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Published at 15th of September 2020 11:46:14 AM
Chapter 58

Episode 58
Translator : Missme  Editor : Aru

‘Well, the market is close anyway . ’

I went with good faith .

It was true that Sir Davery, who had to follow me wherever I went, seemed to be running out of personal time recently .

I came out to the market with two people .

“It’s lively . ”

The long line of stalls was lively and noisy, with many people at one glance .

I nodded silently, as if in agreement with Sir Davery’s appreciation .

‘There are already quite a few people out there watching . ’

The harvest festival in honour of the year’s abundance was a big event . In terms of size alone, it stood shoulder to shoulder with the National Foundation Festival in spring .

Maybe that’s why I saw quite a few people who came out to play in the festive mood in advance, even before the date was fully set .

“Where shall we go first?”

“Well, I don’t really care, so stop by the nearest place first in order of distance . Is the weapons store the closest from here?”

“Lady . ”


“You have no romance . ”

“…… . ?”

What romance all of a sudden?

“Look at this street . Can’t you feel anything?”

“There’s a lot of people . The stalls, too . ”

“And it’s full of energy . It’s the street to celebrate the festival . ”


“No matter how many things we came out to buy, wouldn’t it not be a courtesy to this bright and exciting street to only really buy things?”

What is he talking about?

Bessie clapped her hands on the side at the sudden argument .

“That’s right!”

Then she helped as if she had waited only for this moment .

“It’s too bad you know since you’re here and there are so many things to see, why don’t you take your time and look around?”

I blinked and looked at the two alternately .

Soon after, there was something easy to pinpoint .

“…when did you two join hands with each other?”

“Oh, what are you guessing?”

“You know what I mean . Somehow, this was the real purpose from the beginning . ”

It occurred to me that Sir Davery, in the mansion, appeared at a very coincidental time and intervened .

I thought it was an exquisite coincidence, but now I think it wasn’t a coincidence .

He was trying to get me on the market in advance .

As I looked closely at him with my arms folded as if I had noticed, Sir Davery and Bessie looked into each other’s eyes, and soon admitted in a gentle manner .

“Was it obvious?”

“Should I say it clearly?”

“My dear lady, it’s all for you . I’m just being honest with you, but please forget everything else today and just relax and concentrate on watching the festival . ”


I blinked my eyes .

Bessie suddenly grabbed my hand and said,

Even when I listened with one ear, Bessie’s words that were deeply worried and concerning, so I had no choice but to be silent on my own .

“What the hell is that all of a sudden… . ?”

“Do you think we didn’t know? You haven’t been feeling well lately and how bad your complexion was these days . ”



No, it was technically a bad situation . What was just embarrassing was the fact that I was making an outward sign of it . I stammered for a moment and said the same thing as Sir Davery .

“Was it obvious?”

“I mean that, of course . Oh, my lady, what can I do to make your suffering heart relaxed?”


“Lucas should be the one who’s suffering . ”

When asked why I looked so bad, I was looking for a plausible excuse .

But I didn’t have to be .

Instead of asking me why Bessie poured out a cool cursing at the dead one .

I was fascinated by the splendid speech that was as good as the butler, and I soon realized and stopped her .

“Stop it, Bessie, look around . ”

I was actually looking .

Bessie stopped the feast of cursing in the stinging gaze and grumbled instead .

“Oh, really, it’s just a pity that he’s already dead . You shouldn’t have let him be fine . ”


‘Did being dead is fine?’

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Maybe it’s because he was stabbed to death .

“For no reason, our lady is suffering because of that bastard, and you’re still upset about it . So, today letting it go for a while is good?”

I had nothing to say .

To be honest, the reason for my disarray these days was that most, no, actually, is because of Ash, but since I couldn’t tell it as it was, I equivocate with an answer .

Sir Davery stepped in and patted Bessie on the shoulder .

“Calm down, Bessie, because we’re here anyway . Should we make her feel better?”

“That’s right, lady . What do you want to see first? During this period, the street sells cotton candy using magic tools . ”

Bessie stared at me with her eyes burning with enthusiasm .

It seemed unlikely that it would work to say that it’s all right and that there’s nothing to care about it .

I ended up failing to decline and decided to take a brief look at the whole market .

“Hey, look at that . There’s an event where you get a doll if you get a dart . What do you think of that doll?”

