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Chapter 26

Episode 26
Translator : missme Editor : Aru

‘Why is he here?’

The unexpected meeting left me stunned . Although this place isn’t somewhere he can’t go .

We made eye contact . He rarely looks at me .

I was embarrassed from receiving his attention and soon lowered my head .

“This Widgreen lady meets the little sun of the empire . ”

“Widgreen…… Oh, I see . I remember seeing you the other day . ”

“It’s an honour for you to remember me . ”

The Crown Prince and I were only formal acquaintances . Perhaps the majority of the aristocracy is just the same .

I kept my head down for a moment and lifted up again .

Surprised by an unexpected coincidence, the impression did not last long . The flustered chest soon subsided again .

‘He’s not someone who I couldn’t meet . ’

The Crown Prince was originally a person who enjoyed going out . He often went out in incognito, and even sometimes wandered around without covering his face .

If I had the same hobby to wander around, I might have run into him a few times like now .

It’s not a meeting that can be counted as something exceedingly mysterious .

“I have a business to attend to, so I’ll be on my way . Although our meeting is short, May God bless you . ”

“Wait . ”


I tried to pass by but stopped moving . No, I’m pretty busy . Why are you holding me?

After calling, the crown prince just kept staring at me .

His mouth opened as soon as his persistent gaze grew suspicious .


“…… . ”

“It’s like a rose in full bloom . Your hair . ”


I wondered what he was saying at the momentarily . My back appeared to be pursued by a cold sweat .

‘Why is he like this?’

The Crown Prince I know was extensively indifferent and plain to others . So, he is not the kind of person who can say such a thing to someone who only has a formal acquaintance with him, in such a situation .

‘Did he eat something wrong?’

I suspected it from the bottom of my heart, and suddenly my thoughts went crazy somewhere .

Ah .

‘The Enchanted Cloth . ’

Oh, yeah, he put it around my neck . It was so natural that I forgot .

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I quickly untied the cloth around my neck with a busy touch .

‘… . . this one is definitely a treasure . ’

I can’t believe this is an immediate effect as soon as I wear it . Unintentionally, I ended up using the crown prince as the experimenter, and I smiled awkwardly after grating the cloth into my arms .

“Thank you . Your majesty golden hair looks like a dazzling sun . ”

“Do you like it?”


“Do you like my hair colour?”

“… . . ?”

“But I like my hair colour . ”

I wish that was a narcissist’s statement that he liked his own hair colour, but I didn’t think so .

Because his gaze was still on my hair .

‘Uh, um . ’

The Enchanted Cloth… …isn’t this a little dangerous?

I didn’t know that the Crown Prince, who was also called an iron wall among many young people, would be coming out like this .

What’s more, I wasn’t even wearing the cloth now . Given that the effect of the enchanted cloth only occurs temporarily when the cloth was wrapped around, so right now, what the crown prince said was because of the aftermath of it, as he was drunk for some moment .

I didn’t know from the book, but wow, this snob temple created something really scary, right?

I bowed my head again .

“I’ll take it as a compliment . It’s a great honour . Then forgive me for stepping down first because I’m pretty busy . ”

Then, despite the discourtesy, I turned right around . A quick step past the corner .

I didn’t look back, but fortunately, he didn’t seem to follow .

‘Whoa . ’

It was hard because it was uncomfortable . I almost got into trouble unexpectedly .

Although he doesn’t chase after me, I fasten my steps .

“Ah . ”

By the time I came back to the entrance, I remembered the fact that the donation was still with me, but it was already late .

“What are you doing here?”

Igret turned his head towards the voice calling for him .

A High-colored blond hair with vivid green eyes . Looking at the captivating handsome man like a mountain shining, the elder priest clicked his tongue .

“The High Priest . ”

“Your Highness, have you been confused again? I told you last time that the waiting room is not this way . You’re not supposed to come out on the way . ”

The priest’s attitude of valiantly speaks that the crown prince of this country was easygoing and brazen .

Igret grinned at the familiar admonition .

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I’ve brought you in trouble every time . ”

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“That’s enough if you know . ”

Prince Igret Hayden, who is considered perfect in all respects, in fact, has the worst sense of direction .

The reason why this is not well known outside even though his level of sense direction is quite serious is that no matter how wrong the way he may take, people around him always accept it and will take care of it .

The High Priest, one of the few people who knew the truth, hung his head and took the lead .

“Oh, High Priest . ”

“Yes . ”

“As you said, this is truly a temple of love . ”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

Instead of answering, Igret came up with a shimmering figure before his eyes .

Rich red hair that seemed to fit in as if it were in the rose garden .

A large round but slightly raised eye, a tight chin on a tall nose, a small round mouth . The sparkling amber eyes .

He remembered her cat-like face when she pretended not to do so but showed her bewilderment inside at his every word, he smiled incoherently .

The High Priest looked strangely back, but soon rolled his eyes again and walked silently .

Igret suddenly thought .

‘Was that the impression he had before?’

This wasn’t their first meeting .

Princess Lydia Widgreen .

