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Chapter 345: On Sky Mountain
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Standing below Sky Mountain, Zhuge Hui looked up. She could feel that the pressure had strengthened after the bell.

"Does this mountain really have a spirit? Are the intents of the two emperors really looking and keeping Nobles from stepping onto the mountain?" Zhuge Hui asked.

Bells rang from Sky Mountain for some reason, pushing down all Nobles.

"If the intents of the two emperors really are here, there's no need to do this," Gu Dongliu murmured, looking up.

Donghuang the Great was the ruler of the Divine Prefectures of the East. He wouldn't care about the plane of those who climbed the mountain.

"I think we came for nothing." Xue Ye and Luo Fan were annoyed too after knowing that there was no hope for them.

"Xiaoshi, Xing'er, Junior, only you all can go," Luo Fan said.

Ye Futian nodded. He looked up at the high peaks. Snow fell down lazily, draping many people in a layer of white.

The Cottage disciples weren't the only ones who realized this. The mountain elders of the College were also advising the younger generation. Similarly, at the Qin Dynasty, Qin Yu was telling his people, "Qin Li, seems that only you all can go."

"Yes, father." Qin Li nodded.

"Don't hold back if you have the chance." Qin Yu's eyes flashed coldly. He still hadn't taken revenge for Qin Ge by killing Gu Dongliu.

"I understand." Qin Li's eyes were cold.

Beside them, Lady Yuxiao of the Donghua Clan looked to Hua Qingqing. She murmured, "Qingqing, will you go?"

"Yes." Hua Qingqing nodded. She wanted to go see what Sky Mountain was like.

Lu Nantian gazed at her with gentle eyes. He reached out as if wanting to caress her flawless features. But as if afraid of tainting her, he just touched the strands of hair by her hair. "Come down if you run into any danger," he said gently.

"Okay," Hua Qingqing replied.

"Take care of her," Lu Nantian instructed the disciples of the Donghua Clan.

They nodded. If nothing unexpected happened, Lu Nantian would be the next leader of the Donghua Clan; Hua Qingqing would be the lady. Qian Shanmu was talented too but still far from Lu Nantian.

Hua Qingqing and the people of the Donghua Clan started walking away. Lady Yuxia muttered, "Legend says that only those with pure hearts can climb up Sky Mountain. Qingqing is pure and untainted. If anyone can make it, I'm sure Qingqing will succeed over the people of the Qianqiu Temple."

"I believe that too." Lu Nantian smiled at the pure and flawless backside. He hoped she could see the scenery of Sky Mountain.

At this time, Gu Zhiqiu looked back at the clan leader of the Witch Clan who'd been forced down the mountain. The man nodded at him and said, "Only you can plant the demonic way into others. The Sky Mountain can't stop you. Go without worry. The ring of the Great is a call to you."

Gu Zhiqiu looked to his master. Could he do it? Even the most talented man of the Eastern Barren Territory would lose confidence when faced with Sky Mountain that the Great had once come to.

"Senior Brother, you can do it," Gu Biyue said, smiling. Gu Zhiqiu nodded. Eyes determined, he continued walking.

The Arhat also looked at the foot of the mountain. A monk there put his hands together and chanted. The Arhat did the same and turned to climb the mountain.

Qi Ao was still together with the people of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Only the seventh summit was missing from the seven summits of the clan. Ye Wuchen, a swordsman of the seventh summit, had been banished by the clan leader. Now, he stayed with Ye Futian.

Strong cultivators of the Moon Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, Ji Family, and others gradually started climbing too. Some people had sped up on the road but not many chased after them. If it was really so easy, they wouldn't have waited until today.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. The group of disciples from the Cottage, College, and Sword Saint Mountain all set off together.

"Follow them," Zhuge Hui said to Xue Ye and Luo Fan. The two understood their senior sister; she wanted them to follow Ye Futian's group. Though they'd given up on climbing the mountain, they had to stop Nobles from the Qin Dynasty and other groups. When they couldn't continue, the Nobles of the Qin Dynasty also wouldn't be able to continue.

People were everywhere on the mountain. Ye Futian felt the faint might coming down on him. There was also a sense of evil affecting him. This formless spiritual intent seemed to be omnipresent.

Ye Futian wasn't far from here. He saw the Moon Clan but sadly, didn't see Jieyu though Chu Yaoyao was present.

"Hello, fairy." Ye Futian saw a familiar face. She was Yun Rou, the disciple of Xiao Yueju and senior sister of Jieyu.

Yun Rou smiled at Ye Futian. This guy was such a sweet talker. She didn't say anything to Ye Futian though. The situation in the Eastern Barren Territory was ambiguous and the Moon Clan didn't want to lean towards any side.

The mountain road was vast and the powerful group of strong cultivators climbed up. Snow floated down from Sky Mountain, bringing coldness with it. The entire mountain was covered in a layer of white.

Some people were fast; others were slow. Ye Futian's group maintained the same speed, neither fast nor slow. They could feel the formless pressure and invading evil intent getting stronger as they climbed.

Some people of the Arcana Plane already started feeling the pressure.

"How tall is the mountain?" Ye Futian asked Du Ming from the Sword Saint Mountain.

Du Ming was Mo Xie's disciple. He was the third generation of Sword Saint Mountain. He was older and more skilled than Ye Futian but had to call him "grand uncle master." The status of the Cottage made them speechless.

"No one has climbed to the top in all these years," Du Ming replied. "I don't know how tall it is. Some say that it goes as high as the sky and climbing it is as hard as climbing the sky."

Ye Futian couldn't reply. When he climbed Turtle Mountain, he could at least see the approximate height. Though he could fly in Sky Mountain, he didn't know how tall it was. The peak was in the clouds.

"Let's hurry up a bit," Ye Futian said. Everyone sped up. As they continued, low cries sounded beside Ye Futian. He looked to the Black Wind Eagle with its wings spread out. "What's wrong?"

The bird hung its head; its limbs drooped on the ground.

"You can do it." Ye Futian patted the Black Wind Eagle's forehead. Its eyes sharpened a bit and nodded forcefully. It continued going upward with Ye Futian.

As they kept climbing, they gradually moved to the middle of the mountain. Various peaks loomed over them, surrounding them in the mountain's belly. Ye Futian's heart sped up as if there was a strange rhythm. The evil feeling strengthened and the Black Wind Eagle's eyes glowed with red light as it stared ahead.

Many people stopped here.

Ye Futian's group walked up and saw a canyon going upward. There were images on the walls of Demon Birds. There was also a black roc with sharp black feathers and claws. It seemed to have come from hell. Each image seemed ready to jump out of the wall. There were many corpses on the road. Some of the bodies were very tragic and hard to look at.

Ye Futian just glanced at the wall and already felt a Demon Bird flying into his mind. He instantly looked away from the wall.

The Arhat and people of the Qianqiu Temple were at the center of the walls now. Buddhist light dazzled on them. The demons couldn't reach them. The Demon Birds seemed to fly to them but were stopped by the Buddhist light.

The Qianqiu Temple is most likely to climb to the peak, many people thought when seeing this.

The strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty walked out first. They activated the Dragon Emperor Technique. Roars filled the sky and dragons protected them as they walked. They passed through the space but didn't leave. Instead, they looked back to Ye Futian's group. The Witch Clan followed them, showing their own skills.

At this time, a quiet beauty walked out from the crowd. Many people gazed at her. Hua Qingqing, one of the Eastern Barren Territory's top beauties, was going alone?

"Miss." Qian Shanmu and many other Donghua disciples walked up.

"No need," Hua Qingqing said softly. Music notes pulsed on her body and a layer of sacred light covered her. Music emanated from her as she walked forward. The music was so pure, without any impurities. The evil Demon Birds seemed to brush past without touching her.

"As expected of the Donghua Clan's daughter," Qin Li praised.

"Grand Uncle Master, should we escort you?" Du Ming asked.

"Sure." Ye Futian nodded naturally, surprising the people of the Sword Saint Mountain. This grand uncle master was from the Cottage, after all. Du Ming had just asked out of politeness and he took it?

"Broadsword Matrix," Du Ming said. The disciples of the Sword Saint Mountain stood together to form the matrix. The light from the swords created a curtain of light, surrounding them.

"The Cottage will use this type of trick?" a mocking voice said.

Ye Futian turned to see Qi Ao and the Fuyun Sword Clan standing there. Afterward, they gathered their sword intent into beams of dazzling sword light. They shot into the sky and passed through the space. When they reached the other end, they turned back to Ye Futian's group mockingly.

Many people looked at their group strangely. They'd anticipated seeing the Cottage disciples go forward. They didn't think that the Cottage couldn't do it but this was still disappointing.

"Are we getting looked down upon?" Yi Xiaoshi asked.

"I think so." Ye Futian nodded.

"Senior Sister and us will go first. You can do it." Yi Xiaoshi patted Ye Futian's shoulder.

Ye Futian stared at him. "Shouldn't you do it?"

"I don't have to do it if you can." Yi Xiaoshi looked to Du Ming. "Let's go."

"Okay." Du Ming nodded. The broadsword matrix escorted the people across the space, leaving Ye Futian alone. Even the Black Wind Eagle was taken with.

"You're okay with this?" Ye Futian muttered as he walked forward.

Many people looked at him as he stepped onto the path between the walls. The images on the walls seemed to come to life, crazily rushing to him.

Countless eyes froze on him, watching him just walk over like that. Qin Li and Qi Ao narrowed their eyes. Was this guy looking to die?

The horrible Demon Birds landed directly on him, about to rush into his body. Many people even closed their eyes. People had died like this.


They heard Ye Futian's voice at this time and discovered with shock that Ye Futian was walking forward totally unaffected!

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