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The Artistic Conception!

It was a visionary conception, but it was real.

There were many Artistic Conceptions in the world, such as Conceptual Sword Skill, Conceptual Spear Skill, Conceptual Boxing Skill, Conceptual Killing Skill, and Conceptual Battle Skill, etc. Each kind of Artistic Conception was extremely difficult to comprehend. Take the Conceptual Sword Skill as an example, now in the whole Jiang Country, there was only one Sword Master. That was to say, only one person in Jiang Country had comprehended the Conceptual Sword Skill.

The reason why these Artistic Conceptions were difficult to be comprehended was that there was no definite method of cultivation for them, whether one could comprehend them or not depended totally on oneself!

But once people had comprehended these, it meant that their fighting capacity would be greatly improved, which also meant that they would enter another level!

At this moment, Ye Xuan had endless Conceptual Spear Skill which he got not for himself, nor for his sister, actually, he didn't know exactly who was it for.

He only knew that let alone thousands of cavalries, he wouldn't flinch even if there were tens of thousands of cavalries before him!


The pace of Ye Xuan's footsteps was faster and faster. Wherever he went, his battle intent swept across like a fierce wind. The dust on the ground all flew up and it formed a huge dust storm around Ye Xuan!

However, thousands of Black-Armored Cavalries' charge, the momentum of which was countless times more horrible than Ye Xuan's.

However, there was no even the slightest fear in Ye Xuan's eyes. On the contrary, he was getting faster and faster.

Behind Ye Xuan, Ayu stared at the teenager who was rushing to the Black-Armored Cavalries in the distance. She kept looking and her eyes became a little fanatic.

When Ye Xuan was three hundred meters to those Black-Armored Cavalries, the leader who was a middle-aged man, suddenly raised his right hand. The next moment, thousands of Black-Armored Cavalries stopped at the site.

They stopped in unison without any mess!

The eyes of the middle-aged man fell at the place three hundred meters from Ye Xuan's right side where a woman riding a horse slowly came.

The woman wore a soft silver armor with a golden curved knife hanging around her waist, and her long hair bundled into a ponytail at the back of her head. She was not exceedingly beautiful, but her eyes were as sharp as knives. She slowly approached on her horse, not in a hurry.

The silver armor, the golden knife!

Thousands of Black-Armored Cavalries' faces were changed.

In the whole Jiang Country, only one person wore a silver armor and hung a golden knife on the waist, that person was the Ninth Princess of Jiang Country who was called a born commander!

She was also one of the persons Tang Country feared the most!

Not only Tang Country, but it should also be said that the several surrounding countries were afraid of her!

The Ninth Princess of Jiang Country together with An Lanxiu were called the Awesome Siblings in Jiang Country, both of whom were legends!

At the front of the thousands of Black-Armored Cavalries, the middle-aged leader drew back his sight. He took a deep look at Ye Xuan who was not far from before him, and then he turned around and took thousands of Black-Armored Cavalries away with him. They disappeared at the far end!

They came fast and went back fast as well!

Ye Xuan was startled.

"Are they scared away by me?"

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but feel proud of himself. At this moment, the mysterious woman's voice suddenly sounded in his mind. "I suddenly find that someone's face is thicker than the ground!"

Ye Xuan, "..."

At this moment, the woman in silver armor came before Ye Xuan, but she only stared at Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan was not stupid, he obviously had already known that the reason these cavalries retreated was because of this woman in silver armor!

Ye Xuan curiously sized up the silver-armored woman. She was not of unrivaled beauty as An Lanxiu, but she had a unique temperament, which he had never seen before. Especially her eyes were as sharp as a knife, even he found it was hard to resist this pair of sharp eyes that he dared not look directly. But this feeling was fleeting!

In his life, there were only the people Ye Xuan respected, but there were no people Ye Xuan was afraid of!

Ye Xuan was not afraid to look straight into the silver-armored woman's eyes.

