuan didn’t say anything . He only gave a hint of a smile, which can be considered to be his acknowledgement of Wang Zhen’s compliment .

Yin Biyue really felt like he was concentrating far more than the two up on the stage .

He wants to see how Luo Mingchuan would take action .

Jia Lan Spiritual Pupil Arts? No, that’s either a trump card or a finisher; he wouldn’t use it so early on .

To directly crush him with his core energy? This method seemed a bit too crude .

Controlling the growth of the vegetation? Yin Biyue looked at the tall elm tree growing beside the stone platform; this method should be the most likely……

Many others were also watching this match .

Under the gaze of thousands of pairs of eyes, Luo Mingchuan picked up his sword .

This was clearly too unexpected .

“What’s going on? I thought Luo-shixiong doesn’t use a sword?”

“It seems like… . … that sword isn’t just decoration after all . ”

But Yin Biyue noticed that there was something wrong with the way he held his sword .

Luo Mingchuan’s “Chen Zhou” was not unsheathed .

He held up the still sheathed Chen Zhou straight and upright, as if he were holding a long stick .

Just what was Luo Mingchuan thinking of doing?

The first one to be facing this question would be Wang Zhen, his opponent for this match .

Suddenly Wang Zhen thrust his sword forward! In the path of the sword’s tip, a pattern of eight trigrams hung in the air .

What he used was the most reliable, most familiar Bao Pu Eight Trigrams Sword!

However, when the sword skill was three chi away from his body, the sword in Luo Mingchuan’s hand moved .

Still sheathed, he raised it far above his head, and brought it down heavily .

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As if he wanted to strike straight towards his head!

He parried Wang Zhen’s sword, broke through his true energy barrier, and directly struck his shoulder!

Crack… .

Every single person in the audience heard the clear sound of a bone breaking .

WIth such a quick and ruthless strike, no one could have anticipated that it would somehow instead seem that it would be so forthright and proper, without even a hint of savagery nor maliciousness to be seen .

As if it was as it should be .

Luo Mingchuan’s silhouette blurred, and in an instant appeared behind Wang Zhen with another strike!

Wang Zhen attempted to retaliate, but once his sword contacted Luo Mingchuan’s scabbard, a wave of true energy surged forth and his sword actually flew from his hand .

Luo Mingchuan’s sword fell again, aiming directly at his spine!

Yin Biyue was stupefied!

Someone standing in the audience finally recognized the technique, and shouted, ‘’Lan Yuan Academy’s’ Disciplinary Whip!”

There were also many disciples present who hailed from the Academy, and after they focused and looked carefully, “Truly! It really is the Disciplinary Whip!

Yin Biyue had complicated feelings; he never thought that Luo Mingchuan would choose to use this to compete .

The Academy’s Disciplinary Whip isn’t a set of whip techniques .

It’s used by school teachers to reprimand disobedient students .

It didn’t need to be a pointer stick that was used; if you met a stubborn student who had violated the Academy’s rules, you could pick a branch off any nearby pagoda tree, or a length of bamboo, and most often, a wooden stick, each one of them fully able to display the true essence of the Disciplinary Whip .

Yin Biyue understood . Luo Mingchuan used his sword as a stick, and executed a real Disciplinary Whip .

In the past, at the Academy, the gentleman who taught philosophy was getting in on his years, and his strength was not as he wished it was; thus he chose the most steady and reliable Luo Mingchuan out of the students to dole out the punishment in his stead .

This originally was a task that would inevitably offend people, but Luo Mingchuan was virtuous and just, and conducted himself in a dignified manner . Somehow no one held any greivances towards him .

“A master’s honour, I’ll teach you human dignity . ”1, this is the Disciplinary Whip .

Since it’s a teacher teaching students, how could it not be fair and just? How could it not seem as if it is as it should be?

But Luo Mingchuan wasn’t Wang Zhen’s master, thus all of this seemed to have the implication of mockery;

“I’ll teach you human dignity in place of your master . ”

The expression of the Bao Pu Zong elder had already darkened .

1) 师道尊严,教你做人: With the dignity of a teacher/master, he’ll teach him how to be a person . Generally it’s kinda an insulting way to say that they don’t know proper conduct or human integrity .

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