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Chapter 72

Episode 72
Translator : Missme  Editor : Aru

“He’s a perfect person, but it doesn’t mean that a person’s heart is determined by that . ”

Yeah, it is .

If I could have liked only those who meet the conditions, I wouldn’t have jumped into the fire myself because I liked someone I shouldn’t have liked now .

‘Crazy, really . What should I do with a psychopath without blood or tears, I’m a person who looks at personality rather than face……maybe . ’

I thought so, but I could hear Sir Davery’s voice .

“You’re right . ”


“Lady . ”

I turned my head . He continued his words when I gave a glance to him .

“I’ve been talking about it, but in fact, I don’t think there’s anything more important if you’re happy anyway . ”

“…… . . ”

“I hope you’re happy . Whoever you choose . ”

“Why all of a sudden are you giving words of blessing?”

“A loyal knight sometimes wants to convey his true feelings to the lady he serves . ”

The sly reply made me laugh . Oh, my .

“I wish Sir Davery too could meet someone nice and be happy . I mean it . ”

Sir Davery had no answer .

I walked towards the mansion first and looked around and he wasn’t following me .


The distance has fallen quite a bit, and the day has darkened, so I can’t see the other person’s face here .

After a while, he was stopped and moved . His legs are as long as he was tall . It was quick to catch up with me with a few steps .

“What did you do?”

“Excuse me . I was lost in thought . ”

“Sometimes a loyal knight wants to sell his mind to the lady he serves?”

“You’re very sharp . As expected from the lady I serve . ”

I shook my head and entered the mansion . Sir Davery was not turned back this time .


The next day, a card arrived in front of me .

The pink card, which adds colourful steel to give a guess of the sender’s taste, contained a brief dragon, unlike its appearance .

[I invited my dear Princess to tea time in my mansion . I’ll be looking forward to your visit .
Sender: Irene Isaac]

And I couldn’t help but admire Irene’s timing selection at this time .

‘How does she know?’

I was in a bad mood when I turned down the crown prince .

I can’t believe she had created a number of cases to distract me .

‘Cause I was a little curious about what she had been up to . ’

I left the mansion according to the time written at the bottom of the invitation without much thought .

“Princess, you’re here! I’m so glad you could make it . ”

Irene looked pretty good . This was the first time we saw each other since we broke up like that during a hunting competition .

“Long time no see, Lady Isaac . How have you been?”

“Thanks to the Princess . And you can call me Irene . ”

Irene added shyly . Surprised by the intimacy felt in her attitude, Irene guided me inside .

“Come this way . I’ve prepared tea time for our backyard . I’ve arranged this and that, but I don’t know if you’ll like it . Oh, of course, it’s not me, but the chef . ”

And then the scene of all the chefs having prepared welcomed me . I thought the chef wouldn’t be safe after all of this, since there were too many .

‘What is all this?’

Various refreshments, which seemed to be difficult to list all their names, filled the table dazzlingly from here to there in a flash .

“I didn’t know your taste, so I just tried it all . ”


‘Isn’t there a dying message left in the kitchen?’

I sat down, questioning the fate of the unknown chef .

Irene immediately opened up the ‘investigation’ with a bright face .

“How have you been, Princess? I heard you were sick, are you okay now? I heard you didn’t attend the Imperial Palace ball either . Actually, I couldn’t go to the ball either . I was scolded and disciplined for telling my parents honestly about the hunting competition . Fortunately, I was released yesterday . I was bored because I had to stay in the room the whole time, but after that…… . ”

‘She talks a lot . ’

I surely realized it just now . Irene was talkative . I felt it since the letter was so long .

I remembered the last letter of regards, which amounted to three chapters .

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I laughed suddenly as I listened silently to Irene’s constant chattering, which resembled someone else .

I just found out, it’s tea time but it turned out that there was no tea on the table .

It’s a trivial fact in a way, but it made me laugh unintentionally . At that time, Irene, who was talking diligently, shut her mouth .

Then she wiggled her finger on the table .

“Well, are you in trouble because I pretend to be close?”

“Huh? No, not at all . ”

‘So she pretended to be close . ’

Somehow I thought it was not ordinary hospitality . Her tea time wasn’t always dazzlingly like this .

Well, if that was the case then there would have been kitchen rumours against the backdrop of Count Isaac . Everyone who has come in but no one survived . Oh, my .