His eyes were different from the eyes of the silver-armored woman. The silver-armored woman's eyes were so sharp and aggressive that people dared not look at them; while Ye Xuan's eyes were very calm, like a hill that just let the breeze blow.

The silver-armored woman drew back her sight and said, "Follow me into the city."

After that, she turned and walked toward the distant city gate.

Ye Xuan shrugged and then looked at Ayu who was at the side. "Let's go!"

Ayu nodded slightly, then she followed Ye Xuan closely.

Under the leadership of the silver armored woman, the three people came before the tightly closed city gate. The silver armored woman glanced at the gate. The next moment, several ghost images suddenly appeared mysteriously in front of the city gate. In an instant, the city gate was torn apart, and the few ghost images quietly retreated behind the woman in silver armor.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's look suddenly became dignified!

What a horrible strength!

The strength of the few people was at least above the Ascending Realm!

Ye Xuan once again glanced at the silver armored woman. His eyes were full of curiosity, "Who on earth is this woman?"

The silver armored woman walked into the city together with Ye Xuan and Ayu. However, at this time, the Chatelain of Frontier City and those soldiers suddenly rushed toward here. The fat Chatelain pointed at the woman in silver armor in fury. "Who are you? You..."

Saying this, his eyes fell on the golden knife hanging on the silver armored woman's waist.

Seeing this golden knife, the fat man was stunned.

Then his whole body trembled wildly. In the astonished eyes of countless people, the fat man slowly knelt down and said in a trembling voice, "Greetings, greetings Ninth Princess!"

The Ninth Princess!

As soon as his words came out, everyone around was petrified instantly!

The Ninth Princess!

The youngest commander in the history of Jiang Country who was the other legend of Jiang Country beside An Lanxiu!

On the other side, An Lanxiu was startled a little, and then she quickly walked up to the silver armored woman together with the old man. Lu Xiaoran was startled too. He then quickly went to the front of the silver armored woman. He saluted her with respect and said, "I'm Lu Xiaoran, the Chatelain of Thousand-Mountain City. Greetings, Ninth Princess!"

The silver armored woman took a look at Lu Xiaoran. "Chatelain Lu, though the Frontier City is not your city of jurisdiction, you are also people from Jiang Country. This time people from Tang Country invaded our territory, you simply turned a blind eye to this matter. So you should be punished. As a punishment, your five years' salary will be deducted. You will also be solely responsible for the funeral affairs of people who died in the city."

Lu Xiaoran deeply saluted, "I am willing to be punished!"

Han Xiangmeng came before the women in silver armor. She gave a little salute, "I'm Han Xiangmeng from Drunken Fairy Building. Greetings, Ninth Princess."

The silver armored woman glanced at Han Xiangmeng indifferently. "If you stood forward and said a few words for people in this city, as a commander I would guarantee you a bright future in Drunken Fairy Building. Unfortunately, as a person from Jiang Country, you don't even have the slightest idea of home-country. How do people like you are qualified to be the people of Jiang Country? From this moment on, you are no longer the people of Jiang Country. If Drunken Fairy Building dares let you in charge of affairs in Drunken Fairy Building, I will be the first one to punish you!"

Hearing this, Han Xiangmeng's face became ghostly pale immediately!

Originally she still had a little hope because the Floorlord of the third floor had actually given her a second chance before by allowing her to return Imperial Capital. But now, the woman in front of her broke all her possibilities in one sentence!

Drunken Fairy Building would never worsen its relationship with such a powerful person for her because she was not worthy of that!

The silver armored woman turned to look at the Chatelain of Frontier City and the soldiers who were still kneeling not far away. "Tang Country came to attack, but the Chatelain of Frontier kept hiding for fear of fighting. He let the people in the city be slaughtered. He is unforgiven and should be put to death by dismembering his body. The rest of the soldiers should be punished by flogging fifty times. After they recover from the injury, they will be enrolled in the death squads. If they do a good deed of merit in the war against Tang Country in the future, they will be exempted from today's punishment. Take all of them down!"