“Yes, it’s pretty . ”

“I’ll get it for you . ”

And what I learned from this situation, Bessie was quite versatile .

I spoke to Sir Davery while watching him turn the merchant’s face blue with his amazing dart skills .

“Sir . ”

“Yes, my lady . ”

“Does my complexion look that bad these days?”

“Well… you seemed to have a lot of thoughts . ”

This time I suddenly remembered what Sir Davery had said in the last carriage .

“If you have someone you like, you can talk to me . ’

In that respect, his sense is better than others .

Sharp and precise .

‘…… . I’ll have to be careful not to get caught . ’

I swallowed dry saliva secretly .

I think it’s better not to get as close as possible to Ash when Sir Davery is next to me .

Just in case, I need to practice facial expressions .

I was thinking about it, and Bessie, who had already got the doll as she said, returned with a bright walk .

“Here you go, lady . ”

“Wow, thank you . ”

In fact, it was more fun to see Bessi’s triumphant face than the doll .

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‘Anyways, thanks for trying for me . ’

As expected, I should focus on my facial expressions and not cause this kind of concern from now on .

It was when I wandered around the market to some extent .

When I felt like my legs were starting to hurt, the child, who seemed to barely reach my waist, grabbed me by the hem of my dress and begged me .

“Go to the fortune-teller stall . ”


“Let me solve your life’s problems . It’s very good . ”

The little child murmured what he must have memorized . When I looked over the child, I saw a cloth .

“It looks like it’s a fortune-teller’s tent . At times like this, there’s at least one . Would you like to stop by?”

“Well, shall we?”

I nodded, not thinking long .

Just in time, I felt my legs hurt, and the fortune-teller stall was sitting down, and there was no reason to refuse .

I made eye contact with the child before heading for the tent .

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Marie . ”

“Yes, Marie, I’m seeing the fortune-teller because of you, so don’t forget to take care of your life later . ”

“Yes . ”

I patted the child’s head lightly and moved my steps .

“Lady, I’ve never gone to a fortune-teller before . ”


“How about you?”

“I don’t know…”

‘I realized that this is my first time seeing a fortune-teller in this life . ’

In my previous life, I used to see tarot cards whenever I went downtown .

‘Is it similar here?’

“I hope it’s fun anyway . Let’s go in . ”

The inside of the tent was wider and brighter than I thought .

A grey-haired old woman sat with several statues hanging behind her back .

“Welcome . This is a precious guest . As the child said, I’ll read your future for you . ”

“Did you hear what the child said?”

“I need to have good ears to do business . Have a seat, anyway . ”

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The old woman did not seem to be particularly demeaned, for the sake of the precious guest .

I sat in front of the old woman, with some strange feeling, alongside Bessie .

“There, you sit too . ”

“I feel comfortable standing up . ”

“I have something to tell you . Sit down . ”

And in the end, three of us sat down, including Sir Davery .

As soon as the old woman did, she looked at Bessie and opened her mouth .

“Well, you’ll have a good relationship sooner or later . ”

“What? A good relationship?”

“Man, man . ”

“Oh my!”

Bessie covered her mouth with surprise and shook my hand .

“How old am I?”

“Is age important? As long as you didn’t get married . They say that even if there is no wife or husband, an old person could form relationships only by making eye contact with each other . ”

“Ay, but…… . ”

“It’s a younger man, a younger man . ”

“Can you tell me a little more about that?”

But the old woman sadly cut off the conversation there and this time looked back at Sir Davery .

“I told you to sit down because I wanted to compliment you . ”


“You’re very good at deceiving yourself . That’s what you’re doing . ”

Sir Davery blinked . He seems to have no idea what the old-woman means .

The old woman continued to talk as if she were going her own way, regardless of her opponent’s reaction .

“You’re fooling yourself . To the end of the last . You don’t even know how to be fooled . It’s the one and only beneficial thing for you . ”

“Hey, if you really didn’t want me to know, shouldn’t you have not told me that?”

“Is that so?”

The old woman snorted with laughter .

It was a queer old woman . Should I say she’s a good talker?

The atmosphere in the tent seemed to move about in accordance with her intentions .

As she said earlier, the old woman must be a good businessman .

Then the old woman’s wrinkled face finally turned to me .

It was the last order .

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