“…… I know it’s shameless . Because I’ve been rude to the princess from the beginning . ”

“Are you talking about the past?”

I pushed the brownie plate with whipped cream close to Irene . The white and black crab looked strangely good with the black-haired Irene .

“You already apologized to me for that . I decided to accept the apology . So that’s just past it . ”

“……you’re so generous, princess . ”

“It wasn’t a big deal . ”

Moreover, it was Irene who had her situation worse than I did on that day .

I was wondering if I should say this or not, but then a voice that wasn’t that loud fell on the table .

“I envy the princess . ”

“Huh, me?”

“You are so confident and beautiful . ”


“You stand out everywhere……… . ”

I closed my mouth and chose an answer .

I was immune to flattery, but now it seems not just empty words . While agonizing inwardly over what to say, Irene continued .

“……and you have a nice escort . ”


“Well, I’m just saying . In my eyes, the princess has everything . So I envy you . ”

I blinked my eyes .

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‘Just now…’

Why was the escort coming out of there all of a sudden?

It would have been more natural in terms of flow if she had said that I had a cool younger brother . Since Irene likes Ash .

‘…… eh?’

Irene was slightly flustered when I stared at her silently .

“Have you tried this? It’s banana milk pudding, and it tastes really good . It’s the work of our chef’s remorse, no, it’s a masterpiece . ”
(T/N: remorse 유작 and masterpiece 역작 have similar words in hangul, that’s why she misused it)

‘I think she just killed the chef for a while . ’

That amplified my doubt . Why was she so flustering?

I thought nothing of it, but soon I opened my mouth .

“Yes, my escort is a good man . He’s got a good personality, he’s talented . ”


“A married man with three children . ”

“No way! ……gasp . ”

Without realizing it, Irene, who stood up and shouted, immediately closed her mouth .

Of course, it’s too late .

I looked up at Irene with a face that must have failed to control his facial expression and showed ‘no way’ expression instead .


“Oh, no, not . That’s not . ”

“When did that happen?”

‘Irene and Sir Davery?’

It was only a few days ago that we followed Irene, who entered a dangerous hunting ground dressed as a man to try to catch Ash’s eye .

‘Maybe within this week . ’

But what’s this? What about this sudden situation?

Irene had her white face become so red and soon sat down with a resigned look . Irene dropped her head like a sinner .

“You’re going to criticize me, aren’t you? I know . ”


“You can laugh . If you want to swear and point fingers, feel free to do it . ”

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“No, I won’t . ”

Who was she making me out with a broken personality?

When I first denied it in a perplexed voice, Irene raised her head that had slouched down .

“You’re not laughing at me?”

“Why should I be laughing? More than that, is the situation matched with what I think? What I mean, Irene… . . ”

“…that’s right . He took me home safely from the last hunting competition even though he was injured . It was so cool and……that’s all . ”

Irene’s face became a darker reddish colour .

I forgot what to say .

‘This is……’

She’s a geumsappa .
(T/N:  geumsappa 금사빠 from 금방 사랑에 빠지는 사람 that have meaning ‘A person who falls in love quickly . ’ I don’t know what the English word for this)

I assure you there was no more appropriate and complete word to describe this situation right now .

Irene was a geumsappa . A person who falls in love quickly .

“Well, aren’t you really laughing at me?”

“I’m not laughing at you . Why do you think I’m gonna laugh at you like that?”

“That’s funny . It’s so easy… . . to someone else right away…… . ”

“Irene’s heart is her freedom . So if I laugh at you for having a changing heart, then that means I laugh at other people’s freedom . No one was qualified to do that? At least that’s what I think . ”

… . . of course, I was surprised, but I’m still not showing it, I’m pretty embarrassed inside .

“And Irene, you said you envied me . ”

I kept talking to hide the shock .

“Rather, I used to envy Irene sincerely . ”

“Well, why would you…… . . ”

“That’s a secret . Anyway, I did, but since Irene says she’s jealous of me today, I guess envy is an avoidable feeling . Everyone has it in their heart once in a while . ”

I met Irene’s eyes . For a moment a small voice dispersed into the air .

“Thank you . ”

I was wondering what she was grateful for, but I didn’t ask . Somehow I felt like I shouldn’t .

“Thank you so much for coming to tea time today . ”

“Well, rather I’m grateful for inviting me . ”

“……can I invite you often like this in the future?”

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