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Chapter 19 – You Aren’t Acting, Right?

With the jade-like egg white hovering before her mouth, the fragrance contained within the egg white filled her throat. The smell of eggs had disappeared, and it’s savory taste was entirely preserved throughout. This unceasingly caused Shu Yu’s tastebuds to moisten. Such a pleasant feeling couldn’t be put into words.
After swallowing the egg white, Shu Yu could no longer think properly. She couldn’t wait to take the next bite.
This mouthful bit into the egg yolk. The buoyant egg yolk glided along her teeth. The feeling was so smooth. An electric like shock spread throughout her body. After swallowing both the egg white and egg yolk, Shu Yu couldn’t help but gulp down her own saliva.
“So good!”
SHu Yu couldn’t help but praise it. Mouthful by mouthful Shu Yu finished eating the entire fried egg. Watching her eat the fried egg, the two chefs and the cashier swallowed their saliva.
The fried egg was really fragrant, so it seemed it would be delicious. However, was it really so great?
They had all paid attention to Shu Yu’s reaction. This kind of heavenly-like enjoyment always felt like some kind of over-exaggeration.
“Gu Zheng, Charging 88 RMB for one, it is truly worth it’s value!”
Shu Yu gave him a thumb up and praised him. This fried egg was the best she had ever eaten, no, it was the best dish she had ever eaten. Compared to the dishes made by those top chefs, none of had this kind of fragrance. There wasn’t such a shocking feeling.
“The value was accurate, you only needed to trust me!”
Gu Zheng laughed. He was very glad that his culinary work had been recognized. In fact, every chef truly wanted their delicacies to be recognized by others. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many culinary competitions and shows.
“I believed you, of course. In fact, give me three, no, five fried egg, I want to eat my fill!”
Shu Yu quickly nodded. Her eyes gazed towards the kitchen. A fried egg wasn’t very filling, and these were small eggs. A few mouthfuls and it was finished. That wasn’t satisfying enough, she would need to eat a few.
Gu Zheng was about to agree, however the ‘good fairy’ had yet to speak. His entire body could only twitch. Fortunately, he was in the small kitchen, not many had seen his reaction.
The spirit device’s voice once again appeared. When it’s voice came suddenly, it boded ill words.
“I advise you not to let her, each person can only eat one fried egg. If they ate more, wouldn’t you run out?”
“Why? This time she’s buying it, was this a rule made by the God of Gluttony as well?”
Gu Zheng yelled at the spirit device. He had finally won the recognition of Shu Yu, and she wanted a few more fried eggs. However, the spirit device wouldn’t let him. Gu Zheng couldn’t help but doubt that the spirit device was deliberately making life more difficult for him.
“Master God of Gluttony doesn’t have any rule like this…”
“Then why did you object?” After the spirit device spoke, it was interrupted by Gu Zheng.
“I’m not preventing you, but I’m advising you. You have to understand you have very limited ingredients. You test is for your cooking skills to be recognized within a radius of three km. If you sold it all to one person, how would you complete the test? If you think that these ingredients are for someone who doesn’t contribute to the test, you can do whatever you want!”
The spirit device spoke leisurely. Gu Zheng’s complexion was pale. It seemed that the spirit device was speaking of the truth.
“Gu Zheng, Are you alright?” Seeing Gu Zheng grab his hair and hit himself, Shu Yu couldn’t help but ask.
“I’m fine!”
Gu Zheng immediately returned to reality. He turned to face Shu Yu, and quietly spoke: “Shu Yu, sorry, only when eating it for the first time will it feel extremely delicious. So, I can only sell one per person. Sorry, I really am sorry!”
After finishing, Gu Zheng hung his head low. He used their shop, and sold the eggs for money, and now he no longer sold it. Gu Zheng usually had a thick skin, however now he was truly embarrassed.
Shu Yu’s eyes were wide, she couldn’t believe it. Gu Zheng quickly nodded his head, and had yet to raise it.
“Alright, I don’t want it. You.. it’s fine. Selling comes first!”
Shu Yu had numerous things she wanted to say to Gu Zheng, but in the end she said nothing. IN fact,s he wanted to question his reason for doing. At the beginning of the creation of a delicacy, not many people would be able to taste it. Delicacies were usually from a hundred years ago, or even more. Many had attested to the fact that the olden delicacies were far better.
From her perspective, Gu Zheng’s fried eggs were simple, however, the taste was even stronger than those famous and ancient recipes. Not to mention just the second one, even eating two hundred of them wouldn’t be able to make one get sick of it. Gu Zheng had said this, however most likely he had his own reasons.
This was a restaurant, a public space. It wasn’t just the two of them, but there were other employees and diners. Shu Yu was able to hold back her curiosity as she felt she could wait until there was no one else around before asking.
Shu Yu was from a wealthy family and was raised well, so she understood proper mannerisms. Essentially, even though she was curious, she would not publicly question Gu Zheng and put him in a difficult position
“Thank you for understanding!”
Gu Zheng wiped the sweat from his forehead. It wasn’t that he felt hot, but he was inwardly panicking. If Shu Yu really asked him about it, he didn’t know how he would explained it. He knew the real reason seemed too far fetched.
“Make sure to explain that the shop’s 88 RMB fried egg is limited to one per person. However, the 2 and 5 RMB’s aren’t limited.
After Shu Yu spoke, the waiter hurried off. Shu Yu was quite young, however, she was still the boss after all. The store’s staff were all personally recruited by her. The salaries and bonuses were up to 30 % better than other similar stores. Furthermore, Shu Yu managed professionally, thus all the staff had a lot of respect for her.
Shu Yu’s generous and understanding attitude eased Gu Zheng’s embarrassment. However, Gu Zheng felt his gratitude to Shu Yu grow heavier. This time, he truly had a debt to pay.
“Is this fried egg really that delicious? You aren’t filming right? There isn’t a camera around here?
THe other customers had left, leaving only a single diner who was eating a bowl of wonton. There were only two left on the bottom. He was a long time customer who came every day to eat a bowl of wonton. He had brought in quite a few customers for Shu Yu.
While speaking, he glanced around the room. In his eyes, both he price of the fried eggs and Shu Yu’s reaction were abnormal. He didn’t doubt the fact that the two were putting on a play for others. A fried egg wasn’t that important. He thought maybe the two of them were shooting a movie and that both were actors.
Shu Yu was surprised and replied: “Sir, that wasn’t an act, the fried egg was truly delicious!”
Even though the customer thought they were filing, since she had replied, she would be a fool if she lied. Furthermore he had seen Gu Zheng make the fried egg and he thought her reaction to the fried egg was suspicious. Just suspecting that they were acting was a somewhat favorable response.
“Isn’t a film? Alright, then I’ll try one as well!”
He once more checked the store, and after determining there wasn’t any filming equipment, he turned back to look at Gu Zheng. Gu Zheng and Shu Yu’s reaction earlier made him feel that perhaps there was something special to this fried egg.
88 RMB was quite expensive, however, it wasn’t that he couldn’t afford to try one. He just wanted to assure that the two weren’t just acting

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