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Chapter 90

Episode 90
Translator : Missme
Editor : Aru

“Huh? Oh, because of my ankle?”

“Yes . Do you have any pain?”

“That’s the thing . ”

Just in time, I had something to say about it, so I asked a new topic .

“It hurt a little a few hours ago, but now it’s really okay . I guess I’m resilient . ”

It’s the truth . By the time I just woke up, there was a rather painful pain just to pull my ankle . But how long has it been since then? Now, it was okay to walk with a little caution .

Is it supposed to heal this fast?

Throughout my past life, I’ve broken a bone, but I’ve never sprained my ankle before .

Then Sir Davery nodded and answered .

“Maybe the divine priest did his part well . ”

“A divine priest?”

“When His Excellency came back to the mansion with my lady, there was also a divine priest… No, he brought him . ”

Ah, He dragged him here .

“The divine priest had divine power with the effect of healing the wound and improving the resilience . Fortunately, I think it helped you . ”

“I see . ”

It turned out that someone had suffered while I was asleep, not the Doctor, but an unnamed divine priest .

I’m sure he’s been dragged humanely . I wondered if he had returned humanely, but I decided not to check .

After that, I walked around exchanging a few more trivial stories .

Then it came to my mind when I was almost there – the office that became my destination, Ash’s office – from this early hour it was assumed that Ash would be in the office, not in the bedroom .

“Oh, I didn’t see the butler today for some reason . ”

When the sun rose to announce the morning outside the window, I was actually preparing my mind .

I thought, of course, that as soon as the day dawned, the butler would show up with a whole bunch of questions .

When someone had an accident – in general – it has been a traditional repertoire for a butler who came the next morning to punish me with his devil’s sermon .

Furthermore, this time the accident was more serious . What more words are needed since I had been arrested after running away from home?

The other day, I was so scolded for going out secretly to watch the night festival, so I couldn’t imagine what kind of death course would be waiting for this time .

So I was preparing for it .

For some reason, however, the butler had not been seen in front of me until now .

Did he oversleep? Well, he was up late yesterday because of me .

Sometimes the butler, who was suspected of being a preaching robot, was unexpectedly humane . But, Sir Davery, who was walking alongside me, looked troubled .


“What does that look mean now, Sir?”

“May I tell you this, by the way . ”

“What is it?”

What is it? Why? Soon after I questioned him, Sir Davery opened his mouth with a reluctant air .

“The butler may not be able to meet you for a while . ”

“Why? Where did he go?”

“I’ve heard he’s living in a dreary state . ”


“Isn’t it because of his own sermons that my lady left the mansion like that?”

“…… . ”

“I think it was a big shock . ”


That’s not it! That’s not the reason .

‘No, but he actually knew what destructive power his nagging had, beyond my expectations… Not!’

Anyway, that’s not it at all!

“Please keep it a secret that I told you . ”

“…… . ”

Listening to Sir Davery’s request, I thought I must visit the butler after seeing Ash .

I heard the rumour that the subjugation force was left behind .

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“A lot of people with no skill have joined the subjugation force after hearing that Ash was the person in charge . ”

And even though the imperial family knew about it, they did not bother to filter them out . The rest were only decorations anyway since they thought Ash would take care of everything .

In other words, the subjugation force was not a subjugation force, but rather “Ash and Peep Chick Friends . ”

But Ash threw all the chicks away! On the way, too!

“I left the leader, so I’m sure they’ll get to the South safely . I’ll be there by tomorrow anyway . ”

Ash said calmly . I sat in the middle of the reception table in the Oval Office, gazing at Ash’s face, and suddenly opened my mouth .

“What about the subjugation measures after they get there?”

“They’ll do it on their own . ”

‘I don’t think they can do it . ’

Monsters were too strong for chicks that joined forces with each other .

I didn’t know before, but now I know .

I know it after I saw another of the man who bravely attacked the monster who was three meters tall and then had his head burst .

“Let’s start now . Go and join them . It will be a little late, but I sent a message to tell the subjugation team to wait until then…… . ”

“Noonim . ”


Ash tilted his upper body forward . The gap between us has narrowed .

Ash put his chin in that state and continued to look at me gently .

“You want to let me go?”

“…… . ”

“To a place without you? No, that can’t be done . ”

A moderately low, quiet voice clung to my ear in the quiet office air . I was in a daze for a while and then I answered back quickly .

“Feel relieved . I’m not going to take a step out of this mansion until you get back from the slaughter… . ”


I couldn’t finish talking . Because Ash reached out and took a handful of my hair . The red hair flowed like a thread through Ash’s fine fingers .

“That’s important, too . ”

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Ash grabbed the end and kissed it before all the hair came out of his grasp .

I hardened at the scene that captured it in my eyes, somehow friendly and seductive . His words followed .

“I don’t want to be away from you even for a second . ”

“…… . ”

“How about you, noonim?”


‘Is this what it was? Is this what it is?’

Did this what he meant when he said he was going to quit being the younger brother? Was it a declaration to be tempting and seductive like this?

I made up my mind as much as I expected, but when I got it, I couldn’t come to my senses more than I thought .

I was stiff as a rock in the net, feeling tempted by the beauties of the century, and barely moved my mouth .

“Well, that’s me, of course, but… I mean, I mean, if we just let them go, they might all die . … . ”

No, wait .

I suddenly stopped trying to tell Ash an absurd story about the preciousness of life that would never be worth telling .

At that moment, I had an idea that flashed across my mind .

I cried out .

“Let’s go together!”


“Let’s go together, to the south . ”

Why did this come to my mind now?

I have to go south . No, I don’t have to go, but it was good to go .

‘Because I can see the effect of the enchanted cloth . ’

This was the end of killing two birds with one stone . Save the poor chicks and achieve my purpose .

“What do you say?”

Ash seemed to think for a moment about my sudden proposal and soon lowered her gaze .

“With that ankle?”

“Oh, this is… . ”

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I tried to answer that I was fine, but I thought it was a bit too much .

Well, it’s a little early to say I’m fine . I can only walk slowly .

I agonized inwardly and spoke carefully before long .

“…… Moving by being held?”

“…… . ”

“Well, I mean, even if we go south anyway, I’ll be with you most of the time . Then I walk on my own when I feel like my ankle is okay, and if I feel a little pain, you could hold me… How about it… . . maybe?”

As I spoke, I became so embarrassed that my voice in the back shook a little .

But apart from that, the effect seemed to be good .

“Hmm . ”

I looked at Ash’s expression as if he was starting to conflict, and I wanted to know that it was right, so I quickly added a few words .

“And they say the southern part has such a good view . If you go down a little bit, you can see the ocean, and if you try to subdue it, can’t you finish it soon? Then the subjugation itself is finished early, and the remaining time is you and me……”

“…… . ”

“Like a trip…”

Wait, this time I’m really embarrassed . However, my embarrassment and persuasion seemed to have worked in proportion this time as well .

“All right . ”

“…… . . ”

“Okay . Let’s go together . ”

Somehow I felt a fever in my face when I heard Ash’s consent .

Now that I have achieved what I wanted, of course, a sense of achievement should come first, but why is shame came first?

I brushed my cheek with the back of my hand as if something was on me . There was heat instead of something else .

‘A trip… . ’

Two birds with one stone became three birds with one stone .

Preparations to go down to the south were made quickly, without delay .

And I knew in the process how Ash could then appear so quickly in the northern forest .

The secret was exploitation .

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