One of the empires’ few duke’s young ladies, so of course, the crown prince wouldn’t have not known her .

He’d met her several times in public . He must have seen her at a banquet hosted by the imperial family .

He couldn’t recall the memory of that time . This means that the impression was not that strong .

‘Well, anyway . ’

Igret blinked slowly .

The green eyes, which are praised for being more beautiful than nature’s greens, were quickly hidden and revealed .

‘It’s a good thing to see beautiful people . ’

It was a rare occurrence in recent years ago .

Thanks to it, his life was rather boring and dull .

When he arrived at the temple a moment ago, he recalled what a priest had said to him .

‘You’ll fall in love . ’


‘Yes, there are signs of meeting your fate within this year . ’

The priest then gets scolded by the senior priest telling him “you’re not actually a fortune teller so how would you know” .

Igret took it as a blessing and virtue of greeting because it was a temple of love .

‘Love . ’

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He really hopes so, but with a smile on his face, he stepped the path to the hall along with the high Priest .

“Uh… . . Oh……”

On a messy couch, A man wriggled as if he were having a nightmare .

The pent-up groan leaked out intermittently as if it would break off .


Then at one point, he sprang up with a scream .

The man who was a criminal with a cold sweat breathed out . His eyes turned to his trembling hands .

But there was something unusual .

A man wrapped in bandages had only a few good fingers on his hands .

“Uh, Ugh……”

Soon the man began to curl up and shake his whole body .

Ligaa Kami, no, just a few days ago, Ligaa remembered what happened to him days before .

‘Which finger did you use when you put on the pill?’

He was expelled from the family for being caught trying to drug Princess Widgreen at the banquet .

He thought he was unlucky . Honestly, he didn’t know that would happen .

The hostage-taking was a situation he didn’t think about, but anyway, he failed and his situation fell into the mud .

But until then he didn’t take the situation so seriously .

The noble family name after his name is gone, but his father is still his father .

Even if he cut his Father-Son relationship on the document but he was still his father’s son by blood .

It was heartbreaking not to take over the family, but material support for his future life will not be too unfortunate .

However, after he was kicked out of the mansion which he was acknowledged at, also he didn’t get any material support .

He tried to contact him, but he couldn’t reach him .

When he visited in person, the lowest subordinates dared to drive him out of the entrance like a miscellaneous goods merchant .

It was then that the Duke of Widgreen appeared before him .

A deserted entrance to dark dawn where no one will come .

‘If you don’t answer, I’ll have to cut them off one by one . ’

On that dirty floor, the opponent crushed his fingers .

He didn’t cut it with sharp metal .

They…, were literally mashed .


‘Now, next . ’

‘I, I argh, I’ll tell you… . . aargghhh!’

Barely managing to answer with a whole word, he lost his finger starting with the thumb on the right hand, and now left with his left thumb and index finger .

All that left was barely iron and steel . He flipped several times, losing five fingers horribly .

He repeated waking up after being agitated with a great deal of pain .

Soon the Duke of Widgreen managed to let him survive and he rose up on the floor, convulsing . He took off his blood-stained gloves and handed them over to the knight who was guarding them .

The knight, called Davery, soon grumbled .

A knight called Darberry grumbled .

‘Why did you bring me here when you were going to do everything yourself? Just throw your gloves in the trash . ’

‘So noisy . If you want to do something, take him to the doctor and save him . ’

‘That thing?’

‘He needs to have a long life so he can see the hell in front of him . ’

The knight, still grumbling, obeyed the Duke’s orders .

‘You’re only making me this kind of thing . ’

That’s how the man lived like that .

He lived, but he didn’t know if he could say he survived this whole thing .

“Khehe, Khehehe…… . Kheheh . ”

Shivering, he soon smiled like a madman .

He knew his own condition . He was wasted .

Let alone his fingers, he couldn’t even walk properly . The right foot’s Achilles tendon is broken .

This was the work of that knight .

The knight pulled a small dagger out of his arms and drew on his heels while he was dragging him to the hospital as ordered .

Then he took his finger to his mouth, covering his mouth so that he couldn’t scream .

‘Shh . It’s nothing compared to your crushed fingers, right? But if I don’t do something, my anger won’t go away . I want to kill you right now, considering all the dirty work you’ve been trying to do to my lady . I’m sorry to keep you alive, but I’m going to put up with this . ’

The man was as dark as he was . When he came to senses, he was at a dirty old hospital .

The doctor was blunt and gross .

“hehe… . . heh . ”

After a long time in a worn-out bed, he murmured, “I don’t know if I’m laughing or sobbing . ”

“I’m gonna kill them…… . . ”

The vocal cords that had been overworked to scream were still intact . The sound of hissing cracked in a mixture .

“The bastards who made me this way, and the main culprit, that woman bitch, I’ll never let her go . ”

With his bloodshot eyes, he put it like that .

But there was nothing left with the man .

The aid of the family cannot be desired . He lost his identity, his money, his people, he lost everything he had .

Even the rest of his body is not healthy .

Even though all he was talking was about revenge, he didn’t know how to do that .

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