Hearing what she said, the Chatelain of Frontier City directly fainted dead away.

As the silver-armored woman's voice fell, several people in the back appeared quietly in the field, and they took down those soldiers and the Chatelain without delay.

The silver-armored woman turned around and her eyes fell on Ye Xuan. "In previous, no one in the city dares go out to fight the enemies, but you dare. Why?"

Ye Xuan looked directly in the eyes of the silver-armored woman. "I am not people in Frontier City, but I am a person of Jiang Country. Seeing my countrymen be humiliated like that, I just could not stand the sight, so I made my move."

The silver-armored woman nodded slightly, and there was a hint of appreciation in her eyes. "If the men in our Jiang Country all like you, is it really worth mentioning a little country like Tang Country? Join my army and I'll make you a Company Commander. How about that?"

Hearing her words, on one side, the faces of Han Xiangmeng and Lu Xiaoran were changed!

It seemed that Ninth Princess liked Ye Xuan!

Moreover, he would become a Company Commander once he joined the army. This treatment was too good!

One must know that a Company Commander could be in charge of a hundred soldiers!

"Join the army?"

Ye Xuan was stunned a little, then he shook his head.

"He refused!"

At one side, Lu Xiaoran was about to speak but said nothing. One must know that once Ye Xuan agreed with her, it meant that Ye Xuan would have Ninth Princess behind him which was an extremely big chance!

Han Xiangmeng was also somewhat surprised, but when she thought that Ye Xuan had a Sword God behind him, she felt relieved.

"How can this guy care about the position of a small Company Commander?"

Seeing Ye Xuan refuse, the silver-armored woman asked, "Aren't you willing to?"

Ye Xuan nodded. "I still have many other things to do. I don't want to join the army at present."

Ninth Princess nodded. "I won't insist on. But, I'll keep this position for you in consideration of your contribution today. If you are willing to accept it someday, you can join my army at any time."

After that, she turned and was about to leave.

Right at this moment, Ayu on the side suddenly knelt down before Ninth Princess. "I want to join the army."

Ninth Princess glanced at the Ayu. "Do you know the hardships when you join the army?"

Ayu clenched her fists. "I'm not afraid of any hardship."

Ninth Princess gazed at Ayu for a long time, then she nodded. "Come with me!"

After that, she rode away.

After Ayu stood up, she turned to look at Ye Xuan and she said, "Remember, my name is Ayu."

After that, she turned away and quickly chased after the woman on the horse.


At this time, Ye Ling ran to Ye Xuan's side. She firmly held Ye Xuan's arm as if she was afraid that Ye Xuan would disappear.

Ye Xuan gently patted the small hand of Ye Ling, and comforted her with a smile, "It's all right. Brother is fine!"

As he said that, he looked toward Lu Xiaoran at one side. "Predecessor Lu, the person just now is Ninth Princess of Jiang Country?"

Lu Xiaoran nodded, "It was her."

With this, Ye Xuan turned to look at the end of the street at the distance.

The Ninth Princess!

He naturally had heard that Ninth Princess and An Lanxiu, they were called the Awesome Siblings in Jiang Country!

Seemingly thinking of something, Ye Xuan asked, "Predecessor Lu, since this city is an important place in our country, why isn't it heavily guarded?"

At Ye Xuan's side, Lu Xiaoran whispered, "Our country and Tang Country had a cease-fire agreement before. In order not to cause greater contradictions between the two countries, the higher-ups hadn't sent heavy troops to guard this city. Because once a large number of troops was sent here, that meant there was going to be a war. However, the weakness and concession of our country received nothing but a bigger insatiable appetite of Tang Country. Now that the Ninth Princess comes here, I'm afraid that there is going to be a war soon."

A war?

Ye Xuan had never experienced a war, but he knew clearly that many people would die if there was a war.

If possible, it would be better without any war.

After an hour, everyone boarded the Cloud Ship. After the Cloud Ship was started, the Frontier City became smaller and smaller behind them...

But the Imperial Capital was getting closer